There has been a tremendous increase in the number of mobile users, globally, and mobile marketing has attained enhanced significance in the current scenario of the prevalence of pandemic crisis.

The mobile ads have accounted for around 65% of digital revenues globally and growing over the years for app promotion services.
But, to make mobile marketing meaningful, some rules need to be followed, and a few are mentioned below:

Be Audience Specific

To better understand the preferences and choices of the target audience, extensive market research needs to be carried out. It is an integral part of mobile app marketing services.
Be Audience
The mobile apps must cater to the specific requirements of the audience. For this purpose, a range of information needs to be collected, that can be accomplished through social media presence, website analytics, person-to-person interaction, surveys, polls, etc.
The nature and quality of the mobile app will be determined based on the quality of research undertaken to acquire audience-specific information. The useful aspects such as content formats, functionality, specialization, charge-free availability of the app, methods of delivery of brand messages, can thus be determined accordingly for better user experience. One needs to adopt and follow Apple and Android’s mobile app guidelines as a framework to build up.

One needs to be patient as it takes time for things to materialize. But, investing time in designing and planning surely reaps fruit and makes for better user experience.

Advertising Strategy

As a strategy, the advertising for a mobile app needs to be explicitly devised, keeping in mind the mobile channel requirements, especially as far as content is concerned. The latest trends in technology need to be familiarized with and implemented. The mobile app advertising calls for a unique approach towards the delivery of content.
Adopting an analytical approach makes it possible to develop native apps for different audiences. Push notifications, messages, and other mobile-specific prompts are useful means of audience retention and keeping them engaged. Mobile-specific content formats, such as rewarded videos, playable content, games, mobile-rich media, etc., helps in reaping higher RoI.

There is also a need to keep in mind the competitors’ designing of the promotional app to adapt to modifications because things do not exist in isolation for mobile app promotion services.

Creation of Navigational Ease

The navigation style, based on operating systems, such as iOS and Android, must be created that is familiar to users. The navigation must be kept simple by establishing a clear hierarchy of screen flow when it comes to app promotion services.

To enhance the user experience being confronted with the occurrence of an error, meaningful error messages providing solutions to the problem are quite useful.

The users should not be given many options by keeping the navigation simple and guiding the users about the next course of action to be adopted. For this, the relationship between choices must be made apparent, for clarity in approach by the user.

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Wider Accessibility

It has been observed that there is a component of the global population that faces issues with vision-related ailments in mobile app marketing services. The essential ingredients of mobile app design are contrast, concise, and legibility and the developers need to ensure that the app and the screen readers are appropriate.
Another thing is about the surface areas of fingers and thumbs having a minimum touch target size of 10mm x 10mm and therefore, enough space must be left between buttons and navigation items for unintuitive user experience.

There is a need not to put large text on the screen, explicitly restricting to 30 or 40 characters in each line. The developers need to be instructed about the significance of accessibility by making it approachable by people even with physical impairments.

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Response and Load Timings

The app needs to be designed in an offline format first so that the trimming down to essential ingredients could be figured out later. While the content is being loaded, the user can be shown an animation for wait timings that are longer than 10 seconds. For more great materials, a progress bar needs to be shown for the user to acquaint with the timing of content loading durations of mobile app promotion services.
5.Response and Load Timings

The volume and type of traffic requirements and limitations need to be kept in mind, as more and more users are added to the networks around the world. The systems are bound to be confronted with connectivity issues.

Thematic Requirements

Theming and styling comprise significant aspects of mobile app designing. The visualization needs to be consistently adopted between pages and devices. The images need to be a high definition in resolution with minimum style for app promotion services. The mobile screen size must be taken into consideration while designing, as it acquires lesser space than in PCs and tablets.

The developer must not design the latest trends, and a more comprehensive and longer-lasting design must be adopted. The design must remodel and update periodically.

Well, there you go with a deep and clear understanding of the dos and don’ts of app marketing procedures. These are also helpful in conducting mobile app marketing services efficiently and with miraculous results.

Richa Sharma

Richa Sharma is the one of the leading business women who has an experience of over 10 years in developing and delivering software solutions in the industry.

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