Read the Important Content Marketing KPIs to Track Social Shares In order to check how well your content is performing, you need to track down its social shares and engagement. The more the numbers of shares the more will the chances of getting recognized by your audience. Followers and subscribers This is probably the most important KPI you need to keep track of. The number of subscribers and followers helps you determine your brand’s awareness…

We’ll see a significant percentage of customers seeking information through voice search rather than a typical Google-typed query. Hence, preparing the website for voice unique keywords is the only way to plan for this flood of speech inquiries. With millions of new marketing software flooding the market, hundreds of marketing master’s courses, and thousands of sales funnel images, marketing patterns for 2020 forecasting was as hard as making a flawless macaron. Below is a summary…

In recent years, the marketing dimension has shifted drastically, and we can foresee even more shifts in the future as technology advances and new opportunities arise. Traditional marketing methods such as direct mail, print advertisements, and television advertising are still available but are becoming increasingly less common options particularly for small to medium-sized companies with minimal marketing budgets. Digital marketing, on the other hand, operates around the Internet, media channels, and computers. This uses multimedia…

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