The social media platforms are growing their userbase & it is becoming easier for businesses to find the right target audience to sell their services.

Every kind of user has an account on at least one social media platform. Businesses are taking advantage of circulating information about their business among the userbase of different social media channels. It increases the visibility and reaches of the business, and more leads will be converting to the sales funnel.

Facebook is the leader of social media platforms as it has the largest userbase. What makes Facebook different from other platforms is its continuously evolving nature. Facebook both app and website provide updates and incorporates new features regularly. Facebook even after many years since its inception is gaining the attention of the users and is still addictive and appealing.

Facebook has approximately 2.41 million monthly active users of all domains. The users are of every type from school going adults to business groups are finding a place for themselves on FB.

How are businesses getting benefits from FB?

Here are a few reasons on how businesses are getting benefits from Facebook marketing strategy either by making Business pages or business groups:

business getting benefits from FB

1.Brand awareness

The World’s largest social media platform helps you to build a business presence that will help you gain exposure to potential customers.

2.Drive website traffic

You can post links to your website and can increase your website traffic or your online visits.

3.Target advertising

FB allows you to advertise with target demographics, location, preference, gender, age, and more.

4.Generate business leads

Your audience can help you generate better business leads, the more the comments and likes, the more post will be showcasing in the newsfeed.

generate business leads

For businesses to send marketing emails through FB account, the platform has been testing a new range of tools. The new set of tools grants the feature to compose email marketing services in a user-friendly interface, and will also help upload their existing contact lists.

The emails can be sent directly via the FB account. Moreover, you can also monitor the performance through the add-on tool just like when you hire an email marketing agency.

A social media marketer Meg Coffey recently spotted a test of which she shared screenshots on Twitter.

The tweet said “Send marketing emails from your page? What new sorcery is this Facebook?

Have you seen this new feature where we can now send emails directly from Facebook? This is new to me and only available on one account so far”

The images that were added to the tweet were strangely making us believe that the tool will be worth using.

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A brief on the working of the tool

    • People who have access to the tool will be shown an alert/pop-up notification with a note on the sidebar.

    • A screen appears after clicking on the ‘Marketing emails tab’. The click prompts the page manager to confirm the email address.

    • The confirmation bar shows the message “Reconnect with your email subscribers using marketing emails. Select your audience, customize your design, and track performance all in one place”.

    • The email address gets confirmed. You can also create an email or add contacts to confirm their email preferences.

    • The page manager helps you with the right navigation for first-time users.

    • The subscriber’s list can be uploaded individually or can be uploaded from a spreadsheet or individually.

    • To send promotional emails to the contacts added, FB seeks permission from the page managers to do so.

    • You can review page contact terms of service

    • Once the page manager decides the list of people/businesses/organizations whom they want to send the marketing emails to, they can compose the mail.

How does the console look like?
The console of the email is intrusive and is alike some other email console.

  • A ‘To’ tab, where the lists of all the contacts can be filled.
  • A ‘subject line’, where you can mention the mail regards.
  • Enter your headline and send the message you want to deliver to your contacts, subscribers.

Various sources kept in touch with Facebook and got the perfect reply to the tweet.
One of the Facebook Spokesperson said “We are testing new email marketing services tools with a small number of businesses to help them more efficiently notify their customers of changes to their services and operations. We are evaluating whether these tools are beneficial for people and businesses before deciding whether to expand it further.”


Facebook email marketing tools for business tests run successfully and now it can also run as an email marketing consultant. Facebook is a platform to connect people all over the globe and is free to sign up. Let’s see when the actual feature of email marketing is enabling for all businesses- will it be free of cost or FB will be charging some amount to use the new services.

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