When we talk about App Store Optimization, several people get confused about this term and mix it with SEO. To make things clear, you can read the blog and know all the vital things about ASO.
It is a practice that ensures the ranking and visibility of your app in the app store. There are various ways through which you can boost the ranking of your app in search engines. Here in this blog, we will deep dive into all the factors and benefits linked with ASO and also give you tips to optimize the app for better discoverability in an app store.
App Store Optimization 

When we talk about App Store Optimization, you must understand the basic difference between ASO and SEO.

SEO is a practice that helps websites to rank in the search engines while ASO is the procedure of optimizing mobile applications in the app stores. It is vital to use the right techniques to make your app visible in the top chart rankings.

Why App Store Optimization is significant for app growth?

There are over 5 million apps available to download in both the leading App Stores and to make your app visible in the store is quite tough. With this huge number, it is quite tough for your app to reach the top position in the present tough competition. The main objective of App Store Optimization is to enhance downloads and the number of reliable users. The primary step is to make your app effortlessly discoverable by the right users.

why ASO

With all these things, you can connect with an app store optimization agency and discuss your app details. The experts use the best practices to improve the organic growth of the app and make it visible in-app store results.

Benefits of App Store Optimization

There are several benefits of using App Store Optimization. It is believed that optimizing your application is the most effective marketing approach for mobile apps and games.

benefits of ASO

  • Improve Visibility in search engine results
  • Helps in making your app stand out in the App Stores
  • Your app gets easily discovered by Users
  • Cut better User Acquisition Costs
  • Increase Organic App Downloads
  • Boost downloads
  • Helps in reaching a global audience

10 Tips for App Store Optimization

Customers and Competition

The ASO strategy starts with searching the marketplace and getting details about the likes of your audience. You can also know about the strategies used by your competitors before moving ahead. An effective ASO strategy helps you in-app store discoverability and boosting the traffic in the App Store.

Choose the Right App Name

When you start with ASO, it is crucial to choose the right name for your app. There may be various applications in the store with the same name. For best results, you need to make your app name unique and use relevant keywords for better store search results.

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Maximize Your Keywords

While planning the keyword strategy, the app store optimization agency always tries to use both long and short-tail keywords. It will maximize the chances of ranking in the store with different keywords.

Appealing Description

Make a compelling description of the application which describes the product details and try to add as much as keywords that describe your app in the best way possible.

10 tips for ASO

Use Unique Icon

When you make your app ready for the launch, try to use a unique icon. For the iOS app store the icons must be no less than 1024×1024 pixels. The icon of the app is the thing that makes users attracted to your app.

Include app feature Screenshots and Videos

When you add your app to the store, it is an excellent choice to add some screenshots and videos that illustrate the features of the app in the store. You can add five images for your app in the App Store, and for the Android app, there is an option to add eight screenshots that will appear in the display on page stack.

Listing of the app

There are millions of the app that use ASO for optimization and with regards to worldwide promotion; it is good to localize your app listings. It will also help the local users find your app easily.

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Use campaigns and Promotion

It is crucial to consider that marketing and promotion of the app are in your mobile advertising part. When you use optimized campaigns for marketing your app on social media platforms, it is broadly trusted by the search engines, and your application’s collective page visits decide your app positions.

Update the app Frequently

The people usually download the app that often offers frequent updates. The apps that are frequently updated grab the attention of the users more easily. Thus the application updates intensely help in boosting the value of the app and get higher ratings than the version sometimes lately.

Encourage Feedback

Nowadays, people while downloading an app pay attention to previous app ratings and reviews. The application which has good reviews is more liked by the audience. With ASO, you can connect with your happy audience and ask for their feedback proactively. The application store ratings give an overlook of the app.


Overall, if you want to make your app successful and visible in the app store, you need to turn on your ASO game. The optimization of the app is backed by several algorithms and here in this blog, we have tried to mention all the tips that help you in App Store Optimization. You can lead the ASO charts in both the app stores by using the above-mentioned tips.

Moreover, ASO is an ongoing procedure, and to be successful in the process, you need the help of ASO agency experts who help you in crafting a strategy for the app. The experts help in improving your app’s ranking by applying both in-store optimization and marketing techniques to boost the app presence. To maintain the position of the app, it is crucial to pay attention to ASO techniques in the app store.

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