Nowadays, no matter what task you want to accomplish, an app can help you out in the best possible way. Whether you believe it or not but ever since the introduction of mobile applications our lives have become comparatively easy. With that being said app development companies are you doing the best we can just to provide the users with intuitive application on which they can rely upon.

However it doesn’t mean the job is done when your app has been launched. In fact it is quite complicated task which most of the companies fail at. Whether you believe it or not but with the exponential growth in the mobile app usage, the need for mobile app marketing agency has gone to a whole another extent. Its 2020 already, which means branch and businesses have to keep themselves up to date with the trend in order to secure success.

Which such importance latched unto the whole concept of app marketing, new brand/business wants to move forward without it. That being stated, it has been made quite obvious that the competition out there is somewhat getting fierce and cut throat. So it is highly recommended for you to implement the most recent and effective app marketing tactics to ensure your business’s success in this over comparative environment.

Here Are The Best App promotion Tactics:

1.  Implement ASO


Since there are billions of apps available on both Android and IOS platforms, the need for extensive ASO has become the need of this hour. Following are some of the tactics we should implement in your App marketing strategy or if you hire a top-notch app store optimization services provider they will definately take care of these steps:

  • Backlinks

Backlinks are one of those aspects of marketing which are known for improving online rankings.


Combining the powers of ASO and SEO will get you extremely valuable information which you can use in your App marketing strategy.

2.  Use Machine Learning


With the help of machine learning and artificial intelligence you can enhance your marketing strategy as both these Technologies offer streamlined data. Moreover you can get powerful user insides which can help you in engaging your users. Following are two of the key benefits which you can get by implementing machine learning in your marketing tactics:

  • Data Mining

Since there is so much data available, sometimes it become difficult to know exactly e how to get the best returns possible on every penny invested. 50 help of machine learning you can improve your business performance in simplify the marketing process as it helps you point out millions of data in fraction of seconds.

  • Customer Value

With the help of machine learning you can easily find out the most engaging customers and the ones who provide the most value to your business.

3.  Create Push Notifications

mobile app marketing agency

The first and foremost thing that you should know is that notifications include images, videos, sounds, and texts. In, fact notifications are proven to be the most engaging factor of app marketing as it prompts immediate interaction towards your app. We all can

admit the fact that creating reliable mobile engagement is quite a task to pull off, but it is also a fact that implementing push notifications has become a go to marketing strategy for most of the businesses out there.

4.  In-app Messaging Matters a Lot

Whether you believe it or not but in app messaging is proven to be the most effective way to create rich app experience. The reason being, it is a better way of delivering content it based upon the user’s context and expectations.

It has been found that apps which sent in app messages to the users during the first session, the users tend to get attached to the application in no time, while others that don’t send a message face a downfall in the user engagement. Do you know what that means? Well in app messaging can help you belt long term user retention while educating and helping your users to get more value from your app.

5.  Incorporate Geolocation

Look around you, there are great chances that wherever you are and wherever you look the only thing that you will find it technology. We all can meet to the fact that Geolocation has become one of those technologies which have changed the way mobile apps used to work. Incorporating geolocation in your App marketing strategy can help you to generate opportunity to target and engage uses by delivering them right messages at the right place and time.

The bottom line is Geolocation is hands down the most powerful tool available as of now as it has build a bridge that diminished the gap between the brand and the users.


So those were some of the most amazing and proven app marketing tactics which are being used by the top brands and startups. What make this tactics the best ones around is there capability e of providing businesses success and enhanced ROI, which are two of the most common things which a business ask for. If you’re planning on adopting these strategies, when it is highly recommended that you should always rely on a trustworthy the app marketing or ASO company as it can offer you custom solutions without any hassle.

Akansha Pandey

She loves to write about what she has learned in all these years in the industry. She thinks that knowledge should be shared with everyone.


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