We all can admit to the fact that mobile has changed the way we see the world. Now a days we have got an app for every single task, be it ordering food online, booking a taxi online, or playing games online. In fact, mobile apps have gone to that extent where businesses from across the globe are using apps to promote their services and products.

However, have you ever wondered how mobile apps ended up with such importance latched on to their names? Well, the credit goes to well curated App store optimisation services. since mobile apps are being used by businesses to create a communication channel between the customers, the need for appropriate marketing tactic has reached the next level. For custom solutions in your App marketing campaign, we recommend you relying on an app store optimisation company.

But the issue is, implementing an intuitive app marketing strategy is quite a difficult task. Concisely apps are considered to be the easiest place where marketers tend to commit mistakes, unknowingly of course.

In order to help such individuals out, we have enlisted some of the most common mistakes which marketers commit and have to maintain a safe distance

1.  Not Having a Proper Marketing Plan

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Before even going ahead in your app development process, you got to have a practical app marketing plan. The best way you can do that, is by running extensive researches the market.

The first and foremost thing which you should take care of, is the demand your app is creating. Ask yourself the following questions for best possible results:

  • Is there a gap my app is fulfilling?
  • Am I going off against existing competitors?
  • How many comparators will I have?

By asking yourselves such questions, you will eventually end up with your app’s unique selling point.

Once you are done with your application idea, it’s time for you to find your target audience. By doing so, you will get your app’s design, development, and marketing strategies.


2.  Ignoring The Fact That ASO Exist

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Whether you believe it or not but app store optimisation has been here for a long time but never got the appreciation it deserved. But the times have changed now, marketers nowadays, are using ASO to increase the organic traffic for their apps. ASO is quite an essential marketing aspect, as it is the only reason that gets your app from the bottom search result to the top.

Following are some of the major ranking factors that affect your ASO strategies:

  • Keywords

It is highly recommended to use relevant keywords to get your app in the front of your audience. You can always take help from Google to find the right keyword to stuff in.

  • App Title

The only thing that you have to make sure is that your title should have all the relevant keywords to portray clear description of your app.

  • App Screenshots

Present some visual of your App to create a first impression. In the world of app store first impression is certainly the last impression.

  • In app purchases

You have to make sure that the title of in app purchases should have right keywords stuffed in, so that your App ranks higher.

  • And Last But Certainly Not the Least, Reviews and Rating

An app with positive reviews is always a cherry on top when you go for higher branches in both iOS and Android platforms. This is the only aspect to where your ASO strategy does not work.


3.  Forgetting About Your Users

Your user is the only thing you shouldn’t forget, ever! The point is, your app should always offer something that fulfils a user’s demands and offers great design at the same time. You have to make changes and improvement as per the users’ needs.

It is highly recommended to reach out to your users whenever you are making changes in your app or when you are in the initial stages of app development. Consider sending out service to see which functions do your users want and what kind of design they would like. Since your users are the ones who will be using your app, it is your responsibility to let them drive your app development strategy.


4.  Building mobile website and passing it off as an app

With millions of apps available in both IOS and Android platforms, the bar for an extremely helpful application sits on top. Launching an app that is essentially a launcher for mobile website creates mentality around your uses that you completely don’t understand the concept of a mobile application. It will lead them search an alternative to your App then and there only.

Making an app is quarter hefty task, but building a native application for multiple platforms can get a bit overwhelming. it has been found that most of the companies are there are attempting to build an app that is purely web-based in order to simplify theirs and users’ lives. Well let’s tell you that this is a completely wrong approach. Users don’t care about the complexity of your development process, what they focus on, is the experience, that’s it.


5.  Disturbing Your Users More Often

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We live in a world where there is too much chaos, which is the reason people nowadays don’t want too many notifications on their device. It is annoying to discover that a phone is full of useless notifications. you need to know for the fact that there is a thin line between reminding your users you come back to your application and leading them towards uninstalling your.

Well that same criteria implements on the time when you ask for feedback, review, and rating. Now that you have come this far in this article, you must have known by now that listening to uses and taking their comments into consideration is the way to go. However the best way to get feedback from users is by just asking them for one. You can easily pull this off baen email, your website, and even use social media channels for the same.

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The Wrap Up

It doesn’t matter whether you are an experience app developer or an app marketer, there are great chances that you might end up with such mistakes. That doesn’t mean you can mend them, the best thing you can do is hire a mobile app marketing agency, as it can offer you the best possible services.

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