In a quest to bring simplicity and centralized control to content management on both Facebook and Instagram, Facebook is all set to launch “Facebook Business Suite.” It would be a mobile app and desktop interface that will amalgamate Facebook and Instagram publishing, analytics, and messaging.

Here are some of the advantages of the signified UI of Facebook Business Suite;

  • It can manage posts on both Facebook and Instagram from the same UI
  • The UI comes with a common inbox for messages and notifications from both Instagram and Facebook
  • You can get insight and analytics for both social media platforms in the same location

Facebook’s Vice-President of Small Business Rich Rao has expressed his gratitude towards this new app development. He said that the app was developed after feedback from small businesses who wanted some easy tools that centralized and consolidated messaging, content, ads (boosted posts), and analytics in a one-stop place. “The value of simplicity is even higher than we thought,” said Rao, “especially right now.”

Facebook will elevate their online marketing with this move. In affiliation with the product announcement, Facebook has also released various reports illustrating the change in consumer behavior and small businesses in the US and globally.

Consumers anxious about small business survival

Since the COVID-9 pandemic, customers have shown their concerns towards small business organizations. People are more inclined towards tools like social media, searches, and messaging to get engaged with businesses both offline and online.

Also, many businesses are attentively trying to support small businesses because they are concerned for their survival (34%). Facebook marketing services are now heading towards spending more with small businesses and have captured 25,000 SMB responses from multiple countries, and all these surveyed had Facebook pages. The recovery is flattering as of now, but it still reflects a challenging economic environment.

Digital sellers are on the bright side of things

Below are some of the SMB insights from the survey,

  • 44% of small businesses are making over 25% of their sales via online channels
  • Businesses that are run by women, or less than 5 years old and those with more education and/or founders under 40 were more proficient in having at least 25% of sales via digital channels
  • 38% of operating small businesses on Facebook said 50% or above of their sales got done digitally in 30 days

So basically, it is found that the businesses selling online via social media channels are generally in a healthier and economically stronger position as compared to others. Whether it’s SMBs or well-established business houses, effectively every business is now going the social -media way, which has made promoting sales and services of products reasonably easy.

Besides, Yelp released a new local economic impact report this week that triggered some flexibility among local, automotive, home, and professional services. But the report also found that retail, restaurants, and several other sectors are struggling to get going and seeing failure rates getting increased massively. Going by the numbers, 60% of the businesses that were closed since March have now closed permanently.

Facebook recently added Messenger to Instagram

This isn’t the first time when Facebook has updated the features of Instagram. Earlier last month, Facebook added new features for cross-app messaging and calling on Messenger and Instagram.

The feature allowed users to enjoy the Watch Together from Messenger, allowing simultaneous watching of content, customize emojis and chat colors, and syncs in messages and calls from the Messenger. Also, it added 10 more features, including the Vanish Mode for setting the messages to disappear automatically after being seen and various Selfie Stickers for animated reactions. Facebook advertising services have aided small businesses before and are still helping them to sustain during this massive pandemic and global recession.

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Time to wrap up

Facebook’s latest, the ‘Facebook Business Suite’ is expected to provide all the necessary aid SMBs in terms of growth and sales. The dashboard and UI appear to be promising and provide simplification to the users. Various SMB surveys have shown Facebook among the best social media marketing channels used by business owners. With the launch of Facebook Business Suite, these businesses are expected to have a better approach to promoting their sales and services globally.

Akansha Pandey

She loves to write about what she has learned in all these years in the industry. She thinks that knowledge should be shared with everyone.

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