In the ultra-competitive telecommunications industry, staying relevant to customers while finding new sources of revenue is critical. With upgrading spectrums & the increasing needs of the users has taken a long leap with no signs on dwindling. Everyone enjoys uninterrupted network connections while exploring services.

About the client:
Verizon is an American telecommunications company that focuses on wireless and wireline Internet connections. It is the nation’s largest network provider, relies on advanced mechanisms and analytics to stay relevant to customers. Verizon offers a reliable network all across the US, ensure customer satisfaction, and develop products and services that users want to purchase. The multinational telecommunications company came into existence in 2000. Later in 2015, Verizon acquired AOL, and two years later, it required Yahoo. The companies were later together known as Oath Inc. Top-digital marketing companies like BrandBurp worked effortlessly in helping such brands in achieving a prominent place on social media.

How Verizon got in touch with BrandBurp?
Change is the only constant that happens every decade. The new upgrades in the technology like telecom industry, usage, growth of millennials forced the organization to look for the right methods to create, explore, and set a prominent place on social media that brings the best visual experience to the users.

The resolute desire of coming up with setting up a protruding image on the various social media platforms made them choose BrandBurp as their first preference.

Client Requirement:
The well-known brand reached out to us to help it explore additional ventures. The Brand was sure about not investing its time and money only to the states instead, it was endeavoring to reach and acquire new markets internationally. The representatives of Verizon were determined to forge new stars to the company’s journal.
Here are some requirements of the client which are also the reason why they choose us as their marketing partner:

  • Facebook and Twitter management
  • Google Ads management
  • Search Engine optimization
  • Link-building and email outreach

What did Brandburp do?
BrandBurp is the #1 digital marketing and advertising company transforming the brand image from none to one position. The organization is working in the domain of digital marketing for many years. It has been establishing its existence by creating social media profiles & handling management for the most popular business or brands. In its years of experience and due to the expertise of highly experienced professionals, BrandBurp proudly boasts about the ‘Guaranteed Positive Results’.

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Services we offered
We provide a plethora of services that suit the requirements of the client. In doesn’t matter what kind of services you are looking for, as long as you want your business to be recognized. We offered them services that can put the brand out in the open.

  • Email marketing
  • Social media optimization
  • PPC management
  • Website enhancements
  • PR & outreach
  • Guest posting

Challenges faced by BrandBurp
Brand marketing may look like a simple task, but with all the competition emerging in the market, it becomes a complicated task to pull off. It is the reason that our experts & professionals faced some issues while thriving for the best positive outcome.

BrandBurp and its team of experts took its initial step in performing a detailed analysis of the issues. Various attributes like the target audience, geographic locations, Keywords & its placement, and other few vital factors were evaluated during the analysis.

How Verizon got in touch with BrandBurp?
A few of the challenges that the team experienced was product marketing on social media channels, growing distribution on various socially connecting platforms, meeting users’ expectations.
The team worked deliberately with goals to increase product marketing with customed strategies and create support programs to promote the client’s brand seamlessly.

Our strategy
The strategy developed for the brand was customed to the requirements. Yet, we follow a straightforward approach to achieve the right results. One of the vital attributes that became the center of attraction to which the strategies revolved around was the target audience.
Few of the strategies incorporated are:

  • Detailed analysis of the client’s requirements
  • Using trending tactics on social media
  • Publicized video content
  • Ran Google’s Ads campaign

The outcome<
BrandBurp meets each expectation of the client. It was able to successfully execute the planned campaigns that led the brand to achieve a prominent place on various social media platforms.
The results for various platforms were:

Facebook: With the timely execution of each post and from post sharing to linking each post with specific means, we were able to achieve 7.3 Million likes.

Twitter: Customed strategies & methods such as tagging, replying, and resharing the posts helped us gained a large number of followers for our client. We set our mark on 1.67 million followers.

LinkedIn: With more sharing, liking, commenting to make the brand more visible, we achieved 992K connections on the platform.

Instagram: With the proper usage of most searched hashtags, we gained huge traction & now the information can be delivered to a larger audience.

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