GITEX (Gulf Information Technology Exhibition) is a conference and annual IT show. This takes place in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, organized and operated by the Dubai World Trade Centre. Over many decades, GITEX has been the leading IT exhibition and conference in the Middle East, drawing local and international tech leaders and business visionaries.

Back in the days when Gitex had no idea that we exist, on different social media platforms the company lost its reputation. While the brand was successful on social media, a limited number of users were latched on to it. For this purpose, they needed services to automate social media which we did not hesitate to provide.
1.Optimization of social media
2.Organic traffic to networks
3.Creating creative and important posts to help reach
4.SEO Products YouTube

Together with the current website infrastructure, the inward and outward-facing interface criteria posed a complex collection of demands for the new website design and backend:

•4+clicks simplify and shorten user path.
•A responsive interface with built-in SEO-optimisation.
•A scalable backend that has allowed end-users to organize content more efficiently and functionally.
•Build a power pack marketing platform that allowed exhibitors to upload their content without violating any security policies.

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BrandBurp has delivered a wide range of services to meet the needs and desires of our clients. Experts at BrandBurp recognized the value of standing out by identifying clear USPs in the dynamic Gitex market. It has become clear that the website’s earlier outlay has not helped to differentiate the company from its rivals. We also got the tools that could help the brand stand out from others. We have been working on a roadmap for promoting development and continuing progress. The services we provided to Gitex are below.

•Initiative SEO
•The optimization of social media
•The use of social media
Copywriting of SEO website
•Brand and Inventory Management
•SEO domain Copywriting

We also had to implement specific marketing strategies to make Gitex shine on the internet. Not only can those strategies help the brand expand, but they would also make Gitex more visible to a wider public. Here are the approaches that we have incorporated:

•Informed the public more about the brand
•Bio traffic gained
•Run Campaigns of Affiliates
•Grew distribution of social media messages

BrandBurp worked closely during the entire project, initially outlining the website’s priorities and customers, as well as questions about the current website. We also immersed ourselves in the brand to understand how the overall design and user experience could be factored into that. We built our solution from here:

•UX and Architecture:
We built a contemporary and responsive interface with recognizable user experiences and an easy-to-manage backend by implementing a mobile-first approach.

•The platform:
Our evaluation has contributed to Umbraco’s recommendation. It is the leading CMS for businesses worldwide, and once we knew would effectively meet the needs of the GITEX website. Umbraco provides simple content and document management, file sharing, protection, mobile-compatibility, social media, and online support among its many features.

•Marketing power pack:
A vital aspect of the renovation of the website, the marketing powerpack was hosted directly on the website in 2017, generating impressive SEO and traffic to the sites of the exhibitors. All exhibitors were able to securely upload content, including a company profile, logos, product information, brochures and listings, press releases, photos, and videos, through the module we created.

The website was released on schedule, with short and easily recognizable outcomes:

•Facebook: Like 89 K
We build strategies to make the brand viral and available on Facebook, as per customer requirements. We get all done for our customers from posting the updates to feeding them.

•Twitter followers: 20.6k
Owing to the trending hashtags our team figured out during the study, interaction on twitter has increased. Tweeting while tagging is our generic approach to enhancing commitment.

•LinkedIn followers: 9.6 K followers
The team’s standardized strategy was to updates, share, comment, and share to improve the client’s exposure and capability. In a short period, the company exceeded huge numbers.

•Instagram followers: 12.1k
The forum where every kind of audience from fashion bloggers to tech-savvy is to be found. We used the links to raise followers and to flaunt about the customer.

Algorithms also helped the company to be among the top-ranked pages on Wikipedia, with the aid of team members who understand search engines and their complexities.


Revenue generation as claimed by our client has honestly increased in the short period.

Akansha Pandey

She loves to write about what she has learned in all these years in the industry. She thinks that knowledge should be shared with everyone.

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