Xfinity, a multinational internet and communications organization that leads millions of users through customized products, dealt with large data, unreliable data networks, and limited teamwork in data science. You can develop efficient data pipelines for petabytes of data with BrandBurp, and quickly handle the lifecycle of 100s of models to generate a highly creative, special, and award-winning user experience using voice recognition and machine learning.

About the Client:
Xfinity, a major video, high-speed broadband, and voice communications provider for up to 30 million subscribers, uses Couchbase to provide outstanding customer experience across various business lines. Xfinity, based in Philadelphia, is a division of Xfinity Cable Group, the CEO has launched the company with offerings including satellite tv, online telecommunications, and cellular networks on behalf of the parent. In 2018, Xfinity gained $84.5 billion and has more than 26.5 million high-speed internet clients. Get busy with countless shows, and pick Xfinity’s X1 to download multiple channels.

A key part of Xfinity’s business model is providing an ever-improving customer experience. It’s difficult to accomplish this aim as consumers communicate with Xfinity in several different ways – so documenting all those experiences to create a cohesive image of each customer has become a major problem for contextual technology. With Couchbase, Xfinity provides a clear description of the account and status of each user when the help gets a call, resulting in stronger, quicker customer experience for the company.

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Client Requirements:
Being a telecommunications company, they approached us intending to bring more and more users to their website and make the company more visible in several other US states.

  • Improvements to the app and the sustainable transport
  • Strong value for the market
  • Increased app engagement and retention
  • Boost lead production

BrandBurp has offered a comprehensive range of services to satisfy our client’s needs and expectations. Experts at BrandBurp acknowledged how important it is to stand out in the competitive Xfinity industry by recognizing consistent USPs. It has become clear that the earlier outlay of the website did not help to separate the company from its rivals. We also received the resources that could help the brand stand out from others. We’ve been working on a plan to promote growth and continued progress. Below are the services we provided to Pearson.

  • Initiative SEO
  • The optimization of social media
  • The use of social media
  • Copywriting of SEO website
  • Brand and Inventory Management
  • SEO domain Copywriting

Events don’t necessarily go according to schedule. The point is, we ended up with some issues that confused things a lot in the first run. Yet we faced such challenges due to our advertisers and presented them with something that their company would look forward to in the long run.

  • Challenge 1: Managing Social Media Questions
  • Challenge 2: Setting the value of a company
  • Challenge 3: The site lagged behind more than usual

With us, expectations are always high as we offer our customers the best results possible which are exactly what we delivered to our customers. We helped them construct a tailor-made experience for their audience. Besides, we gave them top-notch online advertising services.

  • Incorporation of revolutionary innovations
  • Future-planned to meet criteria
  • Considered market conditions
  • worked with highly driven individuals


  • Facebook: 6.1 Million

To get every company viral on Facebook we adopt a smooth approach. Through posting the post links to the videos, we’re getting it done with our customers.

  • Twitter: 212k Followers

On Twitter, we post, re-tweet, and retweet the tweets within specific market domain-related cultures and classes.

  • YouTube: 6.1 followers

For each video, we follow instructions and brief explanations along with appropriate keywords and other keywords to scan. Through posting the post links to the videos, we ‘re getting it done with our customers.

  • Instagram: 31.4k Followers

We use a strong SMO approach by helping our clients to raise their followers on Instagram by sharing, enjoying, and adding their posts as our tales. Our professionals have many years of experience in boosting the value of your brand and helping in higher conversions.

  • Wikipedia:

Data, analysis, and page view analytics resources are used to improve the client’s overall visibility. We have a team of experts to take on a task and do it straight forward.

  • Revenue:

On Facebook, we post, re-tweet, and retweet the tweets within specific market domain-related cultures and classes.

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