Education is a primary aspect of growth and expansion of any modern society. It brings wakefulness and consciousness in people and keeps them away from irrational beliefs. Education all across the globe offers the best possible resolution and awareness. Education has the potential to direct people to move in the right way at all times in life. With all such attributes and thoughts in mind, the client ‘Pearson‘ engaged decided to engage BrandBurp to build a strong online presence among its target audience in London UK.

Client Introduction
Pearson educational website is an absolute overhaul of the existing educational system to enhance the site usability with an attractive user-interface for a leading education system in London UK. From kindergarten schooling, infant schooling to higher education, Pearson offers an excellent opportunity to the aspirers and future learners. The academic service provider came into existence in 1989 to assist people in bringing advancement in their lives via different learning modules offered by this brand. The educational service provider is actively working in around 70 nations worldwide with active personnel of around 30,000 learners. Pearson is committed to educating learners regardless of their geographical location and background. As per our client, they chose to hire BrandBurp to give a new and appealing look to their brand and website.

Client Requirements and Expectations
The prominent educational service provider requested BrandBurp to explore different variants of website designing and site optimization to help them bring in more users or target audience towards their brand. Our clients had less engagement on their website due to less availability of the potential resources. The client wanted BrandBurp to expand its international presence via an improved consumer experience, smarter digital investments, and enhanced tactical decisions on market entry and expansion. We identified to work correctly on paid search as a critical success factor to gain this in the overall marketing mix, and it turned BrandBurp to help. Some of the significant expectations of Pearson’s client from BrandBurp were:

  • Brand Awareness
  • Enhanced online presence
  • Bringing organic traffic to the website
  • Reaching the target audience
  • Educating the students

BrandBurp’s Ideology

Our Client – Pearson is a renowned educational site in London that endeavors to provide ground-breaking solutions to students’ education requirements. It guides the students to find the right course and foundation for tertiary knowledge. It has guided students to make informed decisions about higher education and influencing career choices of London’s next generation of leaders. We came up with an appealing and fresh look home page and landing page with a user-friendly interface and navigations. The initial objective was to take packed ownership across branded search and to construct and execute a scalable and complete audience-specific paid search strategy. The marketers at BrandBurp first decide to conduct preliminary account audits, thoroughly analyzed Google Search data, and leveraged overt channel skills to guesstimate market potential. It was a critical element in designing and prioritizing the ultimate approach. In our decades’ expertise and proficiency due to the knowledge of highly practiced professionals, BrandBurp proudly boasts about personalized digital marketing solutions with the highest ROI.

brandburp idealogy

Together with Pearson, BrandBurp built roadmaps and forecasts for the target audience and implemented the paid search strategy across all nominated nations.

BrandBurp’s Services 
BrandBurp offered a comprehensive range of services to meet the needs and expectations of our client. BrandBurp’s experts comprehended how imperative it was to stand out in the crowded Pearson marketplace by understanding clear USPs. It had become evident that the earlier website outlay wasn’t serving to divide the brand from its competitors. We provided the services that can put the brand stand out from others. We worked on a campaign to accomplish growth and ongoing development. As always, BrandBurp works in a three-pillar approach: Structure; Excellence, User Engagement. The following are the services that we provided the Pearson.

Brandburp Services

BrandBurp’s Challenges 
We experienced a significant hiccup while improving a new version of the same external database, which we carefully executed. The entire marketing process was performed swiftly with our professional back-end team. Our team very well understood that the development and maintenance of a website dependable on their brand identity is paramount. For us, Pearson was no exception, and our focus was entirely on transmitting the balance between professionalism and relaxed work ethics. We’re pleased to have assisted our client in revamping and restructuring their website from scratch.

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BrandBurp’s Strategy
We undertook a full redecorate project to enliven and redesign the main home page and landing page for every user and de-cluttered an old site. It was indeed a large site with different pages to testify, so we came up with a large-scale venture to ensure constant navigation and usability. The latest design of the website is clean, contemporary, and more pictorially driven. Our team dedicatedly worked hard to merge the elements of picture making and news, keeping both focused on guaranteeing the visitor would be visually inspired and informed.

The Result
Creating and developing a site with an appealing, user-friendly interface was a challenging task for us. But by the completion of this project, we were able to enhance the online presence and SEO performance of our client’s site. The site’s content is managed by BrandBurp internally, enabling speedy text and image changes. The site’s latest outlook has brought the home page and complete informational pages up to date with a fresh-looking, contemporary feel, driven mainly by the graphics. This project’s outcome was inspiring and motivating as our client, to date, never forgets to recommend BrandBurp for its experience.

Richa Sharma

Richa Sharma is the one of the leading business women who has an experience of over 10 years in developing and delivering software solutions in the industry.

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