Businesses are rapidly turning into a Digital village in terms of effortlessly connecting people from different worlds. In the digital era, sharing information has become much more comfortable than it ever has been in the last decade. Each year, the introduction of modern marketing tools and technologies is leaving no stone unturned in taking entrepreneurs one step ahead of their organizational goals. Thus, the marketing technology demographic has bloated to enormous trending solutions for every business’s growth and development.

Whether you are new to digital marketing or you’re PRO at it with distinctive experience in this domain, having complete planning of future ideas and tactics will prove to be beneficial for the growth and development of your brand. Entrepreneurs have a golden opportunity to choose from a wobbling array of solutions and methods to connect with prospective audiences, promote their products, and enhance brand recognition. Every flourishing trend of digital marketing solutions and strategies has magically taken over the traditional marketing methods of conducting events and distributing flyers. However, some of the traditional marketing tools are still useful and fruitful in B2B marketing strategies.

In this guide, you will learn in detail about:

  • What is digital marketing in 2020?
  • Why digital marketing in 2020?
  • Global statistics of digital marketing
  • Components of digital marketing
  • Digital marketing trends and innovations in 2020
  • Digital marketing challenges in 2020
  • Overcoming Digital Marketing Challenges
  • Future of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing in 2020

Digital marketing comprises different parts, including Search Engine Optimization (SEO), content marketing, social media, marketing automation, PPC, and much more. Modern technologies, techniques, and ever-enhancing Google and Facebook algorithms help various digital marketing managers on their toes, including top entrepreneurs. Part of their job is to stay updated on the forthcoming trends, so the businesses’ digital marketing campaigns remain fruitful and productive. Digital Marketing is the boulevard of electronic communication that marketers use to support the goods and the services towards the marketplace. Digital Marketing is indeed a trending industry around the world. It would lead to an evergreen trademark place in 2020. The great purpose of digital marketing is related to consumers and enables them to blend with the product by digital media. Mobiles have been a massive trend in marketing for decades now, and are making up over half of the web traffic for various brands. The internet of things is a bit advanced and or exciting, but it isn’t yet unclear exactly how it will affect the marketers. Marketing managers are often seen as stressed to review the efficacy of their campaigns. It’s not their fault. It is challenging to uptick their sales. While the world of the internet is changing everything, it is worth mentioning that the old forms of marketing may become a thing of the past in upcoming years.

Digital marketing in 2020

Why Digital Marketing in 2020?

When entrepreneurs plan to commence businesses in any sphere, their focus is often on how to reach their potential customers or target audience. For this purpose, some companies opt to choose the path of traditional forms of marketing, like print ads and coupon mailers or even big banners on the side of the road. Organizations in 2020 are finding it challenging to come up with innovative opportunities to reach their target audience and stay ahead of their competitors. The potential end-users that are found online belong to a heterogeneous group. By making the best use of digital marketing tools and techniques, businesses can reach a massive audience in a way that is both quantifiable as well as cost-effective. Other benefits of online marketing in 2020 are:

  • The aptitude to communicate with your prospects and understand what they are expecting from your business
  • The skills and propensity to reach a global marketplace
  • Entrepreneurs can save money and reach more audiences for less money than traditional marketing strategies
  • An effective way to understand your audience and enable them to know your brand intimately that ultimately helps in creating brand loyalty
  • Based on thorough research and competitive analysis, businesses also get a chance to track responses from users

Global Statistics of Digital Marketing in 2020

With the adoption and implementation of digital platforms and, the concepts and trends of digital marketing and online advertising will witness a notable rise in 2020. Tech experts are projecting the demographic landscape of digital marketing to experience enhanced competitiveness globally. The year will see a significant spike in global ad spend as businesses are dramatically moving towards digital and online advertising. As per the global advancements of digital marketing, the ads pay, and expenses have witnessed a rise of more than 4 percent in 2019.

The marketing executives of the most flourishing organizations invest an average of more than 20% of their marketing budget on advertising for their business. Statistics also show that the B2B brands are also taking advantage and benefit of strategic landing pages. The reason behind this is that with vital landing pages, companies can quickly generate more revenue and leads. Strategists are projecting that online advertising and digital marketing will increase as the offline business will diminish by more than 20%. The number of internet users is mounting, and it is thus increasing the companies’ chances of improving their online presence in front of their target audience.

Components of digital marketing 

Enhancing brand recognition regardless of the size of the business without digital marketing strategies building is impossible in 2020. An efficient digital marketing strategy is detailed and comprises a list of what companies are aiming to deliver to their target audiences. They also want the process to be flexible enough to keep up with the latest developments in social media and other advances because such changes are steady. Below are explained the trending components of digital marketing that will prevail in 2020:

Components of digital marketing

Content Marketing 

Content marketing trends are evolving rapidly. The patterns associated with content creation are not something organizations can set and forget, especially in this modern age where all companies are going digital. Content has become a strong pillar of branding, revenue generation, brand awareness, and sales campaigns. Apart from the eye-catching and engaging content, readers also want the material to be authentic and should contain the highest quality data. 65% of marketing leaders consider that a brand is a crucial driver of buyer behavior on target audiences, and over 58% of marketers think it is impactful for prospects. The prominent advantages of content marketing in 2020 are:

  • Increases brand visibility
  • Develops brand authority
  • Enhances trust with the audience
  • Informs the customers
  • Generates online traffic over a long period

Search Engine Optimization 

In this digital era, the blogs and other write-ups on branding pages are nothing without individual Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Readers expect multiplicity and content that is easy to devour. It gives birth to the enhancement in video marketing that is mounting at such a fast rate. It means that website content needs to offer more to captivate and hold the reader’s attention. It also increases the opportunity of the latest lead generation and conversion. When content is gaining immense popularity, then how can SEO lag? Content is dead without the help of search engine optimization. SEO statistics show that nearly 95% of businesses get online presence via search engines. As per the latest SEO reports, Google’s search engine contains more than 90% of the overall search engine market share. Some of the benefits of SEO in 2020 are:

Search Engine Optimization

  • Enhanced user engagement
  • Improves sites’ performance
  • Helps in bringing in more traffic
  • Offers uniqueness and credibility

Email Marketing 

Email marketing is an essential and direct way for small to large scale organizations to disseminate business-related information with target audiences and prospects. Top brands are making the best use of such services to promote their products, future events, and other news. Apart from revenue generation opportunities, email marketing works for businesses by:

  • Keeping brand names at the top of the target audiences’ minds with useful emails.
  • Targeting a precise group of spectators with dedicated and focused content that brings in better engagement for the business’s reputation.
  • Popularizing specific content offerings to hold up the lead generation efforts.
  • Glorifying the content further via monthly newsletters and periodic updates.

Pay Per Click Advertising 

Pay-per-click marketing is one of the most startling methods for companies to bring-to-light their brand’s value and locates new customers. Apart from social media platforms like Google, Bing, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, online advertising is also gaining massive popularity on desktop, tablet, or mobile devices. As per the statistics, over 64.6% of users click Google Ads when browsing any site to buy something. An entrepreneur can consider the following tricks for an effective marketing strategy:

  • Set up goals of what one expects from the online ad campaigns to accomplish.
  • Establishing enthralling call-to-action to influence the user to buy your product or to invest in your services.
  • Work on the expenses every month for each platform decided for advertising.
  • Efficiently planning a particular campaign by doing thorough keyword research for paid search campaigns.
  • Employ conversion tracking modules for active tracking and reporting of your PPC efforts.

Social Media Marketing 

As organizations develop their marketing strategies and marketing plans, many entrepreneurs are still confused about deciding on whether they should promote their business on social media or not? The answer to this question cannot be anything other than YES. Going by the research reports, most of the flourishing businesses are arduously working on social media brand promotion to let their audience recognize them. Because of the growing usage and benefits of social media marketing trends, having a social presence will prove to be useful for your business’s growth and development. Social media marketing helps organizations in the following ways:

  • Establishing connections with business influencers who have a significant number of user-base.
  • Lead and revenue generation. It also boosts the website content’s performance with paid social ads.
  • Enhances engagement with prospective leads and existing customers

Digital marketing trends and innovations in 2020

Over the past few decades, the concept of digitization in marketing is keeping businesses contend with growth in technology and the businesses’ relations to it ever since. The industrial revolution and trends of digital marketing solutions are bringing notable advancements in the growth and development of companies. Some of the prevailing trends and innovations of digital marketing in 2020 are:

  • Chatbots-Innovation at its best

Many organizations are incorporating chatbots because they’re fast and smart. Such software programs effectively interact with audiences in real-time. Chatbots interact naturally with website visitors and can resolve their queries in real-time. Hiring someone to observe and converse with visitors on your website is not a cost-effective method, but chatbots are affordable. They can quickly answer the questions just like an average human. And subsequently, consumers tend to understand the personalized service and get their questions answered speedily.

Digital Marketing Challenges in 2020

  • Private messaging for enhanced consumer interaction

In 2020, various organizations have shifted their focus on making the best use of private messaging apps. Mobile phone apps like WhatsApp are gaining massive recognition in the app world already. Instead of using emails, companies with smart technology are adopting the use of separate apps and private messaging groups.

  • Digital Ads to improve targeting 

Organizations or entrepreneurs are taking optimal advantage of digital ads to popularize their products. The trend of digital ads helps in improving customer targeting. Diving into the world of digital advertising is indeed a challenging job for any marketer, but it is interesting as well. The initial investments in digital ads are quite minimal and cost-effective.

  • Voice-powered SEO takes over local SEO

As the expansion in technology continues to augment rapidly, businesses are starting to welcome more audiences using smartphones with voice technology. Features such as Google, Alexa, and Siri are functional in digital marketing. Voice assistants can browse the things and read text loudly. The voice assistants can also efficiently dictate text messages, thereby letting people go hands-free. Voice search is also powerful when it is used in businesses. It assists in the expansion of a mobile-friendly world and adds value to local SEO. Voice search also increases the use of artificial intelligence and focuses on the semantics of searches. People make twenty percent of questions on Google’s mobile app and Android devices via voice, while more than thirty percent of smartphone users use voice at least once a week.

  • Artificial Intelligence – For ‘smart’ audience 

The term Artificial Intelligence refers to computerized robots or machines that have the potential to work like humans. AI comprises a blend of different magnificent features like chatbots and voice assistants to find answers swiftly. Alexa and Siri are perfect examples of voice search assistants in smart devices that offer brilliant customer care servicesThe advent of this artificial intelligence service is efficient enough to understand and take orders from the users and work off-screen on their behalf. Some of the benefits of artificial intelligence are:

  • Competitive sufficient to take the place of humans in different tasks and is helpful to many industries all over the world.
  • Helps in predicting what a user is about to type, ask, search, or do, and it then responds accordingly. AI efficiently acts as computer assistants to recommend various suggestions.

Digital Marketing Challenges in 2020

Over a million years ago, the planet saw what now is famous as a Tectonic shift. The shift was followed by different advancements and technological developments in all the spheres of human lives. The businesses, in the present era, are an integral part of is the Digital Revolution. With everything getting smart or digitized, including the interaction between humans, people are experiencing a Digital Shift where trends and technologies are bombarding. In such a situation, businesses and entrepreneurs have no other option than keeping their pace with ongoing trends and technological changes. But doing so is indeed a tedious task for many organizations. Although businesses are trying to keep pace with the changing algorithms, some challenges are coming in their path. With each passing year, social media and the internet are authorizing consumers with all they need to understand about various brands. Different social media handles make the best marketing ads and campaigns that people appreciate and like. Here is a list of some of the common challenges that businesses are witnessing in 2020:

  • Increasing competition

The competition in the world of digital marketing is rising, and so is the requirement for the unique skills of marketers to compel business ethics. Well, following the latest trends has become increasingly difficult for businesses in 2020. And although companies are working dedicatedly on forming teams with different qualifications, it is challenging to supervise and keep that workforce inspired to run along with the shifting market demands. The key is to understand and team up with agencies that have the potential to do the best for brand recognition. One can make the best use of social media platforms in 2020, like LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook, to reach the target audiences.

  • The target audience is Queen.

It is challenging to understand the needs and wants of target audiences because of the ever-increasing competition in 2020. It needs to be appreciated by endless product reviews by people on different websites and social media platforms. And even then, when organizations try to blaze and follow consumers with ads, there is no assurance that they will get the customer to click on their CTA button. What entrepreneurs can do in such situations is to take the best possible advantage of consumer behavior analysis data to organize a highly-targeted audience fragment for launching effective marketing campaigns.

  • Establishing and maintaining brand identity

Brand identity is something that keeps any business going and flourishing. When enterprises start failing to persuade or influence their customers to stay connected to their brand, that is the time when a particular company is all set to lose its brand identity. With a purpose to make or break the brand recognition, several factors affect business growth. Organizations should interact transparently with their audiences to maintain trustful relations and welcome those loyal responses to play in the market field with a good reputation. It does not only include offering the right information to the end user-base but keeping them up-to-date with what will be the best for them.

Overcoming Digital Marketing Challenges 

Entrepreneurs and organizations need to understand the complexities of the modern trends of digital marketing. One needs to continually keep eyeing on the latest advancements taking place in the tech world and try implementing them for better ROI and enhanced consumer engagement towards their business. The good news for the flourishing entrepreneurs is that any savvy digital marketers are competent enough to overcome the challenges of the market by understanding what they are and making a ‘working’ plan of action to resolve.

Future of Digital Marketing and its trends

Digital marketing is evolving during the last three decades dramatically, and it has become alarming for every entrepreneur to start giving attention to details. The advancements and developments are approaching in different waves for almost a decade between 2010 and 2020. And these developments are showing no signs to settle. It is going to be atrocious in the forthcoming years more than any time before. Businesses and entrepreneurs should keep all doors open to welcome all the latest advancements in business trends and technologies. With the excellent benefits of data and helpful tracking of digital marketing, organizations have begun to centralize the marketing strategy as the ROI factory. It is becoming belligerent, and marketers are shifting from the innovative side to the executions side of the community with more tasks related to sales, target audience management, and growth. The intricacy of ROI measurements is on the shoulders of marketers to handle. Steadily, the marketing function is under the fire of generating more revenue with less interest in measuring other marketing strategies like brand positioning and visibility.


Challenges and transformations are integral and inseparable parts of any business. The ultimate goal is to reach the target audience by making the best use of the available resources and tools. Thoughtfulness, innovation, and personalized marketing solutions with Artificial Intelligence and other advancements will bring in more revenue to the businesses. In the end, digital marketers are accredited with the title of creative and innovative people. The trends will lead to re-energizing the modernization in the companies.

Akansha Pandey

She loves to write about what she has learned in all these years in the industry. She thinks that knowledge should be shared with everyone.

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