Challenges You Face With Digital Marketing

Digital marketing has been one of the premier sources of taking your business to rare heights. It has become one of the most powerful growth drivers as it can interact with every aspect of business and helps in driving gains on each side of the sales funnel.

With the surge in digital marketing and its strategies, it is obvious that new technologies and tactics vary in the use and impact of creating new challenges. We often hear from various users and clients that the online marketing world is tough to navigate. In today’s era, internet technologies demand regular changes, and when there are changes, challenges are glaring. In this post, we will discuss some of the challenges that often arise in digital marketing. Let us start with the same.


Problems in hiring and building an effective Digital Marketing organization

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It is noted that almost 55% of marketers find it tough to hire people with the right skill set. An effective team always helps the organization to prosper and propel. On the contrary, if the team isn’t capable or insufficient, your organization will struggle in achieving targets.

To overcome this challenge, you must be defining the work to be done and arrange the right combination and strategies for new hirings. Following a process will help you hire a team of talented personnel who will be agile in their work.


Scaling data-driven marketing across the organization

Businesses more often than not implement digital marketing practices within a single business unit or a dedicated channel. As per the numbers, 54% of marketers find scaling innovation across organizations. For digital marketing, designing, piloting, and scaling are crucial. It has to enhance the skills to create new behaviors across organizations.


Getting value from SEO

The changes in algorithms are evident in this ever so challenging and changing environment of digital marketing. When there is a lack of keyword data, it is tough to get results and tougher to see the results. The companies that rely on these search engine rankings for the majority of their online revenue are the biggest losers. The rankings tend to disappear once the revenue stops. Even if you don’t get into the recovery mode, you need to try breaking through the competition without the availability of low-cost solutions.

But how to reset the expectations? You should know how much revenue can be attributed back to your search engine visibility. You need to dig deeper into your data. Do not bank upon rankings as a meter of progression. The personalization of search results should be based on your specific location along with search results. Instead of rankings, use the multi-attribution report and see how many assisted conversions are a result of organic site visitors.


Optimizing the mobile experience

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The mobile experience has taken a new dimension altogether. Former Google CEO Eric Schmidt said, “The trend has been mobile was winning. It is now won.”

There have been instances of client’s mobile traffic rise from 5% to 30% in the last couple of years. This traffic shift has brought a significant drop in the conversion rates, higher bounce rate, and less time spent on site. To enhance your mobile experience, it is essential to reformat your site content according to the users’ screen size. Mobiles generally have less patience. They seek different answers and can be at a different stage in the buying cycle. Mobile users act differently, and it is up to you to find out how and why.


Proving the business impact and ROI

With the aid of digital tools, it is easier for marketers to attribute business impact to their marketing actions. However, this is only a part of the challenge. It is a tricky task for marketers and sales leaders to demonstrate how analytics and insights deliver relevant business impact across their different growth levels.

They should be looking to harness data from multiple digital sources to help them scale across the organization and provide both quantitative and qualitative insights to prove the worth of digital marketing.


Purchasing the right software

Opting or integrating the right software is among the top challenges for 46% of the growth leaders. These numbers have been robust for quite some time now. It is also said that the decision-makers with more than 7000 different martech vendors and integrate people, processes, and different technology platforms to unlock the potential of data and other tools to improve performance.


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Social media management

Challenges You Face With Digital Marketing 2

At times, your social media marketing plans may harm the online marketing strategies. Still, many businesses haven’t found a base with social media marketing.- This includes brands of all sizes from small to medium and large. Below are some of the most common social media challenges.

  • What is the content that should be produced?
  • How to generate remarkable content?
  • How often should one sell on social media?
  • Who will do the work?
  • How do I hold them accountable?

All this is still a work in progress and should be taken care of for an effective online marketing strategy.


Time to wrap up: 

Online marketing has gone way beyond the traditional techniques. It is a fast, reliable, and effective source of selling your products and services among the masses. What problems do you face in online marketing? Share your thoughts below in the comment section.

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