An impressive social media platform called Pinterest that users primarily share, explore, and store different visual content that they think motivating, entertaining, and most importantly useful. Most of the marketers aim at Pinterest users by sharing various content which is too enticing for us to refuse. So Pinterest Marketing Strategy will help you out to  boom your business. With more than 250 million active users on Pinterest Marketing and among them 90% of users opine that they look to content on the network to make buying decisions. 

One important thing that you should note that there are two different business and personal accounts on Pinterest. Selecting a business account will permit you to have authority over Pinterest Analytics and features including a native video player, a visual search tool, and the capability to operate Pinterest ads- while you are choosing the platform appropriate for marketers.  

Pinterest Marketing Strategies-

Now, take a look at some of the best Pinterest marketing strategies to improve and boost your brand awareness among a large crowd. These tips and strategies are applicable for any industry, all size businesses, and its unique marketing approach is one prime reason for Pinterest to become a valuable social media tool. 

1. Sign up for a Business Account:

In order to market your target crowd, you must develop a Pinterest business account. As noticed earlier, this free account offers you operate to Pinterest Analytics and other different marketing features like a profile that sharply indicates you have a business, Pinterest tag, and Pinterest widgets. If you already have an account on Pinterest and willing to transfer it into a Pinterest business account, you could also do that without losing any of your work. 

Pinterest marketing strategy

2. Select the Appropriate Category:

With the selection of the appropriate category for your developed content to be shared in, your boards and Pins will turn more searchable for all users to identify similar types of content for your business. Users can easily search for particular categories on Pinterest by clicking the “Categories” section of any profile on this platform to observe all content associated topics they are searching for. Some of the most searched categories are architecture, videos, travel, beauty, cars, health, motorcycles, animals, and more.

3. Apply Unique Videos and Images:

In a similar way to other social media platforms, Pinterest holds a huge range of videos and images. By posting videos and photos you can promote your organization’s brand and also can market your target services or products to a large audience group. This is not the one and only Pinterest marketing tip, but also you can assure they could position against any other on this platform. Apart from that, why would a user select to follow your brand over others? 

Some of the best ways to assure that you are sharing good visual content on Pinterest:

  • Utilize branded photos without faces which get 23% more pins on this platform than others with faces. 
  • Develop and share branded videos to boost your organization’s services and products. In Pinterest marketing, 75% of users say they are usually like to watch HQ branded videos which allures them. 
  • Pay for using the Pinterest Promoted Video feature if you can afford it. 
  • Always try to avoid extreme blank space in your photos- photos with 30% less blanked are mostly pinned.
  • Prepare videos between 30-90 seconds long as they are proven to have the best performance. 

4. Purchase Keywords:

By applying keywords throughout your Pins, profile, boards, and posts, you will be more likely to genuinely come in users’ searches and feeds. In some particular niches, the phrases and keywords are being usually searched by users. Some of the most important places where you can infuse keywords on Pinterest to better your scopes of genuinely ranking through searches like: 

  • Pin description
  • Profile and bio
  • Board titles
  • Board descriptions
  • Image-Alt-Text

People who select to pay for Pinterest ads, there also a chance to apply the platform’s keyword targeting tool to support you reach your target audience through your given ads. This Pinterest marketing Strategy will help you to draw traffic so easily.

5. Use Hashtags to Your Content:   

Hashtags- which are phrases and keywords pave the way for Pinterest marketing strategy developers by the ‘#’ symbol is another wonderful way for you to essentially market to and reach the target audience. On Pinterest, hashtags work amazingly as they work on other social media platforms like Instagram. It makes your content more visible and searchable for more audiences.   

Hashtags are applied on Pinterest to support users identify boards and Pins about a particular topic they are searching for. While users select a hashtag you insert on a Pins, they are brought to a page where they could view all various content that has been posted ever on this platform tagged with that particular hashtag.  You must these hashtags to your boards, Pins, and inspiring content to assure the greatest visibility amount. If you are looking for social media marketing services then you can hire our professional at BrandBurp

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