Boost Your Digital Marketing Strategies Through Content Marketing

Digital Marketing in itself is a vast concept. All the attributes and tools needed for developing internet marketing strategies are directly or indirectly related to driving traffic on a website, increasing ROI, or boosting conversions. One such concept is content, which still stands as a key for your digital marketing strategy. In this blog, we will be discussing some content marketing examples that stand out in the marketing approach and can help your website with higher visibility, leads, traffic, and brand awareness.

Toyota’s YouTube Featured Snippet in Europe

Google looks beyond the website content when it comes to featured snippets. The process involves Google pulling content from YouTube, thus making it essential for you to optimize your content accordingly. Also, Google can opt for recommending a specific clip from the YouTube video too.

A bright example is of Toyota Europe’s YouTube featured snippet, which offers a suggested clip:

Here, by correctly optimizing your YouTube videos for SEO, you can stand a chance of featuring on search engines instead of just YouTube. And we all are well aware of the reach one can garner with search engines.

List-based Article by Washington Post

List-based articles are one-way to grab eyeballs of Google’s featured snippet box. For example, if you are in the dilemma of planning a road trip, you will likely come across the Washington Post listicle mentioned below.

Even the search term ‘How to plan for a road trip’ could land you on this listicle.

The Expert Roundup of Digital Olympus

Digital Olympus interviewed more than 40 digital marketing experts for one of their blog posts. In the interview, they asked all the experts to provide them their most effective method to boost traffic. Their blog post was interactive and the way they organized the digital contributions was exemplary.

The top of the page will show a headshot of each expert with their name so that you could read the expert tip of every individual expert. The anchor-linked table of contents was also an impressive feature.

The Research Page of Colgate

10 Content Marketing Examples To Boost Your Digital Marketing Strategies 2

If you are looking to create helpful content, try creating a resource page consisting of helpful links on a particular topic. Something similar was done by the International oral hygiene company Colgate who released over 2400 pieces of content related to ‘gum disease.’

With 2400 being a huge number, Colgate crafted a resource page made up of specific sections for content related to gum-disease cause and diagnosis. Each of these sections offered,

  • An explainer text paragraph
  • A bulleted list of details on the sub-topic
  • Links to other relevant contents on their site


7 Days 7 Ways Idea of Levi’s

Levi’s, the renowned jeans brand once used their Instagram profile to create a social challenge named 7 Days 7 Ways. In this challenge, Levi’s asked people to style their favorite Levi’s jeans with a whole different look every day in the week. This strategy brought them new customers as people started wearing their jeans more frequently than not.- This also increased the lifespan of the product while helping the environment. Followers who accepted the challenge posted pictures of their styles and tagged Levis, raising brand awareness.

The SipSmileSpring Campaign of Starbucks

10 Content Marketing Examples To Boost Your Digital Marketing Strategies 3

Starbucks started a campaign named SipSmileSpring to promote their new range of spring drinks. They found an interactive way to aware people about their drink. They created a game on their Instagram account named SipSmileSpring.

The gameplay involves users taking control by simply smiling at the right time. With this game, Starbucks not only engaged people with them but also earned an opportunity for their video to be featured on the brand’s page.

Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut has forever been dependent on its imagery marketing campaign. Their social media accounts are filled with exotic pizza images that are eye-catchy, appealing, and tantalizing.

They tell a story with their images, and these images have already created a buzz on social media and helped them in earning sales via email campaigns.

Kendra Scott ad campaign

Kendra Scott is a leader in women’s jewelry, beauty, gifts, and home decor. The brand knows the impact of visual treat, and they never disappoint their users when it comes to treating them with visuals.

The brand features all its outrageous products in sliding images that grab viewers’ attention and identify features that make the products unique. The pictures speak tons of words, and they are impactful enough to convey their messages.

Click to Tweet of Content Marketing Institute

Embedding a “click to tweet” button is a brilliant idea if you want to make it easy for people to share your content with their network. With this, an interesting quote or statistic will get shared automatically from your article.

This process is more than competent even if your content gets published for quite some time, but you will still get Twitter notifications on it. Sounds good, right? You can surf the internet and opt from an abundance of tools dedicated to adding the “click to tweet” option.

The Home Depot Blog

The final example on this list is the Home Depot Blog. It is a brilliant example of content marketing for many reasons.

First, people who possess experience with home improvement projects contribute as guest writers by posting project tips and ideas. These ideas are relatable and helpful in creating content based on first-hand experience, resulting in readers trusting them.

Second, Home Depot blogs are full of links to products in their stores to help readers complete the projects covered in the blog. By leading readers directly to their stock of beneficial items, they drive sales and conversions with relative ease.

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Time to wrap up: 

Creating content and marketing content are two different propositions. Both concepts have their own significance in implementing digital marketing strategies. I hope the examples mentioned in this blog might have helped you understand the significance of content marketing. It is time to think out of the blues for fun, creative ways to set yourself apart from the competition while still creatively reaching your audience.

Akansha Pandey

She loves to write about what she has learned in all these years in the industry. She thinks that knowledge should be shared with everyone.

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