Do you remember that every time when you wanted to visit a new place like a restaurant or wanted to buy some clothes online or wanted to know about a particular place? What were the first things that you used to do?

Well, we can make a guess here- the first thing that you did was a search for the place, the thing on the web and read its reviews that other people know and say about this place or thing.

Nowadays, people all over the globe are dependent on the web to find the best organizations-its products and services.

So, being a business owner- you will never want to showcase a negative image on the web and for that, you need to be sure about the negative reviews associated with your brand name.

Even if you mention a brand name to someone that is not heard by the other person, the next thing he/she might do is take the phone out and search for it.

The stats show that there are one billion names that are searched across the globe each day. First impressions matter a lot in both the positive and negative cases.

Most businesses think of online brand reputation management services when there is a critical need for it. It is better to implement the ORM Services at early stages as only a single negative comment can tarnish all the image of a brand.

But Do You Exactly Know What is ORM?

Online reputation management abbreviated as ORM means influencing how people perceives your business. It can be said as the process of managing and maintaining the reputation of your brand in the web world. Whatever information that is displayed after someone searches your brand’s name on the web is managed by the online reputation management team.

The notion behind ORM services company is to generate better value and induce positive feelings about your business.

Online reputation management can be handled by ORM agency as it is responsible for the success and the downfall of a business as it influences the conversion rates.

I know there are many companies that do not know how to manage their online image so we have come up with a guide that helps you in creating a positive brand Image for online brand reputation management.


  • Be The Owner Of A Website

orm services

It is very necessary to be the owner of your website and no one else should be handling your website. Websites with exact business in domain hits the top of the lists when searched by the name.

  • Own Related Domains

Build up your own domain as hosting companies are notorious for having negative information pop up. This has been sorted by many channels and is likely to improve.

  • Start Multiple Blogs

orm company

Start multiple blogs that cover different vectors in the world like business, lifestyle, health and more. You can tell Google about a blog that is related to your business via Google+ authorship and Google direct connect.

  • Create Online Business Cards

Online business cards are likely to float more easily on the web. So, create a business card- you can also add an image of yours along with the text.

  • Write Guest Posts

The best thing to increase your visibility is to post blogs on other websites as it may gain you more leads. You can add a backlink that will drive traffic to your site.

  • Be Active On Social Media

orm services company

Brand reputation management services includes social media channels that make you visible at a much faster rate than any other technique. Remember to put the right keywords in your content. Facebook business page, twitter handles are very beneficial as you come in direct contact with the audience.


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  • Do Interviews

Not only your involvement is enough, you need to hike up and you can do so by taking interviews of well-known personalities and add up on your site.

  • Lots Of Images Of Yours

This might look like an obsolete method but is likely to help you much more as if some searches you then the results for google images will showcase you and will be very much beneficial for you.

  • Write Press Releases

Write press releases for the brands, apps, events and more. Press releases should be optimized as they are still very effective when it comes to making your brand’s name visible.

  • Go For Podcasts

brand reputation management

Podcasts are the audio interviews and capture more users as they can feel what you are trying to say. Podcasts’ results are likely to show up on the first page of search results.

  • Interlink Everything

The most important thing that you need to take care of is you got to interlink everything to your site using backlinks as they will generate traffic and make users evoke to visit your site.

  • Monitor Your Reputation

Building a positive reputation isn’t only enough, you have to regularly monitor your reputation. You can do it by Google alerts- easiest and free of cost way to do.

  • Check Various Platforms

Check various other platforms where users have put reviews associated with you. You need to stay updated about what people think about you and manage them efficiently.

  • Ask Your Clients

You can directly ask your clients to give reviews on various platforms according to the service you have delivered. This makes you clear transparent about how your clients think about you.

  • Respond To The Critics Positively

This is really harsh as there are high chances that you get negative results out on various platforms. you need to respond to each and every review positively and understanding what makes the user think like that about you.



In the present scenario of growing users and businesses Corporate Reputation management is as important as the quality of the product. if you have a satisfied customer-it work as an asset and if you have an unsatisfied customer-then it becomes a liability to your business. ORM company can make or break a business as a conversion funnel depends on it.

orm services company

Richa Sharma

Richa Sharma is the one of the leading business women who has an experience of over 10 years in developing and delivering software solutions in the industry.

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