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The prolonged uncertainty looms large before marketers in the face of unprecedented severe economic recession the world has ever witnessed before 2020. The status of their brand, the world economy, and the consumers’ patterns are uncertain, especially when it comes to digital marketing services. The current scenario has presented everyone with the least and restricted outdoor physical activities, including daily transit, meeting with friends and acquaintances, social and cultural gatherings, all transformed into quarantined isolation. The…

Introduction  Businesses are rapidly turning into a Digital village in terms of effortlessly connecting people from different worlds. In the digital era, sharing information has become much more comfortable than it ever has been in the last decade. Each year, the introduction of modern marketing tools and technologies is leaving no stone unturned in taking entrepreneurs one step ahead of their organizational goals. Thus, the marketing technology demographic has bloated to enormous trending solutions for…

We’ll see a significant percentage of customers seeking information through voice search rather than a typical Google-typed query. Hence, preparing the website for voice unique keywords is the only way to plan for this flood of speech inquiries. With millions of new marketing software flooding the market, hundreds of marketing master’s courses, and thousands of sales funnel images, marketing patterns for 2020 forecasting was as hard as making a flawless macaron. Below is a summary…

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