The prolonged uncertainty looms large before marketers in the face of unprecedented severe economic recession the world has ever witnessed before 2020. The status of their brand, the world economy, and the consumers’ patterns are uncertain, especially when it comes to digital marketing services.

The current scenario has presented everyone with the least and restricted outdoor physical activities, including daily transit, meeting with friends and acquaintances, social and cultural gatherings, all transformed into quarantined isolation. The remote working, video-conferencing, home-school teachers have become the new normal for online marketing, globally.

The brands that had invested and emphasized the significance of online marketing opportunities benefitted in 2020, either through websites, apps, or live streaming. The online features are now more meaningful than ever, thus, transforming the marketing strategies, such as click-and-collect, pre-booking shopping slots, seamless delivery, and so on. For example, the grocery business investing in up-gradation of its e-commerce experience through a mobile app, that ensures contactless payments, say a few years back, has seen an upsurge in digital marketing services.

The lockdowns have been eased, but there is a fresh challenge of settling down for the generation of demand for the products and services, piling up.
Here are a few digital marketing services that went too soon in 2020.

  1. Slashed Voice Search

In the initial introduction of the concept of voice search, it was selling like a hot cake. As per the marketers and SEO tech experts, the trend of voice search was going to rule the year 2020. The use of smartphones and voice search apps or tools witnessed a remarkable increase in the number of homes in the US. Marketers considered voice search as the next ground-breaking event in the world of online marketing. But sadly, this trend didn’t give an expected marketing ROI to the marketers or entrepreneurs eventually. People are switching to the adaptation of voice search tools like Siri or Amazon’s Alexa, but the ROI was comparatively less for the marketers.

Voice Search

  1. Virtual Reality – The old Norm

The hypes of virtual reality are the future captured the attention of the entire world. The reasons for this could be many. But, it seems it hasn’t yet taken off the way it should have. The raging trend of virtual reality has been in the tech world for more than two decades now.

Virtual Reality
The current pricing of virtual reality ranges between $400 and $500. Is cost a significant factor? If that is so, the upcoming trends of Oculus Quest might make it better as they are a bit cheaper from other segments of virtual reality. The other pertinent reason could be the marketers’ inclination towards augmented reality. For a clearer picture, one can look into the sales of virtual reality headsets for 2019. Online marketing experienced no increase in the sales of virtual reality.

  1. RankBrain 

RankBrain is Google’s query construal that makes the best use of artificial intelligence. It had been live in Google for a substantial fraction of queries since earlier in 2015.

RankBrain works by ranking pages according to the user interactions. It incorporates calculating and analyzing how long visitors from Google search spend on digital marketing services before leaving. Optimization for RankBrain was performed to help to lessen the bounce rate for marketers and boost their Clickthrough Rate on Google’s search engine results pages. But a notable number of marketers aren’t utilizing it.

Several tech experts were assuming that marketers optimizing for RankBrain would be an increasing affair in 2019. However, RankBrain optimization is considered to be named among extensively underestimated digital marketing services. Some of the marketers still cannot even define the proper working of RankBrain. Now is the time to move over to set up a business online, and those who lose out shall lag far behind. It is now a new business trend to be followed in the year 2020.

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As a new business strategy, it needs to be understood that the right steps taken at the right time for a RankBrain entity are to be adopted. A marketer must remember that innovative actions taken in good times, shall benefit them during bad times, and this norm has changed from the past experiences of online marketing.

  1. Beacons

It is no safer to predict that Beacon technology is the future of digital marketing services and will enhance mobile visibility and user experience. Beacons allow smartphones to interpret the users’ places on a micro-regional scale and offer users content based on conditions. Overall, beacon technology is used for a variety of reasons. The ways and means of improving digital marketing services for proper adapting to current challenges presented by the pandemic need the utmost innovation and creativity. Due to the fear or insecurity of getting caught by the irrelevant notification spam, users started disabling the apps or Bluetooth connectivity with beacons.

The customers are better placed to understand that the business entity is performing a particular act not from digital marketing services but for the common good of humanity in the hour of need. These challenging times have transformed how various age-old marketing and business strategies were adopted and put into action.

Richa Sharma

Richa Sharma is the one of the leading business women who has an experience of over 10 years in developing and delivering software solutions in the industry.

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