The tech-world has completely transformed ever since the COVID-19 outrage. The technological and digital marketing trends have got reshaped considering the future that seems inclined more towards remote working. With the change in the working environment i.e., the work from home culture, people are spending even more time in front of screens than before. All these aspects are directly or indirectly connected are connected with the User experience design concept.

We are going to perceive things quite differently from 2019 and 2020. While preparing for 2021’s UX trends list, we reached out to our community of UX experts from around the world, and their predictions help us garner conclusive results.

Here, we have managed to compile the top UX trends to help you boost conversions in 2021. So without any further ado, let us have a look.

Digital Health

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to the rise of digital health massively. Post pandemic, the surge in the new digital health opportunities like telemedicine, wearables, and artificial intelligence is evident. These are expected to scale rare heights even in 2021.

Consulting or booking an appointment with a doctor is done digitally nowadays, and this trend will remain the same in 2021 as well. With the rise in mobile applications, there are many wearables and applications to monitor your heart rate, blood pressure, steps, sleep, etc. So that people don’t have to step out for small medical issues.

Voice-user interface

As mentioned previously in the post, people’s screen-time amid the pandemic courtesy of work-from-home has been on an all-time high. To dismiss the screen-fatigue we have witnessed a surge in the usage of voice search and interaction already. With voice commands, you don’t have the need to type as voice chatbots & virtual assistants are becoming commonplace. Google Assistance and Siri have been the flag bearers in voice-activated interfaces.

Voice user interface

A more personalized design trend

How satisfying it is when a particular product or service is tailored according to your needs. The personalized user interface or user experience. Whether it is your Netflix feed, the types of ads that display on Instagram, or the related products that appear when you are browsing Amazon, everything seems good when it gets customized as per your taste.

personalized design trend

On the contrary, if users don’t experience a personalized or customized design, they won’t think twice before opting for your competitor’s platform. Therefore, in a world overwhelmed with an abundance of options, personalization can make a world of difference in what products we choose to buy.

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UX writing and microcopy

UX writing and microcopy is another UX design trend that could be overwhelming in 2021. Companies nowadays are changing their communication styles to be more and more personal to get connected with customers at different levels. These writing copies for the websites need to be less formal and also mimic everyday dialogues to make users comfortable.

Microcopies are the short tidbits of the copy that helps users to navigate digital experiences and help in boosting brand engagement and conversions.- This is another effective personalization method that holds good leads in 2021.

Augmented reality by design

There is no doubt over the fact that AR is futuristic. The UX designers perceive it as an overwhelming option for the future of UX trends. Augmented reality is being embraced in so many novel ways now. Numbers suggest that the global market for AR products could surge up to $165 billion in the next four years.

These numbers are promising considering the future of AR. Renowned names like Apple is already rebuilding their strategies and reconstructing their products that are easily accessible to everyday users. Also, Apple is working on numerous AR products like digital glasses that could connect wirelessly to an iPhone, and beam content, such as movies, maps & much more, to the wearer. Sounds interesting.

The revolution of Behavioral Design

In a highly competitive market, keeping your customers interested and engaged with your product requires a deeper understanding of their actual needs. When you know their likes, dislikes it would be easy for you to tailor your solutions.

Greater demand for behavioral design is highly anticipated in 2021 to drain the customer’s attention, reinforce social circles, entertain the uninspired state of mind, improve health, encourage self-fulfillment, and help people stay on the right path for a secured and better future.

Time to wrap up: The UX design trends in 2021 are expected to transform the future for good. We should await a future that promises to be exciting, innovative, and full of immersive experiences. All the UX design trends mentioned in this post will be taking 2021 and the coming years by storm. When people will get familiarized with all this, we will be able to witness more engagement, exhibitions, and entertainment.

Akansha Pandey

She loves to write about what she has learned in all these years in the industry. She thinks that knowledge should be shared with everyone.

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