SEO is the backbone of any website. In digital marketing, SEO is perhaps the most crucial thing to help your website retain a better ranking on searches. With constant changes in the digital marketing world, SEO has a severe impact on your brand’s success.

If contained properly SEO can do wonders for your business. People generally tend to stick back only on the first page. With a correct SEO service, your website is expected to feature on the very first page of Google search. Yes, 2020 was full of unexpected and unwanted events that affected SEO but are you ready for 2024? In this post, we have talked about things that you must know to keep your SEO game on track in 2024. So, without any further delay, let us talk about these key factors in detail.

Use snippets to your advantage

Snippets are something that search engine marketing consultants use vastly to increase your site’s visibility. The snippets are generally crippled into three categories, i.e. SEO Title, Slug, and Meta Description. Let us discuss these in detail.


  • SEO Title: SEO Title describes where the user will be directed to when they click on your link. Therefore, you would always want your keyword to be in the SEO Title for a better reach.
  • Slug: A slug is a part of the URL when you are accessing a resource. Slug is the directed page on the URL followed by the domain. For instance,
  • Meta Description: To make it easily understandable, a Meta Description is the about section of your snippet. It gives a brief overview of the content your website or web page contains.

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Never Google Yourself to Find Your Ranking

This is something that is emphasized by almost every search engine optimization firm. Never Google yourself to find your ranking. If you regularly look up your keyphrase and click your link, Google tends to save that information on your browser. Thus, providing a false ranking make you seem higher than your actual position.

Instead of Google yourself, use the incognito mode on Google Chrome or browse privately in whatever browser you use. These features depersonalize your cookies and cache to give you a far better sense of what people may be witnessing. In case you want to go for tools that can check your rankings, you may opt for Google Webmaster Tools and Moz. Both these tools keep a track of keywords.

Optimize your URL

Search engines and humans aren’t different because both have similar properties. If a URL is easy for a human to read, then it’s easy for the search engine to read too. Always try to keep your URL of a landing page simple with words that relate to what it is that you are trying to show on the page can make a huge difference. Including keywords, hyphens can help your cause of showing up on the search result.

Optimize url

While optimizing your URL, one more thing to keep in mind is, the shorter the better. Shorter URLs perform much better as compared to the longer ones. Crisp URLs look good,s and they should be under 50-60 characters as this length will help users remember or copy, paste the URL easily.

Consistency is the Key

You have to be consistent in providing your content, and at the same time, never compromise on quality. Link out to pages that provide excellent value because the quality of these links is crucial than their quantity. One exquisite link is much better than hundreds of poor quality links. If you wish to make regular top appearances on search results, it is imperial to link to quality sites that provide value to the user.- This is always a win-win scenario as you are providing the audience with additional value. Also, having the possibility of getting the links back to your page to boost your page’s ranking.

Use Google Analytics to your aid

Google Analytics is one such tool used in SEO service by almost every search engine optimization firm and search engine marketing consultant. It is a fast and free tool and isn’t tough to learn, and is crucial for understanding how your website performs. With Google Analytics, you have the access to understanding what visitors are deemed to do on your website.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics comprises various details and could act as a blog post for another time, but as of now, do install it on your website and dive into its basics.

Time to wrap up: The five traits mentioned above are some of the key aspects one should keep in mind regarding SEO’s heading into 2024. Fortunately, a search is something where pivoting and shifting relatively quickly is possible if you are already prepared for it. Dive into these trends and accentuate your SEO strategies for a better reach on search engine results.

Akansha Pandey

She loves to write about what she has learned in all these years in the industry. She thinks that knowledge should be shared with everyone.

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