Guerrilla Marketing isn’t a new concept. It is a marketing strategy that has been in the advertising world for quite some time now. Guerrilla marketing isn’t about making war, but it is about winning one using the element of surprise. Let us understand the concept deeply.

What is Guerrilla Marketing?

Understanding The Concept of Guerrilla Marketing With Different Ideas 1

Let us break this term into two. Let’s talk about Guerrilla first. It refers to a non-tactical army, loosely organized, fighting a bigger, more organized force. Now, let us understand the concept of Guerrilla Marketing.

Guerrilla Marketing is a set of marketing actions assembled to launch a marketing campaign at a fraction of the price it would typically cost. Guerrilla Marketing is less common in the B2B arena, and it could sometimes feel almost tame when compared to B2C Guerrilla Marketing.

The common features of Guerrilla Marketing Strategy

Understanding The Concept of Guerrilla Marketing With Different Ideas 2

Below are some of the most common features of Guerrilla Marketing strategy.

  • Guerrilla marketing is both creative and quirky and can surprise you anytime.
  • It is relatively inexpensive, especially in marketing ROI
  • It is relatively new to the target audience
  • Some people think it as a stunt, but this ain’t the case
  • It can go viral on social media
  • It can create publicity easily
  • It isn’t downright illegal, but pushing boundaries in terms of what city official, a conservative client, or conformist parents will approve of

Types of Guerrilla Marketing Ideas

When you are aware of the concept of Guerrilla Marketing and its features, let us move ahead and look into the types of Guerrilla Marketing ideas.

-Street Marketing

As the name suggests, street marketing is the concept of advertising on streets or pathways in a unique manner. Street marketing is also known as outdoor Guerrilla Marketing type. Not only streets, but it takes into consideration all marketing actions taking place outdoors, bringing street elements into play. McDonald’s once created a “chips crossing,” which spotted a french fries packet with the french fries acting as a Zebra crossing.

-Ambient Marketing

Internet marketing has been a vital aspect of Guerrilla marketing, and Ambient marketing erupts from the same. This type of marketing refers to marketing practices that help promote a product by interfering with the flow of things. It involves placing ads at unconventional places to increase brand awareness in a more creative way.

-Ambush Marketing

Next up is Ambush marketing. In this marketing practice, the marketers take advantage of the audience of a particular event and use it to promote their product or services.

-Experiential Marketing

Next on the list is Experiential marketing that is yet again a part of digital marketing. Experiential marketing is also known as participation marketing or live marketing. It involves the creation of immersive, pop-up experiences that invite users to ‘talk, live, breathe’ the brand.

-Viral Marketing

Guerrilla advertising platforms aim to have their promotion go viral to maximize bang-for-the-buck. Social media helps a lot in spreading and making the content go viral.

Elements involved in a Guerrilla Marketing CampaignUnderstanding The Concept of Guerrilla Marketing With Different Ideas 3

Here are examples of some of the elements of the Guerrilla Marketing Campaign.

  • These campaigns are targeted highly in terms of the location where they get launched.
  • Authenticity plays a valiant role. If in case it is done before or looks like something else, it’s not Guerrilla.
  • It does not require a big marketing budget.
  • Guerrilla marketing is not scalable or replicable.
  • It does not replace your promotional plan and advertisements.

Guerrilla Marketing Ideas to promote your business

Here are some of the most popular Guerrilla Marketing ideas to promote your business.

-Distributing the free samples

By distributing the free samples of a product to the consumers you let them know about your product. people love free products, and it is a great marketing strategy on a larger or smaller scale. Make sure that your product has enough information so that consumers can connect with your product instantly.


Geo-Fencing is a term that is often used in online marketing scenarios. Today, social media is one of the biggest platforms to market your product, and there are geo-fencing filters that many social media platforms use. With geo-fencing filters, you can create an impact on people from the sticker at a particular location, as the sticker will be available only in a specific location or at any event while swiping through different filters. Both Instagram and Snapchat have been using these filters, and you can share the same with other users and followers.

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-Sticker Marketing

Sticker marketing is another way to get your product to the outside world. It is a pocket-friendly way as people use their laptops, video consoles, and other gadgets for showing love for their brand. Stickers nowadays are the pop trend among youngsters, and it could be one of the coolest ways of marketing today.

Time to wrap up: 

Guerrilla marketing talks about innovative ideas that can help a brand grow. Top brands from McDonalsto Gillette have used Guerrilla marketing ideas in the past, and many brands are doing the same. Read this blog and get going with Guerrilla Marketing and its techniques. Get a better understanding of marketing strategies and innovate new ideas for reaching your target audience.

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She loves to write about what she has learned in all these years in the industry. She thinks that knowledge should be shared with everyone.

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