• Rowse co-founded b5media, a blog network, which is one of the most significant new media networks, has approximately 300 blogs with one million page views daily in 2006;
  •  ProBloggerwas at No.2 on Technorati’s most favourite blogs list;
  • Rowse awarded Best Web Development Weblog blog award in 2006 for ProBlogger;
  • Darren Rowse was listed in Forbes Web Celebrity List in 2007;
  • Rowse was a Speaker at the Blogopolis Blogger Conference in Melbourne, Australia, in the year 2011;
  • Rowse also held two Problogger events in Melbourne;
  • The two blogs are written by him get around 1,00,000 page views daily and earn Darren Rowse a revenue of over $20,000 per month;
  • Rowse is active in religious works and is fond of photography, reading, and food


Darren Rowse is the world’s first professional blogger, who had a modest beginning of blogging for a hobby, but gradually it turned out to be his profession. It was due to his hard work, dedication, and perseverance that he successfully earns millions of dollars by working online, writing blogs, and ebooks on Amazon.

Darren is presently working on two blogs – ProBlogger.net, Digital-Photography-School.com, having a readership of around 5 million visitors per month.

Darren had no technical background or web development aspects, but his passion for helping others like him has made him a success story to follow. Still, Darren has all the humility to confess that he is not the most prominent blogger but the most significant learner all his life.

Darren has co-founded numerous businesses including ‘Third Tribe Marketing’ and b5media blog network’, co-authored ‘ProBlogger: Secrets for Blogging Your Way to a Six-Figure Income’; and founded the ProBlogger Training Event in Australia, which is attended by over 550 Australian bloggers, annually.

Rowse also loves to speak at conferences and events on blogging, social media, building a personal brand, entrepreneurship, etc.

Details about Rowse, the ProBlogger

  • Full Name: Darren Rowse
  • Place of Birth: Melbourne, Australia
  • Date of Birth: April 27, 1972
  • Profession: Blogger, Consultant, and Photographer
  • School:
  • Hometown: Melbourne, Australia
  • Nationality: Australian
  • Net Worth: $1 million

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The Life of ProBlogger – Darren Rowse

Darren Rowse earns millions of dollars by using various blogging techniques and strategies. Darren made a modest beginning in the year 2002 when accidentally he stumbled upon blogging after following a link sent by a friend of his. In a shorter span of around 18 months, Darren became the world’s first professional blogger by making a living from blogging.

Modest Beginning

Rowse started as a Minister (Preacher) at a Church and also performed other part-time jobs, one such was working for an online department store, and the third was that of a casual laborer and various other such works. Along with all these activities, he was also pursuing a degree in Theology (a 10-year program).

A Hobby Blogger

As a beginner, in 2002, Rowse started by writing personal blog writing, purely as a hobby, covering a vast spectrum of topics, from politics to religion, to cultural observations. In the year 2003, Darren launched Digital Photography Blog. It quickly rose and grew in readership and gradually became his part-time job to be converted into his full-time passion and profession.

Serious Business

It was after more than a year that Darren started blogging on Digital Photography on AdSense and the Amazon Affiliate program. It helped him get established as a blogger because it was a viral platform for thousands of readers per day. Gradually, the income started increasing, but only by a few dollars.

Darren was thinking about exponential growth amid modest beginnings, but he persisted with his hard work. Darren increased the frequency of his blog postings on AdSense and Amazon, who pay in US$, which equates to 1.30 Australian dollars.

Darren worked for two days in a week for blogging and three days for other works. He began writing numerous blogs at a time, 20 in all, which did not prove to be fruitful, and Darren decided to incorporate all the content into his new blog, titled, ProBlogger.net, in the year 2004.

It was during this time; say around mid-December, that he decided to contribute his full attention and devotion towards blogging.

The Downfall

Just as when the things had started to look good for Darren, disaster struck with Google deciding to update, where there is the upheaval of bloggers with some bloggers going way up and other going way down in search results. Darren found himself at the second category of bloggers, and all his rankings, traffic, and earnings were hit hard.

The Upswing

Gradually, things starting to get better on Google, but it taught Darren to diversify interests in blogging to survive the upheavals of uncertainty.

It is during this time that Darren continued to diversity and wrote new blogs and entered into partnerships including a blogging course, titled, ‘Six Figure Blogging’ and founded b5media, a blogging network.

The b5media grew to its present number of around more than 300 blogs. Darren decided to take around $2 million as venture capital for expansion and hiring team of developers and other technical staff to grow into one of the worlds is leading networks.

What Darren learned was that instead of giving little attention to various blogs, it is always better to concentrate with more considerable attention towards a smaller number of blogs for better results.

That is the reason why Darren has been concentrating more on his two blogs (ProBlogger), Digital Photography School(DPS is a blog with hundreds of photography tips), and TwiTip (a blog dedicated to sharing tips for using Twitter). These blogs and ProBlogger are Darren’s full focus blogs now. DPS is his biggest blog having a monthly readership of around 4 million visitors and growing.

From a Minister (Preacher) to a million-dollar Blogger

Darren Rowse is always busy to create multiple streams of income. Blogging is his core area of business activity, but he also makes money through affiliate commissions earned through eBooks, courses, online services, product sales, and instructional media. A more significant chunk of his income comes from digital photography school. Other than these, he also makes money through live events, speaking, and other digital products. Darren also makes money through affiliate sales on Amazon of his eBooks and other digital products.

Darren believes that to achieve success in blogging and online marketing, it is essential to focus on niche areas and enhance one’s experience and experiment with it.

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