Sujan Patel, a veteran SaaS marketing executive with 15 + years of experience, has helped hundreds of companies – from emerging startups to Fortune 500 leaders – develop growth strategies that have produced significant traffic and sales increases. In addition to consultancy with his B2B SaaS marketing agency, Web Profits, Sujan owns and operates numerous SaaS companies including Mailshake and Right Inbox.

Standing Out From the Crowd

Having learned the hard way to excel in SaaS business, Sujan has made it his task to share all that he has learned in his career. Over the last five years, his book, 100 Days of Growth, has sold 50,000 + copies, while his blog and more than 100 conference presentations have given him a platform for sharing everything he knows. Outside the workplace, Sujan is a committed boyfriend, father of three, and adrenaline junkie who can be found on the tracks around his new Austin, TX home town.

From Agency to Content Marketing

Sujan got its start online as an eCommerce pioneer in the early 2000s. Despite the subsequent collapse of his first platform, Sujan was able to convert the lessons he had learned about SEO and traffic development through his second enterprise – the digital marketing firm Single Grain, which he left in 2013 after increasing the company’s annual sales to $3M+.

Leaving Single Grain, Sujan found his love for SaaS businesses. In 2015, he created Mailshake – initially – and has expanded the business to more than 20 employees and a consistent growth rate of 2X years over the year since. Discovering his inherent abilities in growing businesses by product improvement, accelerating growth through marketing and sales, and building products that create word-of-mouth value-led Sujan to start acquiring and expanding B2B SaaS firms, such as Voila Norbert and Right Inbox.

Risk Taker

He’s a risk-taker, his wife Amy says. “Sujan asked me to marry him for 2 weeks in our relationship, I jokingly said yes” The reaction changed his life for Sujan went from college dropout to earning over $200k a year as the head of SEO at in the next few years. Sujan left in 2009 to concentrate again on Single Grain – giving himself a one year opportunity to acquire as many customers as possible.

Sujan was able to move to San Francisco and finish his first year with great revenue, high-profit margins, and his first official employee with signing on as one of his first clients. In 2011 he was introduced to AJ Kumar by a mutual friend (though it turned out the two had originally grown up together), who turned out to be a perfect partner for Sujan’s business goals. Sujan went “all in,” while his co-founder and VP of Sales & Marketing took AJ aboard. The dynamic duo transformed Single Grain into a powerhouse business with sales of $3 million in 2013 over the next two years. 

Screw Money

Sujan was exhausted (and burnt out), so he sold his business and spent the next 2 years leading people’s attitude with passion/help, rather than his need for money. Finally, he joined one of his companies, while I serve as communications vice-president. During this time, Sujan absorbed himself in the field of SaaS, hacking innovation, and content marketing helping to raise more than 900 percent as I work. He also published the book on Growth hacking that sold more than 10k copies around the world.

Sujan has helped 117 entrepreneurs expand their business over the past three years by delivering free customized marketing advice.

Pushing the Limits

“Cross the limits, that’s interesting. He got up a year later at 6 am, hit the gym and practiced for 10 hours on 1200 calories a day’s diet,” said AJ Kumar, cofounder of Single Grain. “The best thing is to use what he learned and shifted to help me get formed.” Sujan has overcome his fear of heights and now spends on his weekends doing skydiving. And conquered his fear of speaking out in public. He can be seen presenting at conferences and events in the industry. “One thing I know about Sujan is that he will always force himself to be quicker, better, and stronger than he was yesterday,” Neil Patel


Sujan is the co-founder of a marketing agency named Web Profits, and a partner in several software companies including Mailshake,, Quuu, and Between its consulting practice and its software companies, Sujan aims to help entrepreneurs and marketers scale their businesses.

Akansha Pandey

She loves to write about what she has learned in all these years in the industry. She thinks that knowledge should be shared with everyone.

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