An era of digitalization has hit the world and we; the people are clung to technology and why not? Truth be told- we love to live like this where everything is right at our doorstep with a simple touch.

Yes, I am talking about shopping and many other services that you avail by just tapping on your smartphone. Most of the time when you pick any service, is it based out of the need or you want to try it because you saw it on social media?

Well, many people do the selection of services either because they are getting ads in their smartphones or crossed a business product highlighting on social media channels and more.

It is all possible because of Digital marketing. It is among the new trends that may soon outshine the traditional methods of marketing. Many businesses have transformed business strategies from offline to online. It gives them a better audience reach and a greater chance to generate higher revenue.

So, what is the new trend in digital marketing?

Digital marketing is the new way to sell your products and services on the web to build brand awareness and engage with the customer to close a sale.

In digital marketing organizations, there are a lot of departments that work harder for your business to highlight in the search engine results pages (SERPs). To name a few we have SEO, PPC, content marketers, affiliate marketing, SMO, web designing and development, and many others.

Today, we are going to throw some insights into the SMO as it’s one of the major departments that generate higher leads and brand awareness. It is mostly because of the user base on various social media channels.

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What is SMO?

SMO is social media optimization where you create brand awareness about your business by using social media channels to promote your brand, connect to your audience, build a new reliable customer base.

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Social media is everywhere and the number of users on various platforms sums up to 3-4 times the number of mobile users. The statistics linger around 2.5 billion and counting.

Social media optimization is a way to get your business to success by getting traffic to your website with the implementation of good strategy and ideas to grow in business and brand.

There are thousands of businesses running over in your city and most of them must be trying to promote their products and services on social media channels either with the help of digital marketing agencies or on their own.

Now, imagine the number of businesses in your state, country, and world. Yeah, that turns out to be much and uncountable on fingers.

To stand out and be visible to users on social media channels is the major work done by the SMO team.

Social media optimization is done to make your brand visible to users across the country and world.

So, what does an SMO team actually does?


Whenever a brand comes to a digital marketing agency, they always want to talk and know more about SMO. Apart from connecting with various social media users, the SMO team is likely to choose the right social network for your brand image.

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They know which platform to focus more and which platform reach should be increased.

LIFE of an SMO team requires creativity as uniqueness is what makes you stand out in a crowd.

  • Social media strategizing

SMO’s perfectly strategize a plan and execute it. The creation of strategies for the social media platforms and how to generate traffic and leads to your website are done by the team of SMO. It focuses to increase audience engagement and builds strong social media strategy for business.

  • Social media monitoring


In order to understand the need for social media users and respond to them accordingly, SMO’s actively monitor the social media pages and the behavior of the users, content trending, interests, and more. This helps the team to tweak the campaigns, strategies, content in your favor.

  • Conduct Social Campaigns

Team of SMO’s conduct social campaigns to promote your brand. They use valuable incentives to evoke users to take part in your campaigns such as the greatest number of likes, shares, or best pictures showing the customer using your brand.

  • Content Development

This is something that plays an important role. It’s very necessary to know about the content to be flaunted and displayed. The team of SMO’s indulge themselves in finding and creating the most unique ideas and the content. The team focuses on the words that strike a chord with the audience’s mindset.

  • Brand Management


Social media- being a dynamic platform requires constant attention and followers and clients of your business need to know that their feedback matters. It gives a sense of responsibility to the business. The team of SMO’s is responsible for brand management. It replies and makes tagging and bookmarking easy.

  • Mindful Analysis

SMO’s uses various tools to know the real whereabouts results of the strategies implemented. The statistics generated from various analysis tools are envisioned by SMO’s in a proper manner as it helps to make the next strategy for the future.

  • Improved Credibility

The SMO’s are responsible for business growth; thus, they pay dedicated attention to the projects, builds trust, and do the best of their knowledge to improve the credibility of the business.

  • Increase your linking Ability

This is one of the basic foremost things for websites. Many websites are static and don’t change or are rarely updated. To optimize a site for social media, the SMO’s increase the linkability of the content either by adding a blog, adding white papers or thought pieces, and many more.

  • Build Networks

SMEs are highly responsible for building networks by connecting many people on social media. SMO’s understand that only a fraction of social media users suit demographic characteristics and these are the individuals to connect with.


Life of an SMO has totally dedicated to business growth and social media optimization is one of the important aspects of digital marketing which can be done easily through a social media optimization agency. They not only increase the visibility but also focuses on the right platform to right the relevant audience. Your brand image on social media ins essential and SMO’s make that brand image more efficient.


Vinay Kumar

He is tech-savvy and loves to learn about new trends in industry. A voracious reader who loves to share his thoughts and ideas.


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