With the advent of technology, the ways of doing business has transformed in many ways. New businesses or start-ups are taking over and are making great efforts. They have surpassed the traditional methods of marketing, development, infrastructure, and more.

Startups are common and are covering various sectors of different industries. Every company has set some methods to get the mood of the employees chilled out. Employees of an organization work hard for all of the weeks and they all deserve some fun that can make them feel better and shred the responsibility off the shoulders for the moment.

Today, we are going to know about one of the startups of digital marketing that have quite caught the eye of clients worldwide.

BrandBurp- a digital marketing company based in Noida, India has gained popularity and is now set to footsteps into the international market too.

So, today we are going to know about how did Burpians celebrated their weekends?

But before diving into that, let’s clear out a fact first.

Who are Burpians?

It is one of the common trends that are followed by many organizations. The fellow members of the team keep their names, so as to keep the motivations high. It is more similar to keep the name of your team in a field match.  The team of employees working at a BrandBurp as a family is known as Burpians.

The head of the BrandBurp considers each Burpian as the family and thinks them as pearls who are floating deep into the ocean of digital marketing.

Whenever the team needs motivation, it’s always said: “We are Burpians and we can burp out louder”. It might sound absurd but it definitely works. The Burpians are the main reason for the growth of the company and are working efficiently to make the organization touch the sky.

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Work culture:

Work culture is not about just random partying or getting optimum results of your hard work. It is how you work daily in an organization. The way you work and the flow of work from one department to the other makes the work culture of an organization. It’s not just about employees who make a good work culture but it’s a full-on responsibility of the organization to provide its employees with a perfect working environment.

Every organization is said to have an efficient and pleasant work culture but how many of them actually have. Most of the organizations just claim to have a great work culture but all they focus on is the work, output efficiency, results. All of these factors matter a lot but what about the employees who are working hard for the organization.

Well, in this case, Burpians are too lucky. The organization is solicitous about the work culture. They maintain the flow of work in an efficient manner as it works as a chain of series with no issues involved.

Burpians are known for the results and the better results are acquired when the employees working are happy and have peace of mind.

BrandBurp provides an area of comfort for the employees to relax while working or take a break and resume the work with more efficiency. They focus on the needs of the employees and tries to a maximum level to achieve them.


BrandBurp is great at utilizing funds and its profits. After the year’s statistics, 5% of the profits are given for the employee’s growth fund. It is a big amount and it is totally used for the growth and development of each employee.

And it’s not only that, added to that fund the organization is great in managing different funds for the betterment of the ambiance, games arranged, live sessions and more.

Chilling weekends:

The management team of the BrandBurp organizes many events on weekends. Few of the activities are listed below:

  • Video conferencing calls:

This might be useless for people but during the weekends, the superiors join team members on video calls just to take note of what and how they are doing. The superiors take it as a responsibility for the well-being of the employee.

  • Informal party:

This is quite common in the industry. Management organizes informal parties mostly clubbing so that, employees can enjoy during the weekends. The organization uses the development fund to settle the bills.

  • Game events:

It is not just about clubbing, BrandBurp also conducts outdoor game events for its employees. Mostly, it is cricket and yes, it does give the feeling of the movie lagan. Every time the same jokes crack up, either it’s a Six or your salary will be credited late. The best about that is employees get a half-day on weekends when a game event is scheduled, it sounds fun, right?

  • Formal dinners:

The team leaders arrange formal dinner parties to develop more trust and focus on relationship building in the team. Teamwork is the most important factor and the employees happen to connect with other people on formal dinner parties.

  • Friday night:

Weekends are not just about outdoor office gatherings. On a Friday, employees get to wear casual clothes and there is always a fun activity organized during the break time of the day. Everyone takes part in it and enjoys the sessions. This helps to get the Friday evening mood to FRIDAY mood.

  • Help the needy:

This is one of the major things that employees of BrandBurp do. In a period of a month, a weekend is totally given to the people who are needy. The employees make a campaign and distribute books, food, clothes to the needy people. They call this day “A weekend to the needy”.

  • Brainstorming session:

Weekends are not just about having fun or sitting idly, so BrandBurp takes up brainstorming sessions that enhance new and creative ideas among the team members. This activity on weekends helps to develop a feeling of teamwork and achieve the challenges.


Weekends are the most important part of the week as people get some time for themselves. Well, when most of the people just sit and sleep few of them tries to utilize the time. There withstands a very important role in the organization towards their employees to care about their well-being. Weekend celebrations are a must in an organization as it helps to create and pass an unsurpassable amount of energy and zeal in the organization.

Akansha Pandey

She loves to write about what she has learned in all these years in the industry. She thinks that knowledge should be shared with everyone.

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