Social media audit is an extremely vital process as it analyzes how well your social media marketing strategy is working. Let us understand the concept deeply.

What is a Social Media Audit?

Social Media Audit, a part of social media advertising services, is basically a process that conducts a comprehensive analysis of different social media channels to determine what is working, what is not working, and to see the areas of further improvement where the company might consider.   Social media audit

Social Media Audit consists of various things like followers and engagements to determine your improvement ratio. Well, there is no stable answer to the question of how often you should be performing a social media audit, but yes, it has to be done regressively.

Now, when you have understood the concept and importance of social media audits, let us move forward and understand how to perform them.

Step 1: Create a spreadsheet and track your social media metrics

Having maintained a spreadsheet for your social media audit helps a lot. You can structure it as per your convenience. It could be anything like if you only use one or two channels, or you may want to keep everything in one area.

The only thing to keep in mind here is you might add or remove channels as your business adapts to the ever-changing social media landscape. Doing this will help you get a structure that is easy to adjust and understand.

Step 2: List all the social media platforms you have

When you are into internet marketing, this seems to be a pretty natural step. However, you can’t comprehensively audit social media channels if you don’t audit regularly.

Try including links to each account and also the corresponding handles, usernames. Doing this may help you to refer them throughout the rest of the audit.

Step 3: Evaluate your social media branding

The next step is to evaluate your social media branding. For a website to gain recognition on Google search, it is perennial to have a proper SEO along with the right logos, links, colors, and languages. While auditing, have a look at the accounts you listed in the last step. The key here is consistency, and with consistency, I mean, people should be able to identify your brand without seeing the name tied to your account. Some questions might arise here like,

Social Media Branding

  • Are your social media channels consistent on all the channels so that people could find you easily?
  • Are your profile and featured photos aligning with your standard brand imagery?
  • Do your social media profile and featured photos use an identifiable company logo?

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Step 4: Take out the essential metrics from all your accounts

Data, metrics, or insight, no matter what you call them, you only have to quantify your social media marketing performance. SMO services or social media platforms have their own dedicated metrics and reporting methods. Therefore, the way you access them depends on the platform itself. Demographics, Followers, and Engagements are some of the metrics you should be tracking in your spreadsheet.


In case you are running advertisement campaigns on your social media channel, you may wish to track metrics related to your ads, cost-per-click, and click-through rate. You can also look forward to using Google Analytics for a useful set of metrics. If your website has Google Analytics implemented in it, you can see the traffic on your website that comes via social media and the duration for which people opt to stay on your website.

Step 5: Identify the content that speaks volume

You need to figure out your best-worked content. Make a note of tweets and posts you got on that particular content that managed to engage the audience to the fullest. Dissect your content by figuring out that, Did the best post used video? Did you ask a question? And things like that.

Step 6: Dig deep to find trends in your data

For an SMO agency, trends are easy to spot. Especially after you have collected data several times. But, you still can analyze trends within each social media audit. If your top posts across platforms all used video, that is something you should be looking forward to investing in your future strategies.

Step 7: Keep a check on competitor social media accounts

Having an acute level of awareness is always fruitful, especially when it comes to keeping an eye on what your competitors are doing on social media.

Keep a check on how often your competitors post, what they are trying to post, and when they post. If you figure out that your competitors are doing something extraordinary that is actually working, you might consider adding that particular thing to your plate, or do whatever they are doing, but far better.

Time to wrap up: Social media audit is a vital strategy in social media advertising services. To boost your website’s performance, it is necessary to have audits more often than not. Hire a team of social media professionals that is focused on handling social media audit for you in a better way. Use your audit to find social networks you should post more to, and look if there are any networks you can get rid of.

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