This blog will be covering all the aspects of Google Premier Partner List. Let us start with getting the concept right into our heads.

Google Premier Partners List

A Google Premier Partner List typically comprises agencies from multiple industries like advertising, digital marketing, and other professional companies who have managed to attain the badge and status directly from Google.

Google Premier Partner could be any person or a Google ads agency that is capable of providing digital advertising services that meet the qualifications of Google ads. These qualifications include the criteria used to consider the agency’s expertise level, client base, client ad spendings, and finally, the client growth levels.

Google has managed to bestow illustrious status to multiple advertisers that have always been on the edge of their seats.

How to Grow your business with the right partner?

Premier Google Partner List helps you reach more potential customers online with the support of a Google Partner. These partners are recognized for having the Google Ads skills and expertise to optimize your campaigns and help you get fruitful results.

How To Be Google’s Premier Partner

With Google Premier Partners List, you can find expert support for any campaign. Also, you can get help for building and optimizing Google Ads campaigns across several product areas like

  • Search: Helps in creating search campaigns clouted with automated solutions.
  • Video: With videos, you can reach new audiences via Google video campaigns and YouTube.
  • Display: With display, you can create and implement alluring visual ads and smart Display strategies.
  • Shopping: Helps in setting up inventory on merchant center and run effective campaigns for shopping.
  • Apps: Helps in streamlining Google App campaign creation and progressive optimization.

Now, let us move ahead and know the benefits of being a Google Premier Partner

What benefits one can avail of being a Google Premier Partner?

By gaining possession of a Premier badge, you can receive premium benefits compared to those who are yet to earn a badge. Below are the benefits you can avail of having the badge.

google Premier partner list

  • Membership status
  • Product updates
  • Business strategy consultation
  • Executive business training
  • Promotional offers
  • Account support
  • A dedicated account manager
  • Invitation to the annual partners’ summit
  • Full access to all the features
  • You can have a company profile and visibility on the Google Partner Search website
  • Get invitations to exclusive Google events

Clients avail numerous benefits from the Premier Partnership with Google via having access to support and relevant data that can lend an advantage to developing efficient ad campaigns.

How to become a Google Premier Partner?

Now, when you are aware of the concept of Google Premier Partners List and its benefits, it is time for the final procedure, i.e. How do you become a Google Premier Partner? Getting a premier status is the highest existing rank you can ever achieve in the Premier Google Partner List Program. The process includes four steps, and we have briefed them below.

How To Be Google’s Premier Partner

Step 1: Start with the company profile

First thing first, start with setting up the company profile to get listed on the Google Partner Search. This profile comprises some basic information about the company. The basic relevant information includes- company name, website, contact information, description, testimonials, and the services offered.

Step 2: The certification process

To fulfill the certification process, you will require at least two employees to get past the Google Adwords Fundamentals and advertising exam to test their advanced knowledge in Adwords. If you have a team that is sound in SEO, this step will get easier for you.

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Step 3: Investing

Step 3 involves making investments. Google Partners asks you to make a 90-day investment prior to the start of at least $10000 in AdWords. When it comes to Google Premier Partners, the investment is even more. The minimum budget of AdWords varies from country to country and the market area. Therefore, you have to check your area’s rates before investing.

Step 4: The performance of the company

The fourth and final step is company performance. In a quest to meet performance requirements, your company has to deliver AdWords revenue and growth that can reach Google’s standards. Also, it is necessary to provide all the relevant proofs that the quality of your performance is up to the standards and if your customer base is constantly growing strong.

Following the mentioned steps will help you claim the Google Premier Partner badge, and you will make it to the Premier Google Partner List.

Time to wrap up: 

Being a Google Partner is the highest-ranking you could achieve in Google’s Partner Program. This program is granted when companies reach the highest standards of Google and its quality criteria. This blog talks about how you can earn Google’s Partner Program badge and the word “Premier” tag. If you own a business and looking o get into Google’s Partner Program, follow the steps mentioned in the post above and earn your Premier Badge.


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