Have you had problems with the Coverage Report for the Google Search Console Index?

Google has stated that there are some issues they are facing. When it comes to indexing, creeping, and ranking, these difficulties cause a pause in reporting.
We reported earlier this month that Google’s de-indexing bug had caused Search Console results delayed. Well, Google has finally modified the reports that were affected by this error, after a three-week wait.

You can see the usual two-day pause if you log in to the Google Search Console and go to the Coverage summary or any of the Improvement results, as opposed to it stuck around April 7th.

Google Search Console is a free Google service that lets you map, manage, and troubleshoot the appearance of your site in Google Search results. To be included in Google Search results, you don’t have to sign up for Search Console, but Search Console lets you understand and develop how your website is viewed by Google.

For the following actions, the Search Console offers resources and reports:

  • Confirm that your page can be found and crawled by Google.
  • Fix indexing issues and order new or modified material to be re-indexed.
  • View your site’s Google Search traffic data: how frequently your site appears in Google Search, what search queries your site shows, how often those queries are clicked on by searchers, and more.

search console offers resource and reports

  • Receive updates on your site when Google detects indexing, spam, or other problems.
  • Show what websites link to your website.
  • Troubleshooting problems with AMP, mobile usability, and other features of Quest.

To provide insight into index coverage, site owners and SEOs rely on Google Search Console reporting. For all the pages on a website, the report indicates the index status.

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Based on whether they are or can be indexed, the Search Console groups the pages. It also explains why a particular page could or could not be indexed by the search engine crawler.

Site owners use the tool to check for increases in errors or potential declines in index counts periodically. They can recognize and solve crawling issues on a website in this way.

This feature of the Search Console, however, is currently experiencing a problem. According to Google, an issue causing delays in updating the Index Coverage report is affecting the tool.

Index Coverage Report:

It tells you which pages on your website are already indexed if you’re not familiar with the index coverage study. For search results, pages in the index are qualified.
It’s a good report to have because at a glance you can tell which pages can deliver your site traffic.

Index Coverage Report

Running reports on keywords or URLs that refer to un-indexed articles makes little sense. People with even the most exact search terms can’t find such.
So if you know that a page has not yet been indexed, you should not check for traffic from it.

  • Only reporting is affected:

The actual indexing is not currently affected by this issue. Even, crawling or rating does not affect it. Reporting is the only current issue, so you really won’t be able to fully use the tool.
“Search Engine Journal said,” This means that even if they are currently indexed, recently published pages might be excluded from the Index Coverage report. Before the issue is solved, using the “site:” operator in Google Search is the best way to verify whether a page is indexed.
In the meantime, keep up your SEO work and tactics!

  • When will Google correct the problem with Search Console reporting?

It’s tough to say. This is particularly true since a reliable estimate has not been given by Google. The Index Coverage report currently shows that it was last revised on the 31st of August.

But, until September 9, Google’s John Mueller did not notice the problems, saying that the report should be up-to-date “soon.” That was six days ago, and site owners are still waiting.

You might use the “location.” operator in Google Search to check if the search engine has indexed a particular page before Google restores the Index Coverage report’s functions.

Unfortunately, Google could not say when it would patch the Index Coverage report. However, they did promise to keep us updated! For the latest development, keep an eye on Google’s Twitter page. In the past, from days to a few weeks, problems like this have been fixed inside everywhere.

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