Facebook ads are the key for your business to generate leads. Facebook’s reach is impeccable courtesy of the platform’s popularity, and Facebook advertising is the perfect solution for your business.

Let us break whatever is written above into facts and figures. In the US alone 65% of people use Facebook making it an ideal platform for reaching people, where they are most likely to spend their time. With Facebook ads, you put your name, your brand, or your product right on the potential customers’ map, who are seeking your products or services.

Let us move further and talk about Facebook ad guidelines to help you get started with Facebook ads.

Facebook ads that are not allowed

Certain types of content are not allowed and accepted by Facebook. Here is a list,

fb adds not allowed

  • Adult content: Facebook does not allow sexually suggestive or sexually explicit material on its platform
  • Hate speech and Harassment: Ads with hate speech or harassment are not at all accepted
  • Illegal and prescription drugs: Illegal or illicit substances can’t be promoted on Facebook. As far as prescription drugs are concerned, only pre-approved pharmacies and drug companies can run their ads on Facebook
  • Alcohol sales, online gambling, tobacco products, adult friend finders, weapons, ammunition & explosives, etc. are not applicable to get promoted on Facebook.

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Let’s move further and now discuss the Facebook ad guidelines.

Facebook ad guidelines

The first part we will be covering here is the type of Facebook advertising. We have already discussed what ads we can’t run, but now it is time to know what ads we can run. Let us dive into the list.

fb ad guidelines

Image ads

Pictorial or image ads are the first on the list. There are also among the most common type of ads that are also among the popular social media marketing tools.

The image size should be 1200*628 pixels, whereas the minimum width and height should be 600 pixels.

Video ads

As the name suggests, video ads feature a video that users can watch on their news feeds. These ads feature your product or people performing your service.

The minimum dimension of these ads should be 600*315 pixels, maximum video length should be 241 minutes, and the maximum video file size should be 4GB.

Carousel ads

Carousel ads are a combination of both videos and images in the form of cards that a user can scroll through to gain information. You can also set up the cards as one image spanning across the cards.

The carousel ad guidelines for photos should be,

Image size- 1080*1080 pixels, minimum image width/height- 600 pixels, maximum image size- 30MB per image, minimum cards- 2, maximum cards- 10.

The carousel ad guidelines for videos should be,

video size- 1080*1080 pixels, maximum file size- 4GB, maximum video length- 240 minutes, minimum width/height- 600 pixels.

Slideshow ads

Again, as the name suggests, slideshow ads are advertisements with multiple slides. These ads shuffle through a series of images, and when the user clicks on an image, he/she gets redirected to the landing page.

The slideshow ads should have an image size of 1280*720 pixels, image file types should be JPG and PNG, and the number of images should be 3-10.

For videos, the file size should be up to 4GB, and the recommended maximum length should be 15 seconds.

Collection ads

The next ad category is collection ads. In this, the users can see one large image along with few smaller images. Once people click on these ads, a full-size page appears to help users shop from a bigger catalog of products.

The collection ads for images should have a size of 1200*628 pixels, minimum width/height should be 600 pixels, whereas, the maximum image size should be 30 MB.

For videos, the size should be 1200*628 pixels, the maximum file size should be 4GB, and the maximum length should be 120 minutes.

Messenger ads

The last ad making the list is Messenger ads. These ads actually are advertisements that appear in a user’s messenger inbox. These ads appear like a message in your Facebook messenger that a user can open to learning more. The image size of these types of ads should be 1200*628 pixels, minimum width should be 254*133 pixels.

How you should be advertising on Facebook

Now when you know what ads you can use on Facebook, the final step is to advertise. But how? Follow the steps mentioned below and get started with Facebook pixel advertisement.

advertising on fb

  • Choose your objectives as you ad objectives are what you have targeted to achieve
  • You should be knowing whom you are targetting
  •  Then, name your ad campaigns. The name should be catchy and attract people right from the outset
  • The next step is to determine your ad placements. Where the ad should be placed is one essential metric that should get followed
  • Create a budget that will help you know how much you should be spending on advertising on Facebook
  • After you have figured out everything, now is the time to create your ad

Time to wrap up: Are you looking to launch a perfect Facebook ad campaign? If yes, go through this post and get to know everything that is required for creating a successful Facebook ad campaign.

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