Advertising products via Facebook or any social media platform helps your product reach the masses. Your products can eventually gain more sales via Facebook advertising services, and eventually, your brand’s goodwill also rises.

Facebook product ads are also known as dynamic product ads. It can help companies to bring back customers and help them to check out the additional products. Also, Facebook ads can help you earn sales from first-time buyers who are yet to complete a purchase. Before jumping onto any aspect, let us first discuss the concept of Facebook product ads.

The Facebook product ads

As mentioned before, Facebook product ads, also known as Dynamic Product Ads, helps companies to combine their product catalogs with their Facebook ads to create alluring and eye-catchy product ads.  fb product ads How to set up fb product ads

These ads can be used to target people who get engaged with a particular product, add it into their cart but don’t purchase. Or even those who purchased a product recently. These are mobile-friendly ad that could be a single or multi-product ad.

How to set up Facebook Product Ads

Now when you have understood the concept of Facebook Product Ads, let us discuss how to set up these ads,

How to set up fb product ads

1- Create a product catalog

The first step is to create a product catalog. You can’t create a Facebook product without a product catalog. Here, you have to upload your catalog on Facebook to get the product information from your list whenever needed. The product in the list should contain the obvious details like,

  • Brand name
  • Item name
  • Price of the item
  • Image of the item

In case you want to save your time from creating a catalog and have a spreadsheet of your products at your disposal, turn the spreadsheet into a CSV or XML file and upload it on Facebook.

2- Create sets with your product listings

Sets are the sub-groups of items within your catalog. Sets help you to deliver Facebook multi-product ads that are relevant to your target audience. For instance, if you wish to buy a laptop, you can create a set of its relatable products like charger, keyboard, wireless mouse, etc. There are some steps you should be following to create sets,

  • In the Catalog tab, select Sets
  • Click the option Create a Set
  • Now, select the items you want in your set
  • Finally, tap Create, and you are done

3- Create your campaign

Now, when your catalog is uploaded & your sets are created, you can start running Facebook product ads. Start this process by choosing the right ad format. Also, while creating a new campaign, select the ‘catalog sales’ option for your ad type.

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4- Choosing the target audience

Selecting the target audience is the utmost necessity. Generally, Facebook offers four targeting options for your Facebook product ads.

-Broad audience: With a broad audience, you can target the people who have expressed interest in your product or related ones. This option might do wonders if they haven’t yet visited your website but are in a mood to buy your products.

-Viewed your products but didn’t buy: Here, you target those people who either viewed a product page or maybe added a product to their cart, but didn’t purchase.

-Adding items to cart but not purchased

In case you are willing to track people who added products to their cart but abandoned them later, this is perhaps the best option.

-Cross-sell products: When someone has purchased your product, you can target them with additional products with this option.

-Up-sell products: With this option, you can target people with a new subset of items to increase your cart.

5- Craft the ad content

The last step in the process is crafting the ad content. When almost every information is completed for you courtesy of the catalog, you don’t need to do much to create or craft your ad. Now, the things you should focus on is that all the information is correct, and also your product images represent items precisely.

Tips for doing Dynamic Product ads

Here are some tips that you should keep in your mind.

dynamic product ads

-Installing Facebook Pixel

If you are willing to witness success with Facebook multi-product ads or single product ads, you should be installing Facebook Pixel on your site. It helps in tracking information of users who have previously engaged on your site.

-Make sure your visuals should look presentable

Visuals play a major role in attracting people to your product. When people see the images of your product on their feed, they would want to check your business website. Therefore, make sure it looks presentable with eye-catchy visuals

-Your stock should be up to date

Always keep a check on your stock. Marketing experts worldwide, before implementing any strategy do cross-check whether the items are available or not. The same happens with Facebook ads. You should cross-check your stock because you would never want your catalog to be empty.

Time to wrap up: Here’s a complete guide for Facebook Product ads. This post must have helped you understand the essential strategies and concepts for creating Facebook Product ads. Follow this guide and get your Facebook Products ads game on track.

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