Figures speak louder than words as far as comparisons in performance and reach are concerned for any product or service in the business world. Therefore, we would like to begin by comparing the business service providers based on the preference and choice when it comes to entities opting for online video marketing services for business growth.
Top 5 ranked social media channel in strategically influential category (in order of preference):

  1. Instagram
  2. YouTube
  3. Facebook
  4. Blogs
  5. Twitter

Top 5 content-specific formats for influencer marketing (preference-wise) are:

  1. Instagram Post
  2. Instagram Story
  3. YouTube Video
  4. Instagram Video
  5. Blog Posts

The top YouTube marketing service providers focus majorly on YouTube global statistics while recommending new marketing techniques to any entrepreneur or business.

  • YouTube dominates among business video posts;
  • YouTube third-most popular platform in influencer marketing;
  • YouTube provides purchase inspiration and new learning process to shoppers;
  • YouTube is the preferred platform for investments by marketers in advertising;
  • YouTube leads in the number of the audience watching tutorials over text formats;
  • YouTube leads in the name of SMBs advertising as compared to previous years;
  • YouTube is the second preference among digital channels influencing purchases
  • YouTube leads to attracting the productive population to help in learning new things in education and awareness;
  • YouTube also leads to attracting target audience across the age-groups and income groups
  • YouTube attracts 500 hours of content uploads every minute;
  • Majority of adults watch mobile YouTube videos while relaxing at home
  • Out of 70% of daily mobile traffic on YouTube, 50% of that mobile traffic visits YouTube, daily

These were some of the YouTube statistics. Now, let us venture into strategies for online video marketing solutions.

YouTube and Facebook Audience Differences

The YouTube watchers are interested and specific intent to watch the videos having spare time at their disposal as they also probably have a good screen and speakers to watch and listen to quality videos. That means they prepare content for the viewing experience. It is also imperative to understand how much YouTube ad costs before framing the differences between YouTube and Facebook ads.

YouTube and Facebook Audience Differences
Whereas, in the case of Facebook, they are probably on-the-go people and are just quickly scrolling the screen. If the viewer is on a desktop, the viewer is perhaps busy elsewhere and is not specifically on Facebook.

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In the case of a Facebook page, to attract the viewer’s attention to the videos or the ad videos, the videos must be catchy, more visually attractive, and clear in message dissemination. The videos for effective Facebook marketing should be such that viewers can watch and understand them even in mute mode, with subtitles.
It is necessary in the case of Facebook to make the video interested and binding in content and visual effects.

The video needs to be short and precise. The first three seconds count the most, and if the viewer does not get the desired information, it is most likely that he will move on.

Engaging the viewer in your video is essential to make an impact. It is vital to make the video interesting, purposeful, and absorbing. The video must be fast-moving and informative throughout. YouTube marketing service providers must have complete knowledge.

The viewer must be lured or attracted to the site by incentivizing it through compelling offers and deals. The viewer can get a discount code, limited offer, or a contest link to the website.

A marketer, to make it complete, a catchily titled needs to be given to the video till the end.

YouTube Vs. Facebook: Marketing Differences

Success Metrics
It means that one needs to optimize a full-funnel mobile strategy and take advantage of everything on offer on YouTube. The main objective of online video marketing services is to make the audience make a purchase or visit the site or follow the link. YouTube appears to be a clear winner as far as engaging audience attention is concerned. It also leads to the introduction of new products and the finalization of consumers’ purchasing decisions for effective Facebook marketing.

YouTube Vs. Facebook: Marketing Differences Success Metrics
Bringing about well researched and informative content on YouTube, many new prospects can be roped in to enhance the marketing services spectrum. The success of the growth of business also depends on how much to advertise on YouTube. These numbers are translated into paid campaigns and paid to promote. Youtube scores in the staying power of the viewer, as compared to Facebook. There is a vast difference in viewing duration of both, which is short for Facebook and longer in YouTube viewership.

Facebook edges past YouTube in terms of targeting. The central potential aspect of Facebook is its demographic data and personal information wealth. Facebook can make it possible to reach upto the desired target audience, based upon the interest component. These are an essential part of video marketing solutions for every business.

Another aspect of Facebook is its personal nature that makes it possible for users to interact, share, and discuss the video with friends and acquaintances.
Whereas, in the case of YouTube, it is a platform for strangers. Secondly, YouTube mainly relies on cookies, which are not reliable from interest targeting. The YouTube marketing service providers work on such factors to work for the promotion of businesses.

But, Facebook also does not lag by much. YouTube fails in the Facebook scores in conversion rate as its videos are coupled with links, suggested pages, Facebook ads, etc.

Effective marketing on both platforms
The drawback of Facebook posts is that it discourages repurposed videos that have been originally published on other platforms.

Now, let us compare the audience data using both the platforms for video-sharing. Experts recommend that attracting qualified business prospects becomes comfortable with video content optimization. The Youtube ads must be reinforced with Facebook ads because YouTube ads are most likely to engage prospects. The YouTube marketing service providers’ time to time comes with different creative methods to engage maximum consumers.

Secondly and most importantly, one must regularly search YouTube reviews, both positive and negative, about the product and respond thoughtfully for both in the comment section for business enhancement and reliability.

How much does a YouTube ad costs
The average cost of advertising on YouTube depends upon various factors, such as the type of ad created, the target audience, duration of the announcement, product, video quality, etc. The cost is charged based on click ads, which could be between $0.10 and $0.30 per click that the advertiser has to pay. Mostly the businesses invest around $10 or more per day for running an ad campaign on YouTube. There are various video marketing solutions for any digital marketer or entrepreneur to enhance online presence.

After going through the features of both the leading social media platforms for business management strategies in terms of video marketing, it can be said that both have their distinct advantages. It cannot be said that one particular social media platform needs to be chosen for adopting video marketing strategies.
YouTube is the platform that draws the audience, and Facebook is the platform that drives sales on social media.

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