YouTube as we know is hands down the most amazing video streaming platform available. Being a platform serving billions of users, you can find YouTube as the most used application on every other device.

Not only YouTube is a one-stop-shop for all of us, but it is also a great medium for influencers to promote their content and earn massive amounts of money.

Being quite a dominating platform, it has so many aspects latched on to it, and amongst them, we’ve got YouTube Tags. If you don’t know what exactly are they, then sit back, as we are about to tell you.

What exactly is a YouTube Tag?

YouTube tags are words and phrases used to give YouTube context about a video. Tags are considered an important ranking factor in YouTube’s search algorithm.

Why YouTubers need Tags in the first place?

Just like any other piece of metadata, YouTube Tags are an opportunity to give the platform and Google information about your video including your video’s topic, category, and so many more.

Following are some of the best ways which you can incorporate to get the most out of YouTube tags:

1. First Tag: Target Keyword

Since video tags are all about SEO, YouTube pays special attention to your first few tags.

Target Keyword

So, it is your responsibility to check whether your first few tags or on point or not. They have to be word-for-word keywords that you want a rank for.

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2. Use A Mixture Of Broad And Focused Tags

Whether you believe it or not but focused tags help YouTube figure out your video’s topic. But, that doesn’t mean you should ignore the presence of broad tags. These tags help give platform essential context about your video.

For instance, say the primary keyword for your video is “how to draw freehand?”

You’d have to use the keyword in your tags, like:
-How to draw freehand
-Freehand draw
-Best ways to draw freehand

Other than that, you’d have to throw in some broad tags that describe your video’s category or high-level topic. In this specific case, tags have to be like “freehand” and “drawing”.

3. Remember Don’t Go Overboard With Tags

Stuffing your videos with dozens of tags are something you don’t want to do, so please don’t even try.

As it is of no good, trust us, because that will turn out to be a blunder, nothing else.

Always remember tags are designed to help YouTube understand your video content. And if you hand them 20+ tags, they’re going to have a hard time knowing what your video is actually about.
Being a complicated platform for beginners, there are great chances that you might get stuck and overload your video with tags.

4. YouTube Tags Should Be Of 2-3 Words

How long a tag should be? This is probably the most asked question asked, but since we are a leader in social media marketing, we have found that tags 2-3 length is enough for doing the job.

Tags Should Be Of 2 3 Words.

But it doesn’t mean you should have your tags exactly in this range. In most cases (broad tags), we found that using tags of 1-2 words is enough.

But, we always recommend you to keep the tags more concise and that too with a maximum of 3 words not more than that.

5. Use Tools To Generate Tags

We know thinking of tags get frustrating sometimes, which is the reason why we suggest you to use tools to generate relevant and best tags for your video.

With the following tools, you don’t have to spend time thinking of a great tag.

  • TagTube

TagTube is a free yet amazing tool that generates a list of relevant tags for your YouTube video in seconds.

All you have to do is enter your video’s primary keyword into the tool and that’s it, in a couple of seconds, you’ll get the best tags that suit your video.

  • VidIQ Boost

VidIQ Boost is a useful feature of the paid version of VidIQ. What makes this tool unique is its ability to suggest tag within the YouTube video editor. More concisely, you’ll get a list of keyword suggestions inside of your browser.

Strategies Which You Should Consider Adopting

  • Read your tags

Consider reading your video tags without looking at your video’s title and description. And ask yourself, can I understand the purpose of this video based on its tags?”

  • Add long-tail keywords

If you manage to have space, then do make sure to utilize it by adding 1-2 long-tail variations of your target keywords as tags.

  • Incorporate accurate tags

It has been found that some YouTube channels tend to add their competitor’s tags to show up next to videos from that channel as a suggested video. And some use the name of celebrity as a tag for the same reason. But, to be honest, this maneuver can trigger YouTube, and eventually, it will be taken down that instant.

  • Copy tags from popular videos

Tags aren’t just meant for YouTube search, but they are also useful for revamping your rank and ultimately naming it as a “suggested video”.

The Wrap Up

So this is it, those were some of the best ways to use YouTube tags to your benefit. And if you feel like you’ve learned something from this article, then do make sure to let us know by commenting down below, or drop an idea about a topic that you’d like us to cover the next time.

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