A brand new website is always exciting and encouraging. Isn’t it? Companies with existing websites do invest a lot in website redesign to make it more user friendly, eye-catchy, etc. but, redesigning isn’t bringing in traffic, leads, or sales because of one critical factor missing i.e. Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Companies don’t get this point straight, but SEO remains a vital element of a website redesign. Now let us discuss the same on different aspects.

Why do SEO with a website redesign?

This question would be making all the right noises in your brains regarding website redesign. Incorporating SEO into your website redesigning process can help your company boost traffic. Not only traffic but leads and sales numbers as well. Below are some other reasons that will provoke you to instill SEO services at the time of your website’s redesign.

SEO website

  • Get a return on your redesign
  • Get an SEO built-in to your design
  • Preserve any existing optimizations
  • Construct a launchpad for success

Now let us discuss these points in detail,

Get a return on your redesign.

A website can cost depending on the features you opt for. It could be anywhere from $1000 to $100000. If you are investing this much amount to purchase a website, you would definitely want it to deliver a return on investment (ROI). Launching a redesigned website with the aid of SEO will help your business get more sales and earn back investments massively.

Get an SEO built-in to your design.

A renovated, redesigned site gives your company a refreshing start. With a refreshing approach, you can build a website optimized for SEO via an SEO agency both on the frontend and backend.

Optimizations here can include the speed, navigation, internal linking, breadcrumb navigation, and much more of your web page. Therefore, you should be looking forward to building a website that users and search engines will acknowledge.


Preserve any existing optimization.

If you have any existing optimizations on your website, make sure you preserve them. A redesign that forgets about SEO can cost your business a significant amount of money and lead to a loss in leads, traffic, and sales. That is why the need of incorporating SEO into your redesign is a must.

Opt for agencies who specialize in designing and developing websites and also include SEO so that your business is not on the verge of losing traffic, leads, sales, and reputation.

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Construct a launchpad for success

Whatever implications you are doing to your website is to help your business attain phenomenal heights. A redesign isn’t a relaunch, and you have to get this straight into your head. With redesigning, you are updating your website to make it easier for people to visit your site, purchase products & services.

Why do you need to redesign your website?

Now, when you know the significance of having SEO in a website redesign, it is time to figure out why you need to redesign your website. The points mentioned below will give a better answer to this question.

website redesign

Your website still works on the old technology

Websites need to get updated regularly before they get obsolete or outdated. It is a common practice now to custom code websites with programming languages that are now outdated.

Websites today are built on CMS like WordPress or Shopify. Making minor updates to a website and redesign is relatively easy using CMS. Otherwise, following the traditional method for updating your website could be a time-taking process.

If your target audience has changed

With time, your target audience can change, and it is not something to worry about. If your target audience demographics have changed, you should look to make significant changes to your website as well.

Every user that visits your website comes with a different mindset and has specific needs. You need to make sure that your website redesign aligns with the mindset of the customers.

Outdated branding

Another reason to redesign your website could be outdated branding. If your business has passed the initial years, you would probably at some point refined your branding. It’s not only about a significant rebranding, but a tweak here and there have been done uniformly.

Your branding should be the same across all your touchpoints, and if it’s not, a serious need for redesigning is required.

Your website isn’t mobile-friendly

Courtesy of smartphones, people tend to browse the internet more often on their phones rather than PCs or laptops. In a survey, it was revealed that there are around 2.5 billion smartphone users in the world in the year 2019. These numbers are still growing, and therefore, it is essential to build mobile-friendly websites. If your website isn’t, then it is high time for a makeover.

Mobile Friendly

Time to wrap up: Whether it is link building or helping your business attain rare heights, website redesign along with SEO is indeed necessary. This post would have helped you in understanding the need for SEO in a Website redesign, and if you like this post, please acknowledge us in the comment section below.

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