Instagram originated with the desire to sharing high-quality photographs, for which filters were applied to pictures, and it ultimately became Instagram’s key selling point. Initially launched for Android in 2012 and 2010 for iOS, Instagram eventually, touched 1 billion active users by 2018. The first photo feature was modified by video sharing and then Instagram Stories, allowing users to upload short photo series. All this happened between 2013 and 2016. Now, Instagram has become an integral part of online marketing and a leading social marketing platform.

I. The most important factor of marketing on Social Media is Influencer Marketing and amongst the leading running marketing platforms on social media are*:

i) Instagram (89%), ii) followed by YouTube (70%) and iii) Facebook (45%)
II. Majority of the Marketers agree that the Quality Traffic from Influencer Marketing is better than other online sources of marketing
III. During the last four-year period, the Influence Marketing has grown multi-fold
IV. The global spend on Influencer marketing across the board is also bound to become and thus 69 percent of network marketers shall be allocating budget spend on Instagram
V. 89 percent of the network marketers are of the view that the ROI from Influencer Marketing is better

Factors affecting marketing on Social Media

Thus, it can be said that for optimizing online marketing through social media platforms, Instagram marketing services play a vital role. Now, we shall be discussing various methodologies through which the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can be used as a tool for social marketing.

Tips To Use Instagram SEO for Social Marketing

1. Business Profile for Better SEO utilization

To begin with, the most crucial point to be considered in social media marketing for utilizing SEO services is the creation of a user account, and therefore, for an effective Instagram marketing plan, the creation of an Instagram Business Account is a must. In case there already exists a current profile, it can be easily switched to a business account; otherwise, a report needs to be created.
A business profile has its benefits. For this, the ‘contact’ button comes handy, which can be clicked by the customers for interactions. It also allows the creation and publishing of Instagram marketing ads and accessing Instagram marketing services tools, which provide your necessary business information.
Now, making use of the freebies available within the business profile, the business posts can be made quickly.

2. Instagram Tools Utilization

The business profiles for Instagram marketing services are similar to those available on Facebook. But, Instagram services provide free marketing tools, for example, states such as impressions, engagement data, can be viewed and accessed, as also the demographics of the followers. Instagram marketing services also provide insights into the weekly posts, the impressions earned during that time, and the top positions. The information provided by these tools is significant in making one aware of the interaction of users with the content and to formulate policies and strategies accordingly. The product teasers almost always attract the attention of the users. Therefore, Instagram SEO services need to be utilized.

3. Create Interest in Audience

The advertisements are meant to directly create an impact with the end-users and audience, whereas, teasers are subtle indications of the things, so to say products, to be launched shortly. They are meant to create interest in the minds of the audience. Instagram marketing is an appropriate platform to launch teasers of the products. The teasers can be posted significantly during season changes that occur annually. The teasers help attract likes, comments, visits, or sharing by the audience if nothing more.

 Create Interest in Audience

4. Sponsored Ads

Apart from using Instagram marketing service tools available free of cost, sponsored advertisements can also be posted. One needs to ascertain a specific budget towards this end. The sponsored ads must be compiled, keeping the target audience in mind. Initially, one can begin with a singled announcement, but gradually, multiple ads for a wide range of attendance can be posted for better response. The various forms of sponsored ads that can be displayed can constitute photos, videos, stories, dynamic or carousels, etc.

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5. Instagram Stories

Instagram marketing stories are different from regular posts as these are in the form of a slideshow. The ads last for 24 hours, whereas the stories can be saved and reused. The posted accounts are displayed on the top of the timelines of the followers so that these are readily visible. The posts can be used to show inside stories by a particular brand. Various Instagram tools such as Canva, InVideo can be used to create videos and stores and also to edit multiple contents such as photos, short videos, rewind video, live video or Boomerangs, etc. The marketing services stories can also be used to tag other accounts of brands and influencers to enhance business scope. As far as the posting of marketing stories is concerned, it is available only on the mobile Instagram app and can’t be sent as direct messages.

6. Influencer Marketers Optimization

To be more effective in business promotion, one needs to adopt a strategy of partnering with influencers to collaborate on an Instagram account. The need is to partner with influential people to enhance the business potential, as these people attract a more significant chunk of followers on Instagram. The product or service particular influencers having a vast spectrum of followers need to be identified and partnered with. The long-term goal needs to be to team up with and promote influencers and to work for more significant gains.

6. Influencer Marketers Optimization

7. User Photos Collection

The best way to influence the audience is to post and share the impressions carried by the followers of a brand on Instagram. This sharing of actual experiences of the audience creates more brand awareness and credibility. It enhances the experience of a user with the followers, who are associated with the brand and the product.
To encourage the users to have the large following to engage with the brand on one’s Instagram business account, they need to be tagged in one’s posts, so that the number of followers of those users also increases. It will be a double-edged benefit to both the brand and the users. Thus, more and more users shall post their impressions.

8. Interactive branded hashtag

With an intent to create instant engagement with the audience, interactive hashtags play an important role. The hashtag allows the users to post under-generated content as also the search through posts of one’s brand. The hashtag also lets the reposting of images on one’s page. It is free-of-cost advertising. Each hashtag posting earns a following among a new audience.

9. Post-it-Right

A stitch in time saves nine, goes the saying, implies that appropriate actions earn rewarding results. As in the case of other business activities, it is also true for the Instagram account. One needs to be consistent and relevant to one’s posting on Instagram to maintain brand interest in the audience. Over activism must be avoided.

10. Metrics Wise

Instagram marketing services can’t be optimized without understanding the metrics of the posts and its resultant effect on the audience. The growth of followers is the growth of Instagram marketing services available. The performance of the page is the average indulgence percentage of followers and the average indulgence rate of each post.


The marketing services provided by the social media platform are led by Instagram today. Instagram marketing services need to be availed for the enhancement of business activity today.
The effectiveness of Instagram marketing services depends on the judicious utilization of these services for the mutual benefit of the brand and the audiences.
To continuously reap benefits from Instagram marketing services for SEO optimization, the follower growth, and engagement rates, and the posts made on the Instagram business account need to be monitored for business growth.

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