Tips for Writing User-Generated Content In SEO

User-generated content, often known as UGC, is among the cost-effective methods to create a successful long-term SEO and conversion strategy. User-generated content is more than handy in improving all your marketing KPIs for eCommerce websites. Want to know how? Below are some points to prove my statement.

  • It helps in boosting page rankings.
  • Helps in surging organic traffic by up to 400%.
  • It helps in generating up to 75% conversion rate on product pages
  • It reduces customers acquisition cost
  • It Doubles the lifetime value of customers.

Moving ahead, let us now understand how UGC relates to SEO.

How UGC relates to SEO?

UGC Relation with SEOWe all are aware of the SEO services and how it is beneficial for the establishment, stability, and augmentation of a website. One of the most integral parts of website SEO services is content. It helps to bring returns for a website, and therefore it is one thing that should not be handled for fun.

User-generated content is generally the content created and shared by the users on digital marketing platforms. This content relates to users’ ideas, experiences, reviews, feedbacks, opinions, etc. About a brand or whatever it offers.

Talking about UGC for SEO, we all know that a billion search queries are conducted every day on search engine portals, and all these searches are done for a piece of info or something prominent. The Search engine algorithms are constantly evolving and looking ahead to providing the most relevant, beneficial, and valuable content in response to user searches.

Google has stated that to boost your SEO performance and growth, the content on your website should be,

  • Informative and useful for the users
  • Valuable than the competitors
  • Engaging, interesting, captivating, and appealing
  • Embraces high-quality instead of being just keyword-filled

To get their SEO chores on track, companies and businesses hire SEO consultants who also help in building a sound and effective user-generated content strategy. But what about those who can’t afford to hire an SEO agency? Here, we have curated a list of some of the finest tips for building an effective user-generated content strategy. So, without wasting any further time, let us begin.

Build anticipation

In a quest to generate as many submissions as possible, it could be a demanding task to stretch your user-generated content campaigns out for weeks or months. Instead of doing this, you can pick a specific day for your campaign and foresee the big event. Suppose, if you promote one day of submission you will get the bulk of content in 24-hours, and therefore your business will benefit from a burst of brand awareness and will trend on social media platforms.

Refresh the content whenever required

Gallery In UGCIf you are into running longer campaigns, ensure that you keep changing things from time to time. For example, switch your submission theme to keep users interested and provoke new users to submit content.

Cater unique and helpful tools

You should use tools that make it easy for users to participate in your campaign. A hashtag is one of the prime examples of such tools that one can use to tweet out with their submissions, or more advanced tactics like a specific app that they could use to overlay a unique image or filter on top of their photos. Following this strategy will benefit your brand and help it uniquely build its image.

Create your own gallery

gallery in UGCWhile setting up a gallery of submissions either online or in a store on a screen, do not feel enslaved to only feature user-generated content. Always remember the fact that quality is over quantity, and therefore, use your judgment and think about the kind of content that is likely to attract a wide range of content.

Mirror the brand lifestyle

With the surge in the usage of social media platforms, people are seen posting pictures of your products on their social media handles. But that only tells you about the product, not the consumer. Instead, you could ask your fans to share content that reflects the experiences and lifestyles that these products carry.

Offer an exclusive perspective!

People today love to peep into behind the scene stuff, and they enjoy it more often than not. To provide your users with all this, you can ask official influencers to generate UGC. These influencers have out-of-the-box thinking, and they can post photos and exclusive content from product launchers and other essential brand events.

Do not complex the rules!

It would be beneficial for you to keep the rules simple so that users don’t have any issues whatsoever in understanding. It could be tempting for the users to go overboard while drafting contest rules and submission requirements, but at the same time, it is essential to keep it simple for your users. The more easy or simple it would be, the better would be the chance of user participation.

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Time to wrap up:

If you wish to find success with user-generated content in SEO services, then it is better to listen to your audience first and determine the best strategy for your brand. This blog comprises some of the best tips that will help you generate interest in your campaigns. Consider this list and build an effective and impactful user-generated content strategy.


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