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Every business house wishes to place its advertisement on the world’s biggest search engine platforms.- This is a dream for almost every business house, and PPC marketing could help attaining this. In this post, we will be discussing PPC marketing, but before moving further, let us first understand the concept of Pay-per-click marketing.

The concept of PPC Marketing

The concept of PPC Marketing

PPC marketing or Pay-per-click marketing is also known as Search Engine Marketing. It is an effective online marketing mode that displays ads of multiple advertisers on various advertising platforms, including search engine portals like Bing and Google.

Why choose Pay Per Click Marketing?

Gain ample knowledge of Pay Per Click Advertising

Below are numerous reasons for choosing Pay per click advertising.

  • Helps in generating leads 24/7.
  • People will approach your brand first.
  • You can reach people whom you haven’t met otherwise.
  • Help in targeting people from other cities, states, or countries.
  • Generate low-cost leads.
  • Can put your prospecting efforts on auto-pilot.

The above-mentioned points state the importance of choosing Pay-Per-Click marketing. Moving further, let us discuss some essential PPC Marketing tips for network marketers that can help them place website ads in search engine portals. Below is a curated list of PPC marketing tips that every network marketer should follow.

-> Start everything with a plan!

Setting up a game-plan right from the outset will boost your strategy massively. A written-game plan will do wonders for your Pay-per-click marketing efforts. You should identify your goals, budget, daily action steps, offer, funnel, target market, an analysis of your competition, potential opportunities, etc., in your game plan.

-> Do not lead with your business opportunity

No matter what you do, but do not lead with your business opportunities ever. If you do so, sooner or later, you will go broke with your PPC marketing efforts. Instead of promoting your business opportunity with PPC, promote it with a generic training product, a system, or an affiliate offer. Another way is to give away something for free, like a free report or eBook, and implement the two-step selling process.- This strategy works successfully.

-> Gain ample knowledge of Pay Per Click Advertising

The next tip is to attain knowledge about PPC advertising. Browse through the internet, watch videos on YouTube or read a book or two on the subject. Also, you can hire a business coach specialist in PPC who will teach you about the concept from the scrap. Whatever amount of money and time you invest on the frontend will pay you heavy dividends on the backend. So, with learning PPC advertising you will gain some practical knowledge as well.

-> Start small in the initial stage

Initially, you should be looking to start small and test everything you do. Set a budget even if you have plenty of cash. For example, set $10 for your first experiment, and once it gets done, relish the experience and do a $15 PPC experiment. Keep this process in a loop and gradually keep spiking up the amount you spend.

Maintaining a loop will keep you away from wasting money. By the time you will repeat this process 10-15 times, you should have something at your disposal that works great and converts well.

-> Try sending people to a capture page first

While advertising with PPC, one thing you should be looking forward to is generating leads. Instead of making sales or sending people directly to a sales page, you would like to send them to a capture page. In that manner, you can collect their name, email, and contact information that can help you build your list.

Once people fall into the capture page, you can have your auto-responder redirect them to your sales page or one-time offer. In case you are planning to send people a sales page or a replicated website, you will be losing a huge amount of money with pay-per-click advertising.

-> Track your results

Tracking your results is a necessary aspect. Keep track of what is working and what isn’t. Be aware of your cost per click, conversion rates, cost per sale, cost per lead, etc. Maintain all this information in an Excel sheet so you can refer to it anytime and anywhere. Tracking will initiate your improvement factor that should get looked upon more often than not.

-> Stick on one particular PPC platform

Stick on one particular PPC marketing platform

Do not try to jump across different platforms for PPC rather stick to one PPC network. Some of the common ones are Bing, Facebook, and Google. Almost every PPC network or platform has things in common, but they are all different. So, for at least the first six months, do not think of hopping into any other platform because if you spread yourself too thin, you will spill your efforts, and they will be scattered.

Use one particular platform for the first six months, master it, learn whatever you could learn about it, and once you get your desired results, you can switch to any other PPC network as per your choice.

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Time to wrap up: 

Pay-per-click has a wide array of concepts that you have to learn and conjecture for advertising purposes. This post talks about seven pay-per-click tips that can help network marketers succeed with pay-per-click advertising. Which PPC marketing tips you think are the best mentioned in this post? Share your thoughts by striking down a comment below. We will look forward to hearing from you.

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