Performance marketing, as it says, is marketing based on performance. Here, the performance could be a cluster of executed desired results like completed leads, booking, downloads, and sales.  


In other words, performance marketing could be termed as an approach to digital marketing or advertising where businesses pay only when a particular result occurs.- This result could be anything like a new lead, sale, or outcomes agreed upon by the advertisers and business. Performance marketing involves different channels like online marketing & advertisement, affiliate marketing, and sponsored content.


What makes Performance Marketing so special?

As we know, performance marketing is a blend of advertising and innovation that helps retailers and affiliates to propel their businesses in almost every possible manner. The campaigns are targeted at each retailer in such a way that everyone can be successful. If performance marketing gets done correctly it creates a win-win opportunity for both affiliates and retailers.

performance marketing


What is the working of online performance marketing?

One of the most prominent things that separate performance marketing from other marketing types is the way businesses pay for their campaigns. Instead of paying upfront, the advertisers are happier to pay when a particular action takes place. There are several outcomes that digital marketing focuses on maximizing. Here are some of them,

online performance marketing

  • Lead Generation

Lead is one of the most prominent things your business wants at any cost. You may look to take the aid of a marketing company to bring your branding to more individuals. These marketers will work for you by promoting your business to the masses. The hope here is that users will complete a form to learn better about your company and become a lead.

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  • Purchasing product or services

Apart from generating leads, performance marketing also aids in generating sales. Consider an example if you are a restaurant owner, the performance marketer will show ads or content that comprises the dishes served at your location. Here, the primary goal is to motivate consumers to visit your restaurant or make a reservation to increase sales.

  • Downloading applications

Mobile application companies can also make the most of performance marketing to encourage app downloads. Apps, nowadays are common in industries like technology, food, eCommerce, and much more. You can promote your app with the aid of performance marketers and eventually get more downloads resulting in more sales and revenue for your business.

  • Other metrics

Not only mobile applications, lead generation, purchasing products and services aren’t the only metrics, but there are others to choose from. However, you have to be careful while opting for metrics that are meaningful to your business goals. For example, website traffic could be substantial and helpful but may not translate directly to sales.


The medium used for performance marketing

Performance marketing involves various content marketing and digital marketing advertising channels. Some of them are mentioned here,


Display ads

Display ads as the name suggest is the ad that you can see on any webpage. Ad placement isn’t necessary here as it could be placed anywhere on the entire web page. Display ads generally include banner ads and other types of visual advertisements that are displayed on websites your audience visit.


Once a user clicks this ad, he/she gets redirected to the landing page, where users may get converted into leads. You can also use online advertising platforms like Google ads. It will help you target ads to users whose demographics, interest, and online activity matches your target audience.


Sponsored content

Sponsored content is an amalgamation of the aspects of content marketing and digital marketing. In sponsored content, you can create videos or blog posts and also pay for its inclusion on a website publishing similar content. A chunk of sponsored content will look similar to the rest of the content on the site but will indicate somehow that it is sponsored. 


Social media ads

Social media ads are among the most popular advertising platforms in this generation. With social media, you can reach the masses in no time. It also gives you the leverage of targeting different types of users with different tastes, and also you can reach people who don’t even follow you.


Search engine advertising

Nowadays, you can also put ads on search engines. These ads help in elevating online visibility because almost 90% of online experiences begin with a search engine. The search engine ads appear right at the top of SERPs and are typically text-only ads. However, the Google shopping ads can sometimes include an image as well.


Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is among the most preferred marketing types nowadays. But how does it work? The answer is, the process includes an individual or a company that promotes another company’s product or service by linking to them or placing ads for them on their website. The individual or the company included in this process is the affiliate marketer. The affiliate marketer then receives a commission for every click, lead, or sale generated by the links or ads on their site. 


Time to wrap up: At last, it would be favorable to say that Performance marketing is one of the booming strategies for eCommerce brands, retailers, and merchants. With performance marketing, your business can scale rare heights, generate engagement and conversion of new buyers at a relatively lower cost, low risk, but at a higher ROI. 


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