The presence of users on social media is vast and social media presence is no longer an option for any size enterprise. It must be included in some sort for the growth of the business. For medium and large size industries everything is alright but the issue arises for small-sized organizations where they had to keep both the money and time in track.

With the presence of numerous social media platforms, it is quite challenging what to choose for your organization.

Well, 90% of people use Facebook as the top preferred social media platform. Facebook is one of the best social media platforms to advertise your products and services. It is the second-largest social media platform with 2.45+ billion active users per month.

This is a huge number and the visibility of your products and services is increased by 80x. Advertising on Facebook is considered to be jumping in a huge pool of potential leads. You can reach out to a huge audience taking the help of the various tools available in the Facebook ads manager.

So, let us throw some insights on the same: What is Facebook reach?

There are two important aspects- Reach and impressions that are needed to understand. Reach is the actual number of people that see your post or ads about your products and services at least once. A measurable metric that gives an approximate value or new and unique users that see your posts. Impressions are somewhat the same but different as they may include multiple views by the same user over and over again. A reach on the platform of Facebook can be affected by numerous factors like how many people follow the page and more.

Facebook Reach
Types of Facebook ads?

When we talk about Facebook ads, various questions arise in our minds as there are numerous options that you can go for. FB ads have many forms such as photos, videos and especially mobile-screen interactive interfaces. So, here is a list of options that you can select from when using Facebook’s built-in ad manager to create, post, schedule for later and bid for advertising appearances.

Image ads: An image or a photo can be used to quickly display the products and services of your organization.
Video ads: from short GIFs too long videos, you can go for anything to showcase your brand. You can choose placement on FB or can use them in a separate clickbait ad.
Carousel ads: If not only one image in enough then you can also opt for carousel ads. It is a collection of up to 10 images in a single ad and each image has its own link. Carousel ads can be used to show multiple products and services.

Types of Facebook ads

Slideshow ads: You can create a video with motion, text and other graphic techniques including previously used images.
Lead generation ads: Initialize your ads with images or videos followed by a lead capture form.
Offers ads: You can also go for discount ads for your Facebook users.
Page likes ads: Reach new audiences and increase likes on your FB page.
Event promotion ads: You can now promote an event on Facebook with the details along with images and videos.

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Organic and paid Facebook advertising

Now, let us understand now what is organic and paid Facebook advertising.

In simple terms, it is the generation of results with the input of your time, efforts and creativity. Advertising that doesn’t include any sort of payments can be classified as organic advertising. It is the exposure of your Facebook content without paying any money. Organic is what you are able to see in your news feed naturally. You can upload pictures and posts about your business and it will not cost you anything.

Organic and Paid FB advertisement

Over the years, organic advertisements are decreasing as paid advertising is taking all the spaces. Facebook has now balanced the scales to an equal level. When more people will share your stuff, you will get more of them and reach will be extensive.

Brand awareness– Organic advertisements increase the brand awareness and its value as people follow your page and may share your content if they seem worthy to them.
Preference value- when you are always visible on the top, then you are likely to be most opened as what we see is what we learn. It lets you stay on top of the list of your user’s minds.

Social presence– External resources happen to be better supported in increasing the social presence of the business.

Updates– Besides ads, you also give your followers the updates regarding the products and services.

Engaging conversation- You can connect with your customers on posts by initializing replying to them via comments.

Follow for posts– For regular updates, your users need to follow you.

Untargeted criteria– You cannot target when you post organically on Facebook.

Paid Facebook advertising:

It is clearer and easier to understand than organic advertising. It is advertising when you pay for your content to appear on the different news feeds. Though it depends on what user your ads will be shown as it must be relevant to the users. They are very similar to organic results and posts.
You have full control over your ad-posts and grants you the ability of what messages to be published, who will be the viewers and the timing for the posts; everything will be decided by you. It takes your marketing to the next level as it engages all your followers while also increases your web traffic.

Available formats– There are various formats that are available for your ad-posts. You can choose any of them, whatever suits you according to your needs.

Target your users– you can easily target the audience of your preference as you get to display your posts in the front line of the users who are most interested in services similar to yours.
Increase sales- when you choose paid Fb advertisements, then you already opted for the cost-effective method as it helps you increase sales as you get leads more conveniently.

Revenue generation– as the sales increase, the revenue generation of your business itself increases making your faces smile more.

Analysis time is high– You need to give time to draw an analysis of your campaigns as analytics give you the right results of your campaigns.

A risk factor is high– It is likely that you can lose all your budget if don’t know much about the campaigns. Read all the instructions well and act accordingly as the risk factor is high.

What you should go for?

Neither of both options are bad. You cannot make choices on what to go for. If you have enough time then, you can choose organic advertisements. On the other hand, if you have a budget and are willing to take risks for efficient results, then choose paid services. With paid, you can boost your business at any point in time. The results are best when they are used together as paid ads lie alongside the organic. It all depends on your business, its budget and the time.


Facebook is one of the social platforms that have an immense user base. The chances of visibility of your brand increases when you chose to showcase your business on such platforms. You can choose any  kind of advertisement services that suits you, business and the users.

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