The ever-growing technology enables marketers to easily analyze and track who came in contact with the brand’s products and services you deliver.

People are either directed to your websites either by any advertisement or any contact form which they’ve filled out earlier. It is important to acquire those leads again and capacitate the market by converting the leads to sales funnel.

You must be thinking of how to acquire the same leads again?
Well, acquiring the same leads again is not a hefty task as you can directly approach them if you have the details.

If we talk about our regular life scenarios, it’s easy to take a number, address, and other information that can be used to get in touch with the person later.
But, how can you cover the leads in the digital world?
Don’t worry, we got you covered.
Retargeting/remarketing services on the web enable you to approach your clients again.
The goal of retargeting automation is similar to the To-Fro movement of a pendulum where the clients are like balls that comes back to you.

Difference between Retargeting and Remarketing

The similar-sounding words are used interchangeably and hold a very minute difference.
The difference lies in the strategies of both. Retargeting is mostly about serving ads to potential users based on their search history and cookies.
Remarketing works by collecting user’s information & saving it under a list that is used to send emails, ads.

Difference between Retargeting and Remarketing

Most of the search engines use retargeting and Google, the most preferred search engine use remarketing.  Though they have different names, the purpose of which they are used are similar.

Remarketing Ads in eCommerce revenue

Online businesses are making the most use of the remarketing ads strategy. Businesses on social media platforms such are Facebook never face depletion in audiences and customers. Facebook has over 2 billion monthly active users, this is generating business opportunities on the platform. The question is not whether they should advertise on the platform, but how they should.
Facebook offers a large userbase & a wealth of information available about them. Marketers/advertisers are continually getting hold of the various ways to segment audiences and find new customers.

Facebook ads are particularly effective for E-commerce businesses, it allows marketers to flaunt their services/products and prequalify users by showcasing product details and prices.
The major 5 stages of a sales funnel and how Facebook advertising fits in.

  • Awareness
  • Discovery
  • Intent
  • Evaluation
  • Buy

With PPC search ads, digital marketing services providers target users in the ‘intent’ stage. This is the stage where users are searching for a solution to a problem. Not only this, but the advertising of FB also allows advertisers to lead users from the awareness stage to the buy phase.

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When we consider remarketing as a solution, the only thing that hits us is the ads that target users who left the site before making a purchase. There are other methods too that can be used for marketing.

This post will enlighten you about the Facebook retargeting types that can help you increase your eCommerce revenue:

1.Video retargeting

76% of users discover new videos through their news feeds and the presence of approximately the world’s half population is turning businesses to use the power of video.
Video ads are known to drive people in the ‘awareness’ mode of a sales funnel. Videos on FB are set to play on auto if anyone who scrolls by your video will likely see a few seconds of the video. This isn’t the engagement you are looking for. More accurate retargeting is when the video’s meaning is direct to the business.
Here are some tips for your next video:
Add subtitles or text overlays to your FB videos, because over 85% of video views happen without the sound turned on.

You can also retarget people who engage with your Facebook Live Videos
How you can set it up?

  • Create a custom audience
  • Choose engagement on Facebook
  • Select a video, and choose the audience dimension based on the stats of the visibility of the video

2. Retargeting based on engagement with Facebook page

It is an excellent method to know what users engage in your Facebook page but did not turn up to the website. These are users in the discovery mode. It covers a wide range of people that are familiar with the brand but didn’t want to engage with your Fb page. They might be the users who are aware & seen about your products but did not make a purchase.

remarketing ads

Using the custom audience function, you can target anyone who has engaged with your page such as:

  • Visited your page
  • Liked or commented on your posts or ads
  • Clicked your CTA
  • Sent you a direct message
  • Saved your page or any of the posts

3. Dynamic product retargeting

One of the most common methods for eCommerce remarketing that can also be turned out as the most profitable type of FB marketing. The ads appear in user’s FB feeds after users have shown interest in the products/services by visiting your site.
It shows past visitors, the products they recently scrolled through. You can build a relevant audience with more personalized suggestions.

You’ll need a product catalog along with the FB pixel setup.

4. Retargeting based on engagement with Canvas Ads

Canvas ads on FB underutilized because of their presence on mobile. These kinds of ads allow you to create a ‘story’ using FB canvas builder. It will reappear on mobile News Feeds.
With every Canvas ad, you can set videos, CTA buttons for signups, clickable images, and more. They are geared toward mobile users and can load 10x faster than the standard web.

Creating a remarketing campaign to the known business advocates or known will push them to the sales funnel.

Here are some of the types of Facebook ads that you can implement to drive more sales and is best among the digital marketing services. Keep in mind, it is almost the same as anyone other online ad campaign but with better chances of results.

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