The Facebook Pixel Helper is a tool that works silently in the background and checks whether the troubleshooting process is working properly or not. This tool also verifies that Facebook pixel is functioning in the right manner. This free tool is very useful when it comes to Facebook campaigns because it ensures that the pixels work correctly and avoid errors.

Working of Facebook Pixel Helper

The Facebook pixel is a free tool to track Facebook ad pixels. It is one of the best ways used by marketers to check whether the Facebook Pixel is embedded in the website correctly or not. It’s free of charge and an easy-to-use Google Chrome plugin that marketers use to promote on Facebook to track their Facebook pixels. It’s a powerful tool because it checks that the pixels are accurately placed and working or not.

The marketing tool works in the background to automatically check the websites for code that basically looks like the Facebook Pixel. In case a website has a Facebook Pixel installed on its website then the icon in the browser changes its color and turns blue and a little symbol will become visible indicating the number of pixels found on that page. This tool helps marketers to build and display advertisements that are targeted to the visitors ‘ preferences, which is well-known as retargeting.

Reasons to choose Facebook Pixel Helper for the business

Any Facebook advertiser that wishes to utilize Facebook advertisements to optimize advertisement expenditure can take the help of this chrome-based extension. It will help marketers to customize ads related to their products and services that will in the end improve sales. The Facebook Pixel Helper serves as an examination program that helps marketers to quickly authenticate the accurate and appropriate recording of the Facebook pixel.

Facebook Pixel for business

The Facebook advertiser can create customized ads with this tool that help them to keep relevant products or service ads in front of potential leads, thus helping them to increase conversion rates.

The Pixel helper chrome extension gives Facebook marketers access to monitor processes of your Facebook account followers beyond Facebook. The Facebook Pixel Helper is used to check the operating order of the pixel in combination with the Facebook App.

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The Facebook Pixel Helper is a tool that is used by businesses in the following ways:

  • For re-target advertising- If you want to create effective you advertisements or want to generate leads use retargeting it is the best option.
  • Strategically- if you want to gain information about customer behavior then this tool can be used to generate more leads using Facebook advertisements.

The Pixel Helper for Facebook can be accessed easily and can be used by marketers for tracking visitor information. The pixel acts as a safety guard because the Facebook pixel checks all the websites to avoid errors.

For a variety of reasons, pixels can become inactive. These are because of technological difficulties, but most of them are because of error. Such errors exist either in the pixel setup of Facebook Advertising administrator or in the individual application entry.

How Facebook pixel helps in finding errors?

After the successful installation of Facebook pixel what you need is to go through the setup process. Through this, you can start checking your website for Facebook pixel errors. It’s significant to note down that errors don’t always mean that your pixel helper is not working in the right manner. To avoid errors it is important to check the pixel helper settings on your Facebook to make the pixel track the correct information.

Facebook pixel-helps in finding the errors

Most common Facebook Pixel errors include:

  • No Pixel Found – This error occurs when the Pixel is not rooted into the website correctly.
  • Pixel Could Not Load – Checking of Pixel Coding settings are done correctly.
  • Not a Standard Event – In this error, the Pixel helper just tracks the Facebook account and not others. To fix this error you need to reset the standard events.
  • Duplicate Pixels Found – You can have numerous pixels on the same page of the website.
  • Pixel Activated Multiple Times – The pixel is sent several times to Facebook
  • Invalid Pixel ID – The pixel ID doesn’t match any feature that Facebook has, and is most likely a copy and paste error.
  • Pixel Took Too Long to Load – Ordinary error from not inputting the code in the site header.

In case you want to use a Facebook pixel on your business website, you need to make sure that it is functioning on your page correctly. With the Facebook Pixel Helper, you can notice errors with your pixel and fix them right away. It’s a competent method to make sure you are using your pixel helper successfully.

The errors found are the things that you need to keep an eye on and fix quickly because these errors can affect the working of the pixel helper. The setting up and tracking that your Facebook pixel requires to need good skills. In case you want to reap maximum benefits from the business then it is good to incorporate Facebook pixel into your digital marketing strategy. You can also hire a team of experts who will help you set up, check, and create customized ads via Facebook pixel.

Know more about the best Facebook Ad Targeting Options

The broad range of targeting options to choose from makes Facebook advertising so effective. You can have various advertising strategies based on the exposure goals of the Facebook advertisement campaign and the target audience.
Cost to Advertise on Facebook

Facebook advertisements are based on a click-driven model, where marketers pay for their ads only when consumers of Facebook click on it. On Facebook advertising, the average cost per click is just less than $2 but ranged greatly — from $0.10 to more than $30 per click — which varied from the keyword contest to your target market.


In nutshell, any business can use Facebook-based Google Pixel and the Pixel Helper App. The Helper for Facebook Pixels lets you protect your Facebook pixel’s credibility and act as a powerful asset for all Facebook marketers.

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