Targeting keywords, setting up the Metadata, focusing on SEO services and SEO title, internal linking, etc are still some of the vital aspects which help to rank your site better in search engine result pages (SERPs).

Keeping the aforementioned factors in mind, your website would have reached in a better manner than ever However, Google is much more advanced now and these steps let alone are not ample for getting a high-quality link.

To go one step further in the quest for a high-quality link, it is important to utilize guest posting and blog outreach services.

What are guest posting and blog outreach services?

Guest post service or guest post outreach is the process that is used to find target sites to post content on. The process includes identifying where your post would be most relevant and find a large list of real blogs and websites that could be the target. Once this is done, the next step is the quality check which ensures the authenticity of sites and whether they have good metrics or not.

guest posting services

The final step is to write a quality article on a suitable topic and they publish it. The content part can be achieved through white label guest posts wherein an agency hires writers or purchases contents to resell to clients as their own service.

Can Guest posting used for Links?

According to a survey conducted by SEMrush, 53% of the respondents have agreed with the guest posting model and claimed it the most effective way to build backlinks.

For many, guest post services or guest posting is still diabolic as they don’t rely on the same, but with numbers favoring the same, there is no risk in giving worth a try.

guest post for links

If guest posting services are humming at the back of your mind, it is better to do your research on the providers and accordingly move forward.

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To evaluate guest posting and blog posting services, these 9 questions generally are raised. Let us have a brief insight into them.

Ask the provider if they provide your link inventory?

It is better to ask the provider if they provide the link inventory which helps in checking the links before you move to the next step.

If you have been provided the inventory of the sites, ensure that the content of the site is relevant to your business. To check whether the sites are getting decent and organic traffic, use Ahrefs or SEMrush.

In a different scenario, if a site does not have any matrices, then you might have got bluffed by the vendor and should ask him for a site that has links, is popular, and has great content.

Ask the provider whether they provide samples of the content written by you and the links you have secured?

It is necessary to ask the provider for some sample links and the content they wrote so that you can evaluate the quality of the two. This can be categorized under content marketing.

If the given links and content is satisfactory, only then the vendor could be termed as legitimate.

Is there any process that can help you evaluate content?

content evaluation

While evaluating the content, one should focus on the following aspects;

  • No grammatical or spelling errors.
  • Readability
  • Good vocabulary and punctuation.
  • Content must be authentic and provides value.

Ask the vendor how many content revisions do they offer?

Generally, vendors provide up to two revisions in their content. If the link or content is unsatisfactory to your liking, ensure they provide you with another site instead of sharing a rectified content.

The vendors who wish to stay in the market for the long run will make sure their customers are satisfied.

Ensure how many links the content will include?

This scenario won’t harm only if a few sites are being linked with the content. However, if you see 5 or more sites linked, then your link won’t pay any dividends as its value will degrade.

Do the vendor provide 100% unique and plagiarized content?

A field where no lapse would be granted. Plagiarized content should be strictly prohibited. Search engines are more deemed towards high-quality, unique, and useful contents, if you get a copied content, it is better to ask for a new refined one.

Ask where the links should be placed in the content?

For better SEO, it is said that the first 100 characters should not contain any links. The links should be evenly distributed in content and 5 to 6 should be ample.

Even in the heading tags, there shouldn’t be any links as the site’s bounce rate might get hampered.

Ask your vendor whether they provide case studies and references?

Getting proper feedback with real results from satisfied clients boost your chances of whether to continue with that vendor or look for an alternative.

Therefore, it is always essential to ask for case studies and results with verifiable references from the vendor.

Ask them to provide the review of the work?

Reviews play a vital role while opting for a company to work with. You need to read all the negative and positive aspects to get a better understanding of things.

TopSEOs, Clutch, Google, etc are among the top sites who offer reviews and it should be something on your to-do list to get proper knowledge via reviews.

Conclusion: Smart work is the need when you are electing guest posting services. Links that are relevant to your business, enriched with keywords, and are not from any fraudulent source will do the trick. Be cautious while choosing vendors and this could be achieved by a market-survey.

To ensure the value of the content, use brand anchor text, markup your links with link attributes which will help in sending the right signals to Google.

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