What comes to your mind when we say PPC ads? If you say Google ads then you are not alone. As we know that more than 1.17 billion people in the world use Google as a marketing platform. But if you are a newbie in search engine marketing then you must be confused about choosing the right platform. According to reports, businesses worldwide spend over $250 billion on digital advertising platforms each year. The amount mentioned continues to increase because digital ads are the best platform to generate leads.

For countless PPC networks out there Bing and Google are the most discussed and debated paid search networks in the marketplace. These platforms are promoted by two of the largest companies in the world. If you too want to boost the ROI from their ad spend, then here you will get complete information about both the platforms and which one you should choose for your business ad campaigns.

But before ahead let us have a quick overview of both the platforms. With this, you will understand the difference between them in a better way.

Google ads

As we know Google is a powerful platform and is the number one search engine platform used by billions of people all across the globe. The Google Ads platform ads appear both in search networks and display networks. The search engine ads are mainly displayed on the search engine results page. While the display ads appear on websites.

Bing Ads

The platform is owned by Microsoft. The platform caters to three search engines: Yahoo and AOL and Bing. The main benefit of connecting with this platform is that when you advertise on this platform your ad appears in all the three search engines.

Bing ad vs. Google ads- Have a look:
1. Reach-

Reach is one of the important factors when it comes to online advertising. It is important to reach the target audience in this highly competitive marketplace. Advertising is the best manner to reach your audience. In case you are not using the right strategies then no one will find your business, and this will automatically have an impact on your business sales.

When it comes to Google ad’s the platform offer access to a broad range of audience in an efficient manner. But this doesn’t mean Google wins the race. But overall if you want to reach the maximum audience then Google is the better option.

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2. Cost per click

Price is one of the most critical things that help you to make differences between the two platforms. Every business wants to reap the maximum benefits within their budget. So it is a good option for paid search marketers to pay equal attention to cost per click. Both Google and Bing ads have pricing differences.

Cost per Click

Google ads $2 platform has a higher CPC than Bing ads $1.54 due to popularity. This point clearly indicates that Bing Ads is the winner.

3. Demographic 

It might be an odd thing when it comes to a comparison between Google and Bind ads.

Both Google and Bing are well-known platforms and used by people all across, but there is really a big dissimilarity between users. Most of the young generation use Google as a search engine platform. This simply indicates that if your business is linked to fashion or something related to the young generation then Google ad is your shot. Google is without a doubt a huge network and is used by the mainstream of younger demographic around the globe. On the other hand, Bing is not so famous when it comes to searches among the young generation. People over the age of 45 use this platform.


4. Targeting

Targeting is one more point that helps you to understand the difference between the two platforms more efficiently. Like all other options, ad targeting is the best way to make your business reach your target audience with accomplishment. To make your Google Ads successful you can use audience and content marketing strategies to boost the presence of your ad campaigns. While on the other hand, Bing Ads only uses In-market platforms. Thus Google Ads provides more options to reach the target audience than the Bing platform. So if you are planning to market your business only choose the Bing platform if you are practicing account-based marketing. So Again, Google Ads wins the race when it comes to audience targeting.

5. CTR

Cost through rate is the best manner to choose between Google ads and Bing ads. This way you can make a clear decision by checking the performance of your ads. The click-through rate describes the number of users clicked on your ad in contrast to how many users see your ad.

When it comes to average CTR Bing ads wins the point. The average CTR for Bing ads is 2.83 percent while a Google ad is 1.91 percent.
To make the higher CTR percentage you need to make your ads more attractive and keyword optimized.


In nutshell, we can say that both Google and Bing advertising platforms have their own set of advantages and disadvantages. But, if you are a newbie then you should give both platforms a try. In case you are already using Google Ads for your PPC campaigns, then Bing is also a better option. Whether you decide to choose Bing or Google, you need to make a smart decision when it comes to your business.

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