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For every marketer to attain success, he/she should be looking to do something out of the blue and go one step ahead of their competitors. When people think about VIRAL MARKETING, they make a perception that it is an almost impossible thing. Many people give up even before starting as they make a perception in their minds that it will require spending thousands of dollars, and the time to be invested in this technique would be huge.

However, this isn’t the case at all. Today, we will be sharing some of the insights for simple yet effective viral marketing techniques that can help you boost your sales and website traffic. These techniques don’t require lots of money or time and do not rely on luck. So without any further ado, let us start with the same.

Target the appropriate audience and channels!

9 Viral Marketing Techniques To Aid Marketers 1

The first thing you should be doing is targeting the appropriate audience and channels. You should find out who are your target audience and where they live online.

To make something go viral, it is essential to send the right message to the right people, and your message should create apt interest so that it can spread across people. In the same way, the channel is equally important because if you are marketing in the wrong channel then you will not reach your targeted audience.

Create Videos!

9 Viral Marketing Techniques To Aid Marketers 2

Digital Marketing services involves videos, images, and infographics to attract people for your product. All this helps in engaging users in your product and experience. Once you have created the video, share it on online platforms like YouTube so people could view it in bulk. Also, ask your friends and relatives to spread it. The more it will spread over the internet, across the people, the better would be the sales of your product. Moreover, if your video is really interesting then people will embed your video on their websites or blogs. Therefore, people will not only watch your video from the video-sharing platforms, but also they will be viewing your video from different websites.

Sometimes, offer valuable products or services for free!

Many won’t agree with this concept, but giving it a small run won’t do any bad for businesses. Most viral marketing programs offer valuable products or services for free to attract user attention. By giving away something valuable or precious you may not see a rise in profits instantly, but if you can generate people’s interest in the long run, then you may profit soon.

Try creating an emotional appeal!

An emotional appeal incorporated in marketing technique could do wonders for business. Below are some points you have to focus upon to create emotions.

  • Create something that speaks about love or hate
  • Either be an idiot or a genius, but do not get carried away
  • Try to create something that makes people happy instantly or insanely angry

Do something unpredictable!

The title speaks for itself. If you wish people to notice your marketing campaign, it is better to do something unpredictable. Remember, people always look forward to seeing or learning new things, and they won’t bother to look into it if they are aware that someone has done it before. Forget about trying to make your product look cool or follow the same channel everyone does to promote your product or service instead, try something unpredictable and unexpected.

Enable sharing, downloading, and embedding

Doctors advise in the flu season to maintain distance from other people as the virus could transmit to others in the same way if your message or content is easy to share, download or embed then it will get spread as fast as a virus does.- This means you need to allow people to,

  • Share your content or message seamlessly
  • Allow people to embed content on their own sites
  • Download the content

From a marketing point of view, you should simplify your message to help people understand it easily.

Do not emphasize Traditional Marketing!

9 Viral Marketing Techniques To Aid Marketers 3

Traditional marketing involves promoting your product or service with the traditional methods. Given the insights how good is it, how it will help you, and possibly using celebrities. But, do you think this works now in this era? The answer is- No.

People today expect something good with a captivating story. Therefore, make engaging content and focus exclusively on creating a good and engaging story that poke people to gain more knowledge about your product.

Look for social outreach!

In digital marketing, it is easier to reach more people when influential individuals in your industry are recommending your product or service. Therefore, try reaching out to influencers in your industry and ask if they will be interested in giving a try to your product or service or to see your content but do not directly ask them to share your content.


A viral message could disappear or could get forgotten in no-time. People, after seeing your campaign think about it and get their emotions attached to it for some time. After seeing all this, you might think your job is completed. But, if you feel like that, then it may not be a good idea. What to do then?

Now, when you have grabbed people’s attention, you need to act quickly, and one of the best things for doing it is to give them more. Have a series of viral messages in your arsenal to strengthen your campaign’s effectiveness.

Time to wrap up: 

Viral marketing techniques are dependent on the latest technology trends as they have everything to do with these trends. The techniques mentioned here are proven in every phase and can help you make your campaign go viral rather effectively.

Richa Sharma

Richa Sharma is the one of the leading business women who has an experience of over 10 years in developing and delivering software solutions in the industry.

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