Have you ever wondered that when you search for something on a browser, you don’t just put a whole question in the search bar; you just put some random words and you get the desired results, right?

Well, this is basically because of the web crawlers. Search engines and SEO Analysis are the gateway to access information easily and web crawlers are their sidekicks that make the content accessible easily. They play an up task in rounding up the online content.

So, let us now dive into what exactly is a web crawler?

A web crawler is a computer program designed with such algorithm that searched documents on the web. They are programmed for repetitive actions so that browsing is automated. The major use of crawlers are done by search engines as they use them to browse the internet and build an index. Crawler is also known as bot or spider. The very famous and known Web crawler is the Googlebot.

Search engines use web crawlers as helpers that browse the internet for pages before storing that page data to use in future searches.

Search engines are not aware of what websites and what kind of content they possess. Web crawlers index pages for search engines for specific keywords and phrases.

Crawlers travel from link to link on pages available on the world wide web. You can look out for a Seo Agency to help your site rank higher.


How Does A Web Crawler Work?


The internet is constantly changing and expanding as so, we do not know how many websites and webpages are there. Web crawlers starts from the initials as a seed with a list of known URLs’.

They crawl the webpages at those URL first and then find hyperlinks to other URLs and add those list of pages to crawl next.

Search engine crawl or visiting websites can be done by passing out between the links on pages. If the website you have made is new and does not have much links that can connect your pages to others, then you can ask search engines to crawl your website by submitting your URL to the Google search console. You can ask a SEO marketing agency to get the best links to your website with guest blogging like techniques.

Crawlers are taken as explorers in new land where everything is new, unseen and unreached.

They are always looking for discoverable links on pages and jotting them down on their map when all the features are understood by them. website crawlers can only travel through public pages and the private pages that they can’t crawl are labelled as “the dark web”.

A crawler is more like a librarian that looks for information on the web. It assigns to certain categories and the crawled information is retrievable and can be accessed anytime.

What’s needed to be done is to establish the operations of the computer programs before a crawl is initiated. So, with this methodology, each order is pre defined in advance.

The crawler then executes the mentioned instructions by itself. An index is created with the outcomes of the crawler that can also be accessed through output software.

The information that a crawler gathers from the world wide web depends on the particular instructions that have been provided to it.


Relative Importance of Each Webpage


Crawlers don’t crawl the entire publicly, instead of it, they decide which pages are to crawl first and that is based on the number of pages that link to that page, the number of visitors it gets or anything significant that flaunts important information.

The notion is about a webpage that is cited by lot of other webpages as it comes to know what authoritative information is flowing and the quality of it can be also evaluated.


Revisiting Webpages


This is something really important as content on the web is continually updated, removed, or moved to new locations. Crawlers need to revisit pages to make sure about the latest version of content is indexed.

Robots.txt requirements:

There is a protocol known as robots.txt protocol or robot exclusion protocol. So, before crawling a webpage, they checkout the robot.txt files. It is a text file that specifies rules for any crawler that access the hosted website or application. The rules also defines the pages that the crawler can crawl and which links they can pursue.


Why Are Web Crawlers Called as Spiders?

The internet is accessible in all over the world now, and it is known as world wide web. It was only natural to call search engine crawlers as spiders because they crawl over the web just like spider’s crawl on their webs in real life.


Why web crawlers’ matter for search engine optimization?

Search engine optimization is used to make your website’s ranking better. And for that to happen, the pages should be accessible and readable for crawlers.

Crawling comes before your SEO services campaign and you can consider crawler’s behaviour as a proactive measure that can help you appear in search results.

If a spider bot doesn’t crawl a website, then it can’t be indexed and it won’t show up in search results. If any website wish to increase their visibility in the search engine and want to increase their organic reach then it is very necessary that they don’t block web crawler bots.

Web Crawler Management


As it can be seen that too many crawling can also harm your website in numerous ways. So, it is very important to take under web crawler management as bad bots can cause a lot if damage like from poor user experiences to server crashes or data theft. Just don’t block every bot that crawls your site, some of them are good bots that can benefit you in the run. Provide access to web properties to such bots. There are many management providers that allows good bots to keep accessing websites while still mitigating malicious bot traffic.



The post throws some insights on the bot or web crawlers and the process with which they work. It also tells you how the web crawlers are must for a website and how it can help you rank higher in the google search results and also tells how a SEO company can help you with managing your site.


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