Maintenance is a term that we often associate with in our lives. We maintain our car, bike, electronic items, gadgets (software updates), etc. In the same manner, one needs to maintain their website as well.

After all the hard work you put on in your website to get it up and running if there is no maintenance, all your efforts will go in vain. Website maintenance is something that you should not do from scratch but give timely assistance and importance to optimize it.

In this blog post, we will be discussing some essential tips to help you with site maintenance. You, your web developer, and the Windows Web hosting company should follow these tips for better web maintenance.

Review and test your website thoroughly!

Read your website thouroghly

Reviewing and testing your website should be a part and parcel of your process. For these tasks, you should not find a different time slot but methodically and thoroughly review all pages of the website.

While reviewing, you may encounter broken links, features that don’t work, or areas that need to get rectified for improvement. Also, pay attention to the webpage’s loading time, overall user experience, check on missing or outdated content, missing page title or meta tags, style & formatting, grammatical errors, features & business logic, etc.

Always keep the update notifications on

Always keep the notification on

Keep a check on when was the last time you updated your website. Updates here mean updating information on your website.

Don’t be careless in changing or updating your website content because this is one of the vital attributes of site maintenance. So, stop hesitating in updating website content and do the needful once a week at least. Try adding news, blogs, and other sections that are easy to update and quick to refresh.

Test the checkout process of your website

expert Tips to maintain a website

Ensure regular checking of all call-to-actions and points of contact/sale like ‘Contact Us’ forms and the checkout process on your website. If you discover your contact form stopped working, then there could be nothing worse than that. If this happens, you can lose various business opportunities.

Make sure your website looks engaging!

What is the first thing visitors see when they land on your homepage? It is the images, carousels, or videos that attract visitors and make them stay on your website.- If your website would be appealing, the visitors will quickly decide whether to explore the site further or not.

Therefore, try giving a facelift to your website by injecting images and designs and see how the visitors will stay on your website. The more attention you give to your site, the better it would get to engage visitors.

Optimize your website by using Google-friendly search terms

Are you sure that your content is search engine optimized? Understand this, you may have one of the most stupendous sites, but if no one can find it in search results, then you have a problem to tackle.

Your website should be including Google-friendly search terms in your headers and copies. If you do so, your website will get a massive boost in rankings. Consult an SEO writer if you can’t optimize your website yourself. The writer may charge but mark my words, it would be worth it.

Look for security updates and bug fixes!

Make sure that both your web developers and hosting providers update the software and install the necessary upgrades, bug fixes, security patches that may compromise the operating system database, CMS, or web server.

Exquisitely, patches should get installed right after they are released. If there’s a failure in installing the security patch, it may make your website vulnerable to attacks.

Encourage engagement and feedback on your website!

Your website is your platform to communicate with your audience and visitors remotely. Therefore, as a part of website maintenance, ensure encouraging engagement and feedback on your website.-This could be done by adding interactive elements that capture user attention. Meanwhile, for feedbacks, you can conduct a brief customer survey or poll on your website. Doing this will help you know what actually your customers think about your site.

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Review your KPIs, SEO, and analytical reports

To measure your website’s performance, you should set and measure the KPIs (Key performance indicators), general website analytics, and search engine ratings for a month at least. If you conduct this process will indicate the efficiency of the website.

Annually renew your domain names!

Last but certainly not least is renewing domain names. Make sure that all your domain names get renewed timely. You may not know, but your website’s domain name is one of your most prized possession. If it expires, your website will get into a fiasco.

Time to wrap up: 

Like any other business, website maintenance is an imperial aspect for every website. It requires regular checkups and updates to stay afloat in the market and competition. If you have never performed any maintenance check on your website, I would suggest you do now. In case you find it hard doing by yourself, hire a digital marketing agency and optimize your website.


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