In the current competitive market, one thing is for sure that digital trends are not stable and changes with time. If you want to stay in the game, then you have to focus on these technology trends. The evolution in digitalization is not limited to one place, but it is gaining huge recognition across the globe.

To stay ahead in digital marketing, you must have a good knowledge of technology traits and strategies. Today, here we are going to have a conversation with Mr. Stuart Bramley man who understands the digital world trends and believes that to stay in this competition; you need good digital marketing skills. He has been a recognized face in Digital Marketing.

From the past few years, he gathered a lot of honor and positive reception before he became the CEO of Mira Marketing. With time and patience, he has productively switched to various roles ranging from digital entrepreneur, motivational speaker, and strategy king and achieved praiseworthy milestones at such a young age.
Here we are going to ask some questions to the CEO of Mira – Mr. Stuart Bramley – Digital Strategy King.

Please give us a brief idea about your company

The skilled experts use all the advanced techniques to make the business of client flourishing. With a 360° approach, Mira helps business to gain marketplace value and gain huge recognition in their respective areas.

What is the new technology trend within the digital industry that cannot be overlooked?

If you are running a business, then you cannot overlook your online reputation. The changes in the digital world and the way people choose services are completely changed.

People no longer ask others for references they search online before choosing a service and check online reviews. With the changes in the process of a business deal, digital media plays a crucial role that cannot be ignored anyway.

Do you have a dedicated in-house digital marketing team? What are some of the challenges your team faced?

We have a team ranging from 1 to 10 experts who work continuously to deliver the best results. Yes, sometimes we too face problems, but my in-house digital marketing team is so much capable in their work that they can solve almost all the queries instantly. I feel blessed to have such a group of people in my team.

What skills do you consider essential for a marketing team these days?

In my opinion, problem-solving and analytical skills are important for a marketing team. If you have the skills to analyze the marketing trends and implement them in the right manner, then you are going in the right direction. Secondly, facing problems in business is important as this helps you to grow both personally and professionally.

When I was a student, I was quite interested in marketing at that time as I was not aware of my destination. My experience at Mira has taught me that digital marketing is all about the online world and the strategies you use to attract your audience. Marketers should be focused on their goals.

What are the major challenges that you face as a CEO?

Frankly speaking, I come across various challenges daily when it comes to the fulfilment of client requirements. I am a man of words, and I focus on making sure that my team is delivering the best results to our clients.

The main focus of our company is not only delivering the promised results to our clients but also boosting the brand value of their businesses. We always keep things a step forward to make sure that we deliver more than client expectations.
What types of services do you offer to your clients?

Mira is a full-time digital marketing agency offering a range of services from Search Engine Optimization to Facebook Advertising, Google Pay Per Click to generate traffic, leads and sales, Creating logos, Digital and Print marketing material for small businesses etc.

In your opinion, how is digital marketing different nowadays, then it was a few years ago?

In simpler words, I can say that online marketing is continuously altering taking into account various factors. Google also changes its algorithm updates every time, and to stay in this marketing game throughout the year, and to succeed change, your business strategies with time.

The way people deal through social media channels is different than it was years back. The immense changes in the way users are searching the internet for services, and a product has changed the way digital marketing parameters.

Lastly, what advice you like to share with new Digital Marketing start-ups

My only advice would be to be straightforward in the process. Remember that, when you start your business, try to solve the problems of your clients. It is good to find new ways that make your business more productive and rewarding. If you want to succeed in the digital world, then choose a professional team of digital marketers who help you in boosting your business presence across the globe.
Few highlights related to the interview:
• It was not easy for Mira Marketing to become one of the stalwarts in digital marketing. Behind all this success, there were many struggles and hard work of Mr. Stuart Bramley.
• His advice to the newcomers is that it is good to learn from your mistakes and productively deliver the best digital marketing services to clients.
• The likes of Livesore, Little Learners, Scalextric, Start Fitness, Hornby Hobbies. Tug-e-Nuf, etc are among their top-clients.

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