Instagram in recent times, has emerged as one of the most prominent social media platforms to promote business and boost sales. Brands are more than prone to increase sales via Instagram to take their business to unbelievable heights.

In this blog, we are going to discuss 11 trends that will give you the proper answer to how to boost the Instagram page and boost your business sales effectively.

Images should be impressive

First thing first, whatever you are posting should be relevant to your business. Use high-end quality impressive images to force the user to stop and lend some time to your post. Below are some of the major points one should keep in mind to increase engagement with images,

  • Post images that are relatable to your business and content
  • Ensure the images are of high quality
  • Enhance your images with the right tools like Canva, Photoshop, etc.

Conduct different contests

Perhaps one of the most prominent ways to build engagement is to run contests. Conducting contests results in a massive boost in new followers. Below are some of the best ideas for contests,

  • Like, comment, and follow
  • Tagging a friend
  • User-generated content

Interesting videos

Pictorial and visual contents have a higher probability of engaging users. In the same manner, videos play a pivotal role in Instagram marketing as they help in receiving 2x the engagement of posts compared to others. However, you should be aware of how to post engagement videos. Below are some tricks which could help in doing so,

interesting videos

  • Videos should be short and catchy
  • Adding captions in a video will aid a lot
  • The video content should relate with users
  • Add behind the scenes footage if needed

Content should be exclusive with stories

Your priority should be to get into the minds of your users and drive them to show what your brand does. For instance, if you are a health care brand, post stories of the real people who have used your products and gained admirable results.


Try to be responsive with comments

A renowned brand makes its presence felt when they respond to comments in bulk. I am not saying you have to be proactively responding to comments, but at least 30 to 40 percent comments should get revert. Doing this will help in boosting your connectivity with the users and potential customers.

Instagram Pods

Quality Instagram pods help in ramping up your engagements. Pods are a group of Instagram users who band together to increase each other’s followers and engagements. With pods, you usually have to like comments, and share other Pod members’ posts, and in return, your posts will receive likes, comments, and shares from other members.

Ample use of Hashtags

Whether you want to increase your followers or boost sales via Instagram marketing services, Hashtags have a prominent role to play. Hashtags make your posts appear in the pages of hashtags you use.

As we are aware that Instagram allows up to 30 hashtags per post, and you should use all the available slots to make your posts appear better. You can use your customized hashtags as well that are relatable to your product or service.

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Links should be used wisely

Instagram doesn’t allow links in posts, unlike any other social media platform. However, you can still use links on Instagram in other ways,

  • Use links in your bio to connect users to your most prominent website page
  • You can also add links to your Instagram stories in the “swipe up” section

Connecting with influencers

In the context of Instagram marketing, 80% of marketers say influencer marketing makes a long-lasting impact. However, you have to be patient and careful while picking influencers. You want to go for people who,

  • Have a real influence in a particular area
  • Do something relevant to your product
  • Have followers who will benefit from what you are selling

Use Emojis to make your post attractive

Emojis play a vital role in lavishly sprinkle your Instagram posts with hearts, smiles, and other emoji elements. Emojis give users good vibes and make them feel good and pave the attention for users to a significantly great extent.

Running compelling ads

Going by the numbers, it is said that 69% of the marketers in the US spend their influencer budgets on Instagram ads. Below are some vital tips to get going on while creating ads on Instagram,

  • You should be aware of what your audience wants to see
  • The message should be short, simple, and easily understandable
  • The text should be more of a CTA as the text would be cut off after two rows
  • Try to engage with users and treat your ads just like your organic posts to connect with the audience

Conclusion: Instagram marketing has taken the market by storm. Many business firms have shown their utmost reliance on Instagram to boost their business. The mentioned steps will aid in increasing sales and help your business reach immaculate heights.

Akansha Pandey

She loves to write about what she has learned in all these years in the industry. She thinks that knowledge should be shared with everyone.

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