Google pardons no one! It is strict and straightforward when it comes to providing accurate, informative, unique, and reliable information to its users. The tweaks to Google’s algorithms are endless and ever-lasting. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an integral part of the success of an organization and conversion rates of a website. SEO services, when done abiding by all the rules and norms of Google’s algorithms, will take your business or website to a new height. But what if you don’t follow the latest methods and changes made by Google? Get ready for an overwhelming experience then. Google penalty! A Google penalty is nothing but the illicit use of its algorithms by any SEO agency. When Google penalizes a site, it informs the owner or the admin about penalization via Google Search Console.

We wish for all business that they may not become a victim of Google’s penalties. Your business would then need CPR to survive. You will have to bid adieu to your existing and valuable customers and reputation too. Here we have listed some of the common mistakes that many businesses make and bear heavy penalties by Google. You still have a chance to save your site from Google’s heavy penalties with the best SEO tips.

1. Homepage links can get your site penalized!

Including homepage links into your backlink tactic is a perfect way to bring more and more traffic to your website. But are you doing it the right way?

Google’s algorithms have changed multi-folds. And if your purpose is still to acquire more links to the homepage then you are preparing your site for something wrong. To let your website rank higher, you need to obtain links to the quality content within the site and not the homepage.

If you don’t want to get algorithmically demoted by Google, start working on linking with the quality and worth-reading content instead of the homepage. If you have questions about the same, seek help from a reputed seo agency.

2.Content Duplicacy or Traits of Plagiarism

Google is always ahead of you and your thoughts. In the age of digitalization, plagiarism or duplicate content is something that can cost your business’s life. Unique content is the backbone of SEO, and too much similar content would not let your site rank higher. It would downgrade your ranking instead. Google’s smart tools act smarter than you, and you can’t surpass its methodology of plagiarism detection. Google levies a substantial penalty on copied or duplicate content.

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Google will immediately put your website or page down from the listing, and there are chances that your site may not appear in Google’s search engines anymore. Learn more about useful SEO tips to avoid making such mistakes.

3.Content Duplicacy or Traits of Plagiarism

Another common mistake businesses or SEO services handlers make is hiding links or content for keyword insertion. Keywords play an essential role in bringing traffic to the website or increasing conversion rates. But keyword stuffing that too by the wrong means is something that Google’s algorithms never entertain. Google penalizes the sites or pages that hide links or content by merging some words with the background color of the website. If you don’t want to get your site sandboxed, then follow Google’s algorithms to make the best use of your keywords.

2.Content Duplicacy or Traits of Plagiarism

4.Bad vs Good Links

A right and thriving SEO agency should be able to differentiate between good and wrong links. Useful links on the site will perk up your search rankings and will increase targeted organic traffic to your website, while wrong links will get you penalized by Google. It is essential to learn about the best SEO services related to backlinks. You can refer to different analytical tools to understand the difference between good and wrong website links. Some of the popular types of wrong links are, namely:

4.Bad vs Good Links 

  • Press release backlinks
  • Foreign guestbooks links
  • NoFollow links

You cannot, however, always go wrong with such links. There are different and unique ways to implement such links.

5.Keyword Stuffing

Excessive usage of keywords in your content or website can lead your site to get penalized by Google, if not done the right way. Using the necessary keywords to a limit is indeed helpful for any brand or business to rank higher. But putting irrelevant or over-usage of keywords will reduce and remove the ranking of your site. Google always prioritizes the user experience, and too much keyword ruins its purpose. It means that you don’t have relevancy in your content, and hence you are over-using the keyword to make the content appear in Google’s search results. But it is not possible with Google’s smart detectors.

Final Words 

The list of 5 SEO Tips will help your site rank higher and will also improve lead generation. Many factors help any business or an SEO agency to rank higher and to remain in Google’s good books. The best thing is only about doing it Google’s way. The world of SEO ranking methodology is ever-expanding and versatile. You need to keep yourself and your site up-to-date with the latest algorithms to not to get penalized by Google.

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