Digital marketing is one of the effective and efficient marketing techniques that is trending in the industry. They allow business owners to promote their products and service on digital platforms. Content marketing, PPC services, social media marketing, email marketing services are some of the techniques that are included in the methods of digital marketing.

Content marketing and social media marketing are the easiest and the most preferred ways in the industry. for social marketing, we have platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and more while for content marketing we have a platform like Quora.

If you take a quick peek at Quora, you don’t seem to like it and would not consider as the right platform for your content marketing.

But, don’t underestimate the worth of Quora as it is one of the best content marketing platforms. You might have taken it as another platform that will deliver little returns but it has great potential to support, grow, and drive results from your marketing strategy.

Quora was found in the year 2010 as a social Q&A community and has over 300 million active visitors and that is a great number for you to start showcasing your brand. You can generate more prospective leads as you will be able to reach a vast audience.

Users on Quora create profiles, pose, and answer questions to the community. The questions on the platform cover every sector over the globe. From general to core technical- you have all of it on Quora. Do not consider online forums and Quora similar and the user profiles are verified and filtering of bad-content is done by upvotes and dislikes.

Moreover, Quora helps you to increase awareness, traffic to your brand’s website, and much more.

Here, we have:

7 reasons to use Quora marketing in your digital marketing strategy.

1)Increased visibility

The Quora community is vast and is reliable. The answers you get of any questions are trustworthy. Various brands get a unique and unexplored opportunity to engage with the audience. By engaging the audience, you can convert your content to drive better results. Quora increases your visibility as users seek answers to their questions. The answers you post are visible to millions of users, thus increasing your visibility.

2)Higher optimization

Quora is a platform that gives your brand a higher ranking. The search engine crawlers find out the relevant content and give you the best results for the same. Google shows Quora results in the first-page search engine like Bing shows results in its sidebar. It is possible that your answer may be ranked in the 1st position for a period of time. Such optimization drives organic growth to your website and results to be prominent leads.

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3)Content research

Well, this is something that is highly needed for a digital marketing organization to know about. New content is always praised in the industry and Quora is one of the best platforms to look for it. You can discover the usual questions and can develop targeted content to deploy. Common topics and questions can be researched on Quora and result out as the best method to find new leads.

Content research

4)Large engaging audience

Another great reason for using Quora for a digital marketing agency is that it grants permission to marketers to connect with heterogeneous people all over the globe. It can help you extend your network as Quora identifies key contributors and you can look for them to hire them to promote your brand. Quora allows you to make the audience understand what services are you actually delivering. If a user will be interested in your service then it will try to reach out to your site with the backlink you’ve embedded in the answer. You get the platform where you can engage with a large audience that might be interested in your niche services.

5)Find your target audience

Quora can be quite beneficial for your business. As users seek answers that deliver them some meaningful information. For instance, you own a digital marketing company and you find a question like “tips to become an SEO”, then you can deliver an answer and promote your brand. So, targeting your audience is very simple and efficient for the brand owners on the platform of Quora. Questions and answers seek by many are some of the best methods to learn more about your customers. As you get to know what they want, way of thinking and more.

Find your target audience

6)Promote content marketing

Quora is the right platform to market your content as the large user base visibility can get you the right results. Content marketers can share their content in numerous ways; all they need is to deliver 100% unique content that is reliable and relevant for the user. The chances are high to get a great audience when the quality of content is great. It also allows users to get insights about your brand by simply answering questions about the services of organizations.

Promote content marketing

7)Increased traffic

As the Quora is highly optimized, all you could retrieve from the panel will be reliable. Brands all across the globe can get maximum traffic from there while increasing the performance of the Brands’ website. More the traffic on your site will lead to more prominent leads and more the leads, more the conversions. The conversions then will lead to sales resulting in more revenue generation. Many brands use Quora and consider it as one of the best platforms to generate organic traffic to their websites.


Everything on Quora depends on your answer relevancy. It can help you in numerous ways and here, we have provided the best 7 reasons to include Quora marketing in your digital marketing strategy.

Vinay Kumar

He is tech-savvy and loves to learn about new trends in industry. A voracious reader who loves to share his thoughts and ideas.

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