Despite investing heavily in content marketing, many e-commerce brands still fail to meet expectations because they lacked a well-researched promotion strategy. This article outlines some basic research and plans that should be done by the content marketing team in order to increase their chances of success.

Improve Your eCommerce Content Marketing Strategy

1.   Target Audience:

In order to boost your sales, first, target the potential customers who are already aware of your brand. Improvise your customer retention strategy by identifying the ways to engage them in your product which will most probably lead them to become your long term sources of revenue.

This will lead to better conversion rates and you will have to spend less time finding new customers. Try to engage this audience through various programs or schemes, which will keep them interested in spending more money. You can come up with a loyalty program where the customer could get discounts or coupons which he/she can redeem whenever they have enough reward points.

Target Audience

There is always room for improvement, where you can seek feedback from your customers and improve your offerings accordingly. This will definitely boost your profit rate. According to group statistics, it is proved that 80% of your company’s revenue will come from 20% of your existing customers.

So rather than focusing on new customers always try to retain your existing customers. It will not only help you to save a lot of money but also will give you a chance to extemporize and meet better customer satisfaction rates.

2.   Referral marketing:

Today’s generation is all about socializing, we love to share our experiences through various means. The simplest and yet underrated way of doing so is through referral marketing. This is of the campaigns which will attract the audience bringing tons of extra traffic and sales.

First, get your goals clear, prioritize them, and categorize your campaigns accordingly. You obviously cannot reach each of your customer goals but by rewarding a mystery gift you can definitely grasp their attention and interest towards your product. It might be tedious to record all the referrals and rewards, so rather find an alternative yet smart solution to this problem by taking the help of recent software used for this type of marketing.

Make sure to provide the right incentives, which will want the customer to share it across. It varies from brand to brand, on what you sell, your pricing, etc. Promote this campaign as much as you can in all the social media handles which will help you to reach various customers and yet it will efficiently boost your marketing. Just come up with the right referral program to target a bigger audience, this surely will be a kick-start for your marketing journey in a smart yet efficient way.

3. Share Customer stories about the product

This is a very effective method which is all the more very simple and elegant. This is because your customers become your advertiser and it is free, penetrating, and cheap. This helps build up trust for your customer as you are just highlighting the point that existing customers are feeling about your product and what they think about it.

You can create campaigns by making your customers compete with each other which highlights some factors of your product as well as people get entertained and drawn towards the campaign.

For e.g Cadbury started a campaign called Madbury in which they called out the customer to chalk out their own recipes for new Cadbury which proved hot because people actually were enjoying sharing their recipes and it helped a lot to Cadbury to get in some new ways of creating a product from the customers which they anyway would have paid a lot for research and development for free.

You can consult Magneto IT Solutions, an eCommerce development company, and Multi-Vendor Marketplace Development Company to improve your e-commerce content marketing strategy.

4. FOMO(Fear Of Missing Out):

There are around 3.2 billion active social media users, this certainly is a huge number and our golden opportunity to promote our brand. Irrespective of the age group or locations, come up with some clever ideas which will generate this fear of missing out on these users or customers. Ensure that your product is worthy and that others are purchasing it. This will create curiosity and will attract more potential customers.

You can boost up that FOMO by mentioning that only a few products are remaining. It will want them to buy it as they won’t miss any chance to buy it at a cheaper rate. Scarcity is the biggest component in here, as there is a huge incentive to get it now.

Make them watch the clock by indicating the time left for that product to disappear. Here they are more likely to purchase your product as they will quickly reach for their virtual wallets and purchase it ASAP.

5.Blog Posting Content Creation

This may not be a new method and moreover, many sites are doing this. But the main problem is that many of the sites overlook the quality of the content and stress more upon the number of posts.

ecommerce seo blog marketing

Create a blogging community around your product and create amazing and useful articles for the customers to read and get more information about service products. For e.g, if you run a clothing brand business create articles and suggest hacks and methods use the clothes for. Style tips and how to wash and store also make them learn new things.

If you deal with medical equipment, post blogs, and informative blogs regarding the current medical scenarios, recent inventions, use of medicines, and providing solutions to myths and most commonly asked questions.

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